15 Top Apps Like Whatsapp | Best Whatsapp Alternatives 2018

WhatsApp has always been a favorite app for Smartphone users and it is an undisputed king in its class. Still, there is lion share Smartphone users who wants to give a try to best WhatsApp alternatives. Yes, WhatsApp may be the best IM in the market right now but it may differ from person to person perspectives. Some may not like its interface, feature, media limitation, group feature, privacy etc. Hence, some prefer and searches for more apps like WhatsApp that deliver best instant messaging service. But to be honest there are only quite a few that are similar to WhatsApp and some of them fail to deliver what WhatsApp has in store.

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If you are looking for the same then you might love our list out for the best WhatsApp alternatives. In here, we will include instant best messaging apps for android & iOS devices, which can compete in terms of features. Yes, using a Smartphone running on Android or iOS means you have a number of options to download similar apps like WhatsApp. And the good thing is that you can download most of the WhatsApp alternatives for free of cost. So, if you are confused what to download from the bunch of lists in Google Play Store or Apple App Store then here are the 15 best WhatsApp alternatives to make it easier for you.

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15 Best WhatsApp Alternatives To Message for Android/iOS Smartphone 2018 [Best Instant Messengers Like WhatsApp]

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WhatsApp has more than 1.5 billion monthly active users; it exchanges more than 2B messages every minute. So, you can distinguish how popular is this messenger service is. Although, as said, some people still don’t some of WhatsApp feature and its limitations. If you part of the crowd who don’t like WhatsApp anymore then you might love downloading its better alternatives. After some our research we have found some of the best similar best instant messengers that can offer the better feature, which you may like to download on your Smartphone.

Telegram Messenger

We cannot deny Telegram is the best IM after WhatsApp. But if your compare Telegram Messenger with WhatsApp in features perspective then easily Telegram Messenger wins. We really love Telegram app over WhatsApp because of its useful features. The feature like the Self-destructive message, able to lock the app with password, shares files with up to 1.5GB as a single file etc., are something you don’t get in WhatsApp. Telegram Messenger is more fun with the ability to play the game with another Telegram Messenger user or even can be played with bot. Besides, these super cool features, you can send a message using your internet for free. So, if you are in the line who is looking for best WhatsApp alternatives then you must give it a shot. You can download Telegram Messenger on any Operating System that includes Android, iOS, Windows Phone and even Windows, MacOS, Linux and Web-browser.

Important features of Telegram Messenger

  • Self-destructive messages.
  • Ability to create a group of 5000 group members.
  • Shares files with up to 1.5GB.
  • The app can be protected with inbuilt passcode lock feature.
  • Games can be played in this instant messenger.

                                                             Install Telegram App For Android & iOS

Google Allo

This app is developed by Google itself and this is one of the most underrated Instant Messenger right now. The app is very compact in size although it packs many useful features. Allo is a fairly new messaging app that featured by the most advanced Google Assistant. Using the app, you can connect to any contact number from your contacts list and emails. Google Allo come with many stickers packs, which you can download to add more fun to your conversations. You can also, chat with Google Assistant for any type of information and yes, it is very helpful and fun as well. Incognito Chats, Smart replies, encrypted and self-destructive chat etc, makes it a better option over WhatsApp messenger. It is available to download on Android and iOS devices from its respective app market and the good thing is All free to download on your Smartphone.

Important feature of Google Allo:

  • Featured by Google Assistant.
  • Smart Reply that predicts and brings instant reply option as per your conversation.
  • The ability for Incognito Chat.
  • Inbuilt stickers packs.
  • Self-destruction chat.

                                                            Install Google Allo App For Android & iOS


This app still a new IM in the app market compared to others. This comes with all useful feature that an IM user will love. Beside of the all basic feature of messaging app, it comes with some cool features. The app interface is something to make you WOW. We hate using the app with boring interfaces and Wire app is an exception to this. You can download this messenger app on all popular operating system that includes Android, iOS Smartphones/tables and also on Windows, Linux, MacOS, Web. The feature like group video call with up to 10 users, Timed chat or generally known as self-destructive features, link preview, ability to delete messages from the recipient device, and much more makes it a good IM like WhatsApp.

Important Features of Wire:

  • Gorgeous interface.
  • Timed chat or also known as Self Destructing message.
  • Can delete the message from the recipient.
  • With up to 10 people Video Chat.

                                                                     Install Wire App For Android & iOS


It may not be a new name for you but LINE could include one of the best messaging experiences. You heard it right, this app is highly popular in some countries because of its feature packs. With the app, you can send text, video chat, voice, chat, send media, voice call like you do with WhatsApp app. Beside of the all basic feature, in LINE app you are able to download many stickers pack from its own Sticker Store. Timeline feature allows to view your friends’ story, picture or even you can showcase your own timeline to your LINE friends. Unlike WhatsApp, LINE is secured by end-to-end encryption, which gives you peace of mind as long as your message wouldn’t be disclosed by anyone. You can download it on any Smartphone which runs on Android, iOS, Windows Phone and it is also available for Windows, Mac users.

Important features of Line

  • Many stickers packs for Line Stickers Store.
  • Keep feature, to mark up or highlight favorite text, image or any.
  • Secured by end-to-end encryption.
  • Timeline where you can view friends’ updates.

                                                                    Install Line App For Android & iOS


New name, right? Believe it or not, the major purpose of this app is to provide secured messaging service to its user. You should download this app on your Android or iOS device if security is your major need. Using Threema app, your all data are encrypted by their own security method. Hence, making any conversation using text, images, documents, personal information shouldn’t be a headache. Sadly, it lacks features like video call and voice call but still, its top-notch security over your chat privacy is impressive. It backup your chat data with the encrypted backup option, which doesn’t collect metadata. For this extra security to your chat data, it would cost you $2.99. If privacy is your main concern then this app going to be a worthy WhatsApp alternative app for you.

Important feature of Threema:

  • Threema can be protected by Password and Fingerprint.
  • Poll in Group Chat support.
  • End-to-End encryption.
  • Encrypted backup.

                                                                  Install Threema App For Android & iOS


Viber really stands toe-to-toe with WhatsApp when it comes to best Instant Messenger apps. The included features in Viber makes it a great messaging app. The feature like multi-device support that allows the user to switch its device very easily. It can also able to do voice and video call with international users at a nominal rate. Unlike most, Viber also supports end-to-end security to your conversation over Viber. So, everything exchange in this app is totally secured. Beside all basic features, this comes with sticker store, chat backup to Google Drive, file sharing, and much more. There is also Viber game that lets the user to play the game in the app with another user or with bot.

Important Feature of Viber:

  • Auto-backup support in Google Drive.
  • VoIP support.
  • Stickers store.
  • Viber Games store to play the game in Viber app.
  • Public account.

                                                                   Install Viber App For Android & iOS

Signal Private Messenger

Again, the security level of this IM app is next to none. This app also uses End-to-end encryption method to secure all of your data from third-party. It offers many security mode Screen Security, which blocks others to take a screenshot of a certain conversation. Self-destruction also present in this app, where a conversation with be deleted at your desired time period. Because of the number of security benefits, this app could be a great use over WhatsApp app. Signal Private Messenger can be found in Android and iOS respective app store. Being a true security-controlled IM, this is a free app to download. So, if privacy is your main concern then you can download in replacement of WhatsApp app.

Important Feature of Signal Private Messenger:

  • End-to-end encrypted conversation.
  • Free to download on both Android and iOS.
  • Screen Security and Self-destructive message feature.
  • Secured backup enabled.

                                                  Install Signal Private Messenger App For Android & iOS


Kik is very intuitive instant messenger app like WhatsApp. The service is completely free and downloads as well. The good thing about this app is that you can create a username for your own and share with another KIK users to connect. So, technically doesn’t need to share your personal number to anyone. To communicate with your friends and family, this is one of the easiest apps. You can download this app on both Android and iOS. It comes with one-on-one chat and group chat features, where you can include a feature like file sharing, gif, images and much more. Also, you can play the game in this app with another KIK user. More importantly, it uses fewer data to ensure fast, reliable and uninterrupted communication with your friends and family.

Important feature of KIK:

  • It has an impressive looking interface.
  • Communication suggestion with the same interest.
  • Doesn’t required the mobile number to connect with other users.
  • Huge options for stickers.
  • Very fast and reliable messaging.

                                                                     Install KIK App For Android & iOS


WeChat is a notorious instant messaging app in most countries. This IM is more than an IM, which includes many features. Besides the vast inclusion of features still, it is way user-friendly. You can do all the common feature of an IM such as multimedia conversation, group chat, and calls, free video and voice call, sharing live location, stickers gallery and much more. You can search a WeChat user just shaking your device that shows up the friends on your radar. WeChat support languages more than 20 and also allows translation. It also comes with money transfer support in some country, which is very useful. You can download this feature-rich app on your Smartphone right now.

Important feature of WeChat

  • Chats are secured by TRUSTe for better privacy.
  • Personal photo stream in Moments.
  • Comes with plenty stickers options.
  • Free to download.
  • Money Transfer support.

                                                                 Install WeChat App For Android & iOS


Well, it used to be a popular IM app in Blackberry devices until the dominance of Android Smartphone. However, still most of the user like is very much because of its super easy communicating system. This app is no more Blackberry device exclusive, which you can now download on Android and iOS devices. You can send free messages and voice record like WhatsApp through this app. Group chat and 1 on 1 chat is available, which includes file sharing, images, videos, notes and much more. You can broadcast your message with one message to multiple users. You can view when the contact is responding to the chat. Recently BBM is enabled by end-to-end encryption to ensure the security of you exchanged data. If you are looking for a safe and intuitive messaging service to replace WhatsApp then we recommend you to download this app. BBM app is free to download for your Smartphone, which is again a positive sign.

Important Feature of BBM:

  • A lot of sticker pack options.
  • End-to-end encryption to ensure data security.
  • Free games to play in the app.
  • Private Chat is to safe Screenshot and prying eyes.
  • Time Chat, where the conversation will disappear after a duration.

                                                                Install BBM App For Android & iOS


KakaoTalk is a cross-platform messaging app, where you can send photos, videos, audio files, docs, notes and much more for free. Unlike every IM it does feature all feature but it has an extra advantage over most instant messaging apps. KakaoTalk app includes an array of emoticons and stickers to express your mood and adding more fun to your conversations. It is super-fast and consistency in all network modes. You can make voice and video calls with HD support. In KakaoTalk app, you can add an unlimited number of friends from any corner of the world. More feature like group chat, voice filter, Android wear support etc, make it must have an app in replacement of WhatsApp. You can download this app for free without breaking into your bank. So, if you looking for best WhatsApp alternatives then you must try out downloading and using KakaoTalk on your Smartphone.

Important Feature of KakaoTalk

  • Fast and reliable messaging service, which works with the low-signal network.
  • Voice filter feature is to add fun to your voice chat and voice calls.
  • HD quality video and voice call support.
  • Added Emoticons to match your emotions in chats.
  • It supports Android wear with smart reply and notifications.

                                                              Install KakaoTalk App For Android & iOS


If you are using the iOS device then you should probably replace WhatsApp with iMessage. Because this app is more fun than WhatsApp. On your iOS device, it can easily be enabled going to the settings. It doesn’t require SMS or TEXT charges, as this works with an internet connection only. Please note, the other user also has to use this service or else, the recipient will receive your chat message as regular text. Unlike all IM, also able to send photos, videos, text using your internet. You can also download many stickers packs from App Store. It has many inbuilt features, which are basically not featured on most mentioned instant messaging apps. So, having an iOS device you should activate it or you shouldn’t download it as it already installed on your iOS device. It also secured by end-to-end encryption to secure all of your data while exchanging your files or text.

Important Features of iMessage

  • Super easy to communicate with other iOS users.
  • Uses the internet to send text and files.
  • Sending and receiving photo and videos doesn’t compromise quality.
  • Secured by end-to-end encryption.
  • Most feature-rich IM for iOS users.
  • iCloud backup.

                                                                             Install iMessage App Here

Go SMS Pro

If you like feature-rich instant messaging service for your Android smartphone or tablet then you might love using Go SMS Pro. This communication app is free to download for Android users; so, you must give it a try. This has one of the most features in any internet messaging service. If you bored of traditional IM theme then GO SMS Pro allows you to change the way it looks. You can apply various type theme in this app. You can also get many free custom-made emoji, which are really worth, while you are in a conversation. It also does offer private chat option, encrypted chats to protect your data shared in conversations. Pop up reply is very useful where you can reply to a message without going to the app. You can also block spam users or auto-block people who send keywords that you don’t want to see in any conversation.

Important Feature of Go SMS Pro

  • Many impressive themes and stickers.
  • SMS block feature.
  • Private box to protect your shared data.
  • Pop Up reply support.
  • Sticky conversation lets you to pin important messages that help your focus.

                                                                Install Go SMS Pro App For Android & iOS


Hike is yet another popular instant messaging or a good WhatsApp alternative. This app is special for the Indian user, as because this app does support many Indian regional languages. Not just languages but it also does support many Indian-centrist stickers to make it pure deshi IM. This app is available for both Android and iOS users. Like WhatsApp, this app is also free to download and doesn’t require any services charges. So, if you are in line who are looking for best WhatsApp alternatives to message in 2018, then we suggest you to download Hike. And yes, for Indian it is a must-have app for you. Including all the basic instant messaging feature, it is totally secured by end-to-end encryption.

Important Feature of Hike:

  • Every conversation is secured to ensure your privacy.
  • App can be password protected so no one can stalk on your conversations.
  • Tons of free stickers to add more fun and emotion in your conversation.
  • Hike Wallet for UPI payment [Indian users only].
  • Magic selfie, Live filters, Stories and much more.

                                                                  Install Hike App For Android & iOS

Facebook Messenger

Hope you are well aware of this app, as this is one of the best communication apps right now. To use this app, you will require a Facebook account. After login to this app, you can add your number, to connect with your own contact and Facebook friends list. This can be downloaded on most of the Smartphone Operating System and yes, this is free to download as well. You don’t need to share your mobile number as you can connect to this app with Facebook account. Unlike most, this app is also protected by end-to-end encryption. You can play games with other Messenger users. Beside of these, you can share photos, download stickers from the vast selection in its store, gif conversations, block spam users, and much more. A Facebook user should definitely try out this app as one of the WhatsApp alternatives in 2018.

Important Features of Messenger:

  • End-to-end encrypted conversation.
  • Lite version of Messenger app.
  • It is free to download.
  • Ability to play games with other users.
  • Pop Up Reply on Android devices.

                                                      Install Facebook Messenger App For Android & iOS


WhatsApp is the most favorite instant messenger with more than 1.5 billion monthly active users. To dominant in its class, it always trying hard by adding useful features but still, it is failed to meet the expectation of some users. Some important features on WhatsApp such as there are no Self-destruction chat, Incognito or private chat, in-built Password protection, no theme support and much more. If you are one who looking for the best WhatsApp alternative then hope you found our list. As you can see most of the listed apps are even better than WhatsApp. Now you might have aware of the similar apps like WhatsApp from the list of Top 15 Best WhatsApp Alternatives to Message in 2018. So, matching your perspective you can choose any of them to gain the extra feature which is not available on WhatsApp.

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