Top 10 Best Anime Apps For Android To Watch Anime Online 2020

No matter what age group you belong to, watching anime can never get old. There are many ways for entertainment like watch movies online, also there are some free sports streaming sites to watch sports online, some people love to watch series online free, but watching anime is the very famous and popular way to enjoy our self.  As an anime lover myself I always watch new anime series that has been released online. There is a huge collection of sites to watch anime in HD but watching anime on android device can be a great deal. So, if you also want to know about few of the best apps to watch anime on your android device then this article will help you out. As today I will talk about top 10 best anime apps for android 2020 to watch anime online.

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Yes, there are a lot of site that you can visit to watch your favorite anime shows, series and movies but wouldn’t it be much more helpful if you have apps to watch anime on your android device? Well, you can start watching the anime shows while traveling or anytime when you are free. All these anime apps for android comes with lot of features as well which you won’t be able to enjoy on websites itself.

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So, without further delay, let us now have a look at the list of top 10 best anime apps for android 2020 to watch anime online. We will also talk about the features that you would love to enjoy using these apps.

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List of Best Anime Apps For Android 2020 For Anime Lovers:


First on this list of best apps to watch amine on android devices is the Funimation official app. The app is available on the Google Play Store for free as well in a paid version. Funimation is a great source to watch anime from who are new to watching anime as most of the content here is in dubbed version. So if you are new or old to anime you will defiantly love the dubbed versions of your anime shows. As I have told earlier, the Funimation app comes in both paid as well in free version. So let us have a look at that too.

With the free version of the funimation app you can enjoy some of the well-known anime’s for free in decent video quality. As any free version of offers with, the content here will be watchable on your smartphone. But if you want a high quality content with unlimited about of anime shows, series and movies then you can get the premium membership for $5.99 per month or $59.99 for a year subscription. Both the paid and the free version comes with same features like downloading and resume option for any anime video that you want to watch from.


Next on this of amine apps for android is that Crunchyroll app. This is the biggest rival of Funimation app which comes with many feature as well similar to Funimation. Crunchyroll offer with huge list of anime’s to watch from in subbed as well a dubbed version. Through there are less dubbed version,. If you love watching anime in their native language with subtitle then this is where you can get great anime content. Also subbed version of anime are available here faster than dubbed version on any other site or app.

Crunchyroll also comes in both paid as well free version. The collection of animes that you will be able to enjoy from with the paid version is huge compared to free version. The premium membership of Crunchyroll comes at a price of $11.99 per month. Though the cost may seem a little high but you can enjoy unlimited anime shows, series and movies download as well. The only thing that you need to keep in mind while using Crunchyroll is their limitation of anime that is released based on country content restriction.


Viewster is free source for watching anime on your android device. Viewster content of anime is available for completely free which means you will have no hidden cost whether you are watching anime in HD or low resolution. The amount of anime series, shows and movies available here might now be as huge as other apps but all the content is available for free. The anime that you can watch from here will be in DVD or HD quality which makes watching anime on tablet really interesting.

The app has a great interface which makes using this anime app for android really easy to use for new users. Viewster is an anime streaming app which also means you won’t be able download the content which is a short drawback of using free anime watching app.

Anime Crave

If you want to stream from huge collection of anime which comes in both SD and HD quality then Anime Crave is for you. Anime Crave was first launched in 2003 and it has over 3000 different animes to watch from. Anime Crave is available for multiple platforms like android, iOS, PC as well as Amazon Fire TV etc. Anime Crave is available for free as well as in a premium membership for a price of $4.99 per month. So if you love using the free version of Anime Crave when you can switch for the premium version which is available for a low price with HD content as well as unlimited download option.


Animania is a 3rd party anime app for android users. The app is available completely for free but you won’t be able to find the app on the Play Store itself, you will need to download the app from an open source which we have linked below. With Animania you can enjoy watching all those legendary anime shows like Naruto, Dragon Ball Z, One Piece, and much more. Thought eh app is available for free, the app itself looks and free premium with popular, latest, Browse from any other categories of anime to watch from. As a free anime app you can find the app to be not working sometime but all the content that you will get here will be in HD and has basically all the anime that you can watch on a premium account.


AnimeLabis a light version of their official AnimeLab official site. The app is available for free which comes with many anime’s to watch from. You can enjoy HD anime content of the latest as well as decade old anime shows. AnimeLab is available for different OS device like Google Chrome cast, Apple TV, PS, SXOX as well as android and iOS devices. AnimeLab comes with many free HD anime content so you will need to lookout for the ads that you will need to watch after every episode that you watch.


If you want premium anime to watch from then nothing can be better then Netflix. Netflix comes with a prices and isn’t available for free but the content of anime that you will be able to find here isn’t available anywhere else. Yes, you heard it right, Netflix has their own list of anime’s to watch from in HD quality as well. Anime’s on Netflix is available in both subbed as well in dubbed version and with Netflix subscription you can enjoy new and upcoming anime’s to watch from.

Anime TV

Anime TV is an anime watching app that is available for free on the Google Play Store. Anime TV is one of those free anime apps that not only offer with huge collection of anime’s to watch from but also lets you download them in HD. Anime TV has both subbed as well as dubbed version of the latest anime’s that are launched like Dragon Ball super and Baruto. So if you want to use an app that offers with free HD anime content as well some with no legal issues then this is app for you. I recommend that you get the app and start using it as Google Play-store is still analysis then app for any premium to free content after which the app might be unavailable on Google Play Store.

Watch Anime

Watch Anime app is now unavailable on the Google PlayStore for legal issues but the app still offers with amazing anime content. With over 7000 different anime to watch from, Watch Anime is still available as a 3rd party android app for free. There is a limited amount of anime that has been dubbed or subbed but all the latest anime that you watch from will be available here.

Viz Media

Last on this list of top 10 best anime apps for android to watch anime online is the Viz Media. This is an app that offer with the latest anime news as well as links to the watch the latest anime releases. You can even checkout the manga version of your favorite anime with Viz Media. So if you want an app to keep yourself updated with the latest anime show as well as to watch trailer of new anime or anime which is released then Viz Media is what you need.


So these were the list of the top 10 best anime apps for android to watch anime online. All these apps are working but if you are facing any problem while using any of the app then let us know and we will replace the app with a new one. Whether it is a free or a paid anime app that you want to use for watching your favorite anime shows from, this list of free as well as paid anime app will defiantly help you out. If you think this post is helpful then fill free to share it for other persons by clicking your favorite sharing button, also you can give us your valuable feedback, comment, suggestion or any complaint about this post in comment section to make us better.

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