Top 12 Best Alternatives Apps Like Hotstar & Netflix To Streaming Online

The Hotstar and Netflix are doing some great business in the Indian subcontinent. The Hotstar and Netflix apps are providing the unlimited entertainment to people at dirt cheap prices. As a subscriber to both of these services, I can tell you that spending money on these services is worth the money. On Hotstar and Netflix, you can watch tons of different TV series, Movies, Shows and VOD casts anytime you want.

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The best thing about the Hotstar and Netflix is that you’ll have access to the PC website and also the smartphone app. So, as a user, you can watch movies online, TV shows and other content from your smartphone whenever you want. That’s the best thing about these apps. But, there are many alternatives to the Hotstar and Netflix. In this post, I will share the list of some of the best alternatives to Hotstar and Netflix app. Some of the alternatives of Hotstar and Netflix are free and some are premium just like the Hotstar and Netflix.

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Summary of Top 12 Best Alternatives For Netflix And Hotstar To Watch Video TV Shows And Many More:

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03EROS Now
06PopCorn Time
07Amazon Prime Video
09HBO Now
10CBS All Access

Best Alternatives Apps like Hotstar and Netflix For Smartphone You May Like To Know:


The Voot is one of the best and popular alternatives of Hotstar and Netflix in India. With loads of content in the Indian language, the subscribers can watch many Indian TV serials, Movies and Web series on the Voot App. The subscribers of the Voot app will get access to the smartphone app and Desktop website. So, they can watch the content on any platform as per their wish.

The App currently only supports the Indian Language content as of now. But, they’ll soon come up with the Content in other languages too. The Voot is a Freemium App, which means some of the shows and movies hosted on this app are free and to watch remaining, you’ve to pay monthly subscription fees.

                                                                                   Click Here For Voot


The Hungama is one of the first digital content providers of Indian film industry. The Hungama app is the oldest app for the digital content reception for Indian viewers. The Hungama app and website has tons of movies and TV shows in Indian languages. As the digital content distributor for almost all of the Indian movies, the Hungama app and site has the biggest library of Indian movies to watch.

With access to tons of Indian movies from different regions, Hollywood movies and TV shows, the users will have a variety of content to watch. As the oldest one in the digital content industry, Hungama is very much reliable and worth spending money.

                                                                                  Click Here For Hungama


If you are a movie freak, then the EROS Now is the best platform for you. The EROS Now is the digital arm of the EROS Entertainment Limited. The EROS is the biggest films distributor in India and almost every film released in Indian Subcontinent is distributed by the EROS Now. The EROS Now app and website have literally thousands of Indian movies from different languages to watch from. The EROS Now the app has a simple user interface, which is best for watching movies for a long time.

Just like the Voot app, the EROS Now is Freemium app, means you can watch limited content on the app and site for free of cost but have to pay the monthly subscription fee to get full access to their content. The EROS Now app is one of the best alternative to Hotstar and Netflix app.

                                                                                Click Here For EROS Now


The BIGFlix was in the Digital Content Distribution market since 2008, way before the introduction of the Hotstar app. The BIGFlix is the part of Reliance Industries, who happens to be one of the largest movie distributors in the Indian subcontinent. With the access to all of the movies distributed by Reliance Industries in the Indian subcontinent, the site and App has the huge library of movies. If you are a big movie fan and want to watch them in High Quality, then the BIGFlix is the best service to enjoy movies everywhere.

With the highly interactive website and apps for iOS and Android, the users can access content from any desired platform. The BIGFlix is also the Freemium service. In the free version, the users are able to watch a limited number of movies without subscribing to service, but the paid subscription gives access to all features of this site and app. This is one of the best Alternative apps for Hotstar and  Netflix.

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If you’ve no money to watch latest movies and TV shows online and looking for a free alternative to hotstar and Netflix app, then here is the one. The Showbox is one of the best online content streaming app for Android smartphones. The Showbox app is the biggest and most popular free alternative to Netflix and Hotstar app. On the Showbox, you can watch all of the latest movies and TV shows for free of cost.

The users don’t have to pay a dime to get access to the latest and old content. With the library of tons of movies and TV shows, the users can enjoy any film or TV show directly from the app. The best thing about the Showbox that makes it the perfect Netflix and hotstar alternative is that it allows you to download movies and TV serials to watch offline. You can download the Showbox App from this site.

                                                                                Click Here For Showbox

PopCorn Time

The PopCorn Time is also one of the best alternatives for the Netflix app. The PopCorn Time app is a free online streaming app for movies and TV serials. The PopCorn Time app is available for iOS and Android, helping users to streaming movies on their smartphone. The PopCorn Time app hosts thousands of movies and TV Shows from different regions of the world and users can watch them for free.

This app is highly optimized for smartphones. With the low data consumption on the smartphone, faster streaming and super-simple user interface, the Popcorn Time app becomes one of the best free Hotstar and Netflix app alternative.

                                                                  Click Here For Popcorn Time 

Amazon Prime Video

The Amazon Prime Video is the arch-rival of the Netflix. The Amazon Prime Video provides services that are on-par with Netflix and Hotstar. The Amazon Prime Video is backed by none other than Amazon, the biggest e-commerce company in the world. The Amazon Prime Video helps you to get number of benefits apart from watching the movies and TV series.

When you subscribe to Amazon Prime Video, you get complimentary access to Free of Charge Delivery of Products from Amazon, Special Deals and Cheap One-Day Delivery, etc. So, you can watch movies and TV series by paying $99/Year and enjoy other benefits too. You can access Amazon Prime Video from Desktop or the Smartphone app also.

                                                                     Click Here For Amazon Prime Video


The Hulu is another arch-rival of the Netflix. Just like Netflix, the Hulu is an original content provider. On Hulu, you can watch and download the movies and TV series like South Park, X-files and Family Guy, etc. The wide variety of content is available to watch for Hulu subscribers.

The Hulu is a popular Netflix Alternative in most of the Western Countries like America, Canada, etc. The basic membership price of Hulu is $7.99/ per month. Although, there are many subscription plans available on their site to choose from.

                                                                                      Click Here For Hulu


The HBO is the Home Box Office for many of us from a Long time. Now, they are online and providing all of the latest TV series and movies online on their platform. The HBO Now is another fantastic movie and TV series streaming site on the internet.  On HBO Now, you can watch latest movies and latest TV series produced by HBO, like Game of Thrones, Boardwalk Empire, etc,

The subscribers can access the HBO Now on various platforms like  Desktop, smartphones, Xbox or the Smart TV, etc. The subscription plans start from $14.99/Month, which is little expensive compared to other services.

                                                                       Click Here For HBO Now

CBS All Access

If you are a fan of shows produced by CBS, then you should definitely subscribe for CBS All Access. The CBS All Access provides you more than 10,000 episodes of their TV series and latest movies. Also, subscribers will have access to Live TV feature. The CBS All Access shares only original content, which is limited to TV Series produced by them.

The basic plan of CBS All Access is priced at $5.99/Month, in which subscribers will see very few advertisements. But the higher priced plans will omit the advertisements. You can access the CBS All Access on Smart TV, Apple TV, ChromeCast, Desktop and Smartphone app.

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The Crackle is a Free Alternative for Netflix and Hotstar. The Crackle is created by Sony Entertainment so users will get access to latest and blockbuster movies on this platform free of cost. Unlike the Netflix and Hotstar or any other online streaming service, the Crackle is free forever.

On the Sony Crackle, you can watch Indie films, Blockbuster films and latest TV Series for free of cost. The content is highly curated by the experts, so you get to watch the best content on the site. You can visit the site here.

                                                                                Click Here For Crackle


The YouTube is the biggest video search engine in the world, but certainly, it’s not the movie sharing platform. Well, on YouTube, you’ll not find the latest and blockbuster movies, but you’ll find almost all of the classic movies to watch for free of cost.

The movies whose copyrights are expired are available on YouTube to watch for free. Although, this option is not viable for everyone except the classic cinema lovers. The YouTube is nowhere near the Netflix or Hotstar in providing the latest movies or TV series, but the variety of content available is surely considerable. So, if you are a Classic cinema lover, then you should definitely check out YouTube for any movie that you aren’t able to find on above mentioned Netflix and Hotstar Alternative.

                                                                                Click Here For YouTube

Final Words:

These are the top best alternatives of Netflix with step by step photos and information with guide for you. Netflix is the most popular online TV shows and movie streaming platform, but it isn’t only one. There are many good online content providers that you should look and subscribe too. All of the above mentioned Netflix and Hotstar Alternatives are good by their own means and provide top-notch content for a small monthly subscription fee or for free. Hope you’ll try all of these Hotstar and Netflix Alternative apps on your smartphone and watch movies and TV shows online in your free time.

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