10 Best Alternatives of YouTube to Watch Share Videos Movies

Just like photos, videos have also become quite an integral part of our lives. And the chief source of videos for us in YouTube. YouTube is the biggest and most popular site where you will be able to find any kind of video you want. To find the videos all that you need to do is enter a name in the search bar and then you would be able to watch it. On YouTube you can even watch free movies online without registration, though for some movies you need to pay a certain amount. And the best part is that you can share the videos that you like with your friends through social media or messaging applications.

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But what would happen if suddenly YouTube stops working? People would be quite devastated. There would be no means of watching videos is that what you are thinking? Well, if that’s what you are thinking then you are quite wrong! There are lots of apps that let you watch videos apart from YouTube. This post will provide you with a list of some top best and very popular alternatives of YouTube to watch free movies, TV shows and more. These alternatives are quite trusted and a lot of people are using those along with YouTube. It is recommended that you check this list of alternate apps down below.

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List of Best Alternatives of YouTube to Watch Movies And TV Shows: 


Crackle would be the perfect match for you if you want something like YouTube. It is considered to be one of the best alternatives of YouTube. Crackle provides you with some of the best movies and TV shows. The interface of Crackle is quite simple and this makes it quite easy to browse through it. The movies and TV shows are arranged in quite a systematic order and thus what makes it easy for people to browse through it. All that you need to do is sign in and after that you would be able to stream as many videos as you want for free.


Most people have a misconception that Flickr only allows people to share photos. Just because “Photos” is written on landing page of the site doesn’t mean only that is allowed. Flickr allows one to upload videos too but there is a catch. The allowed video length is only 90 seconds. And if you plan to upload video then make sure they are quite creative. The website has may features and is well maintained and owned by Yahoo. This is also one of the best YouTube alternatives that you can choose from this list.

Internet Archive:

Some people might have heard about Internet Archive and some might have not. For those who have not heard about it, Internet Archive is the most non-profitable library that is present in the Internet right now. Here you will be able to get access to thousands and thousands of books and that too free. You will also have access to audio and videos on this site. Movies and Software’s are also available on this site and even more you can download them. Internet Archive has live music too which you can also listen for free.


Vimeo might not be as popular a YouTube but it sure is far better than YouTube. A lot of people might be ignorant to fact that Vimeo is as old as YouTube and recently only it has gained a lot of fame. There are different categories available from which you can choose and watch videos. Some of it categories are Food, Travel, Animation and Music. If you want then you can even sell videos on Vimeo. No login or sign in is required to watch videos on this website but suppose that you want upload or sell videos then you need to register.


One thing that you will agree to is the fact that Metacafe is the perfect YouTube alternative. The layout of the site is quite attractive and it is quite easy to find videos on Metacafe. You just need to type in the name of the video that you want to watch and if it is available then it would pop up. There are lots and lots of videos available on this site. These videos have been organized in such a way that you would be able to find the videos of the genre’s you like easily.


Zippcast is one of the best alternatives of YouTube. It is also one of those sites that let you store your favorite video on the site itself. But for that you need to register on the site. The layout of the site is quite similar to how YouTube used to look back in the 2006-2007. Videos are arranged in a systematic order and this makes it quite easy for you to find videos of your choice. There are lots of videos of different categories on the site.


Dailymotion is the kind of website that is unknown to none. A lot of people are quite familiar with dailymotion. The layout of the page is not that attractive but it sure does provide some of the best video that you can hope for. This is one of the popular YouTube alternatives. Except adult videos, you will find all types of videos and all that you need to do is type what you want in the search bar. If you want then you can even upload videos but for that you need to register on the site.

Ustream TV:

There are many sites that won’t disappoint you no matter what video you search for. You can use this website for free and will be able to stream any video you want to. If you are interested then you can get hold of the pro plans and moreover they even provide trials for pro plans. The pro plans are available in different ranges. The pro plans are much better and tons of additional features are available. You can visit this site from any device you want and stream videos without any kind of hassle.


One of the best alternatives of YouTube is Veoh. It gives you a lot of options like watch various TV shows, etc. Apart from watching videos you can also watch movies and listen to music. But one thing that you need to do above all is that register on the site. Yes! Without registering on the site you won’t be able to use the site. And after registering you can watch any video you want and also will be able to bookmark all the videos and TV shows that you have watched.

Microsoft Movies and TV:

The site has lots of TV Shows and movies stored in it. The layout of the site is quite attractive and you can access this site from any device that supports internet activity. But there is a catch in watching video on this site and that is that you need to make some payment to access this site. But despite of that you can stay assured that your money won’t go to waste. There are lots of perks of registering on this site which you will know about after you are done.

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So these are the 10 best alternatives of YouTube that you can choose to watch, share videos and movies from. You can use any one of these or all of these if your YouTube is not working properly. If you are worrying about the trust factor of these sites then you can trust these sites the way you trust YouTube. If you know of any other similar sites then do leave a comment below and let us know about it. Hope that the provided information would be of help to you. also you can share this post to help other people. it’s very simple to share these post just hit any sharing bottom and share it.

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