Top 12 Best Google Chromecast Alternatives To Buy In 2018

In the category of Digital Media Players Chromecast is one of the most common names, which marketed by Google Tech giant. Thought these devices are slowly making its impact but Media streaming devices have big potential in the coming days. No doubt, Google Chromecast has been a huge success in its class soon after the launch. It has the ability to stream media to your Television and yes, connecting to your Smartphone, you can directly play on your Smartphone and tablets. Using Chromecast device, you can stream popular media channels like Netflix, HBO, HULU and many more. Never miss any of your favorite TV shows and movies; all you need is to get a better media streaming device available in your market. If you are confused what to buy for your TV then we are here to help.

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Though, Google-owned Chromecast is the best choice in this category but depending on user perspective it might disappoint in some concern. As there is a saying Nothing perfect, so the Google Chromecast is. But we could choose something best from a line, isn’t it? Hence, we have come up with a list of Top 12 Best Chromecast Alternatives for all time. If you in the line who is looking for Chromecast alternatives then you can choose from the given Chromecast alternatives from below and enjoy your favorite movies and TV shows easily.

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Best Chromecast Alternatives | Alternatives of Chromecast For All Time

While Chromecast was released, at the time it wasn’t available for most of the country. Also, there are competing media devices, which offers even better specs in some terms. If you not satisfied by the Chromecast configuration then you can choose other media streamer devices, which are already in the market to compete with Chromecast. Now matching your requirement, you can come to a decision to buy the best Chromecast alternative for you. Here we going to share with the best or similar devices to Chromecast.  Depending on your perspective and TV streaming requirements, you can choose you can get any of the below listed Top 12 Best Chromecast Alternatives for all time.

Amazon Fire TV

This comes from the shadow of Amazon brand and who into the Amazon eco-system this could be the best Chromecast alternatives for you. Amazon Fire TV stands out when it comes to pricing and commitment with a bunch of features. It can handle some inbuilt game, which comes out of the box. So, with this media streaming device, you can even play games on your TV. This comes with multiple subscription plans, leaving multiple choices for you as monthly and yearly subscriptions at various prices. It outperforms in terms of features and compared to pricing in its class. Its subscription plans also budget efficient, where you can add your desired TV channels or movie channels. Its ability to record TV shows is another advantage to have this device over Chromecast. Hence, this is one of the best Chromecast alternatives that you can buy right now.

Apple TV

This comes in the second of best Chromecast alternatives for all time. But if you are into the Apple Ecosystem then it should be your first choice. If you have an iOS device and already enjoying iTunes library then Apple TV definitely for you. Using Apple TV, you can stream all of the iTunes contents on your TV. This device outperforms Chromecast when it comes to streaming locally store media files. It offers a wide range of streaming services. You can also play the game using AirPlay feature on your iOS device. So, it makes sense choosing Apple TV over Chromecast, when you have iOS device or if you thinking to dive into this eco-system.


Save some budget by choosing this cost-effective Chromecast alternative. This could be the best if you are looking for the same. Its apps are available for the Android and iOS devices and the good is that it is free to download. Unlike Chromecast, Apple TV and Amazon Fire TV, you don’t need to buy any device to stream media on your TV. By downloading the app, you can stream any media content from the app. You can even stream your device locally stored media. For the pro version, it will cost you a little $5 for a month. This app also compatible with most media streaming devices. Being an application, it can be a good add-on for your existing media streaming device to make it even better.

Samsung Allshare Cast

Here is another good alternative for Chromecast; now it is from Samsung. This brand always aggressive when it comes to offering features to their electronic devices. Samsung Allshare Cast is not the exception, which even outperforms providing features. Beside all basic streaming feature to your TV, it can also be a good representative device for your projects. One downside is that you will require a supported Samsung Smartphone but having a Samsung device you should give it a try as a replacement of Chromecast. You can stream anything wireless on your TV or even can use regular HDMI cable. It is a great entertainment device that stream HD videos and movies efficiently. So, to buy a feature-rich media streaming device, you can get this Samsung Allshare Cast.


If you are technology enthusiast then you can save great money and grab a powerful media streaming for your TV. Taking your time and working on it, you could get the best Chromecast alternative. The setup could be difficult and time-consuming but totally worth your time. Just because of hard setup we couldn’t add it on the top in the list. But the device is really reliable and could stream high-definition videos without breaking any sweat. You may need an ethernet connection to this device to stream media live. PiCast doesn’t cost must and it is just a half price of Chromecast. Also using the Wi-Fi it can be streamed, so if you think you can setup the device then we would recommend PiCast to give a shot.

WD TV Live

To streaming Netflix and other popular channels on to your TV, WD TV Live could be a great Chromecast alternative for you. It is a well-known media streaming device developed by Western Digital to compete with existing media streaming devices. Using the device, it could even stream your locally stored media files as well to watch them offline. WD TV Live has a native app for your smartphone, downloading the app, you can make your Smartphone like a remote controller. It supports a wide range of files formats, using its app you can Miracast your device to a TV. The cost of the is also comparatively less than other existing devices in the market. So, if you looking for a good Chromecast alternative then you can have this device as well.


At the very first Matchstick was released as an open-source media streaming device for Firefox operating system. The device is similar to Chromecast, which does look like a dongle device. Like Google Chromecast, Apple TV and Amazon Fire TV, it also shakes the market with Kickstarter price at $12. Now the retailer price of this media streaming device is $25. Still, it is one of the cost-effective Chromecast alternatives right now in the market. If your budget is under $25, then you might love to invest in it. Unlike every media streaming devices, it also able to streaming HD movies and videos. You can choose a wide range of channels to watch your favorite movies or TV shows right on your TV.

Roku Media Streaming Stick

Roku Media Streaming Stick could be the best fit for your need when Chromecast is not matching your requirements. If budget is not a big concern then we could suggest this media streamer. The device is feature-rich, where you could expect most of the channels to stream live shows and movies on your TV.  It also comes with a dedicated remote controller that comes to a plus point to buy this device. With over 1200 channels choices, you will definitely get your desired channel to watch online movies or TV shows. So, looking for the best Chromecast it should be one of your choices if budget is not a big deal for you.


CheapCast is another good Google Chromecast alternative, which is hesitation free. Always it is wise to give it a try to this free alternative. You can easily download by searching in Android app market on your Android device. By downloading it you can stream locally stored videos or movies from your Smartphone. Also, if you mostly use YouTube then it also can be streamed via Cheapcast. Its ability to select video quality is very useful depending on your resolution requirement. You can also use regular HDMI cable to stream any media from your Android smartphone. Installing the app you can easily setup it with your TV and seamlessly can stream any media content.


Stream all of your favorite TV channels to watch movies on demand, favorite movies and TV shows on your TV. In the search for Chromecast alternatives or best media streaming, this should be one of your lists. The device is developed by Sky, which is capable of streaming full HD movies or any existing video contents. All Sky franchise channels like Sky Sport, Sky Movies, Sky Entertainment etc, can be streamed from this device. If you like Sky channels then you should buy this media streamer than any other existing media streaming service.


This might be a new name for most but it has all the features to compete with other media streaming devices. And, this is why it is one of the best Chromecast alternatives you can get. It uses the screen mirroring feature of your Smartphone and plays video content wirelessly. Offline mode its there to play stored video or movies while your TV is not connected to any internet connection. Airtame is also well suited for corporate uses to showcase project on bigger displays. Its ability to stream high-quality videos and movies. So, if you thinking a good media casting device for corporate use this thing should be in your mind. And yes, it is an even good option for streaming movies channels, all the popular channel come under its subscription plans.

Android TV

This is not Google Chromecast like external device but if you have an Android TV then there is less sense buying a media streaming device. Having an Android device like Smartphone and tablet, you good to go with media streaming. You can easily enjoy media streaming wirelessly using the Miracast feature. Most of the Android device is enabled by this feature and so Android TV is. Most of the Android TVs are as smart as your Smartphone, so you can easily dig into best online streaming services to watch your favorite TV channels, movies, videos on the go. You can stream videos in various resolution on your TV. Connecting your Android TV to the internet, you can stream YouTube or any channels without the help of any Smartphone.


Media streaming devices and Smart TVs slowly dominating the market with many available options. Streaming video files on TV are even fun than watching them on small Smartphone screen. Having a TV, if you are thinking to choose a media streaming device and Chromecast is not one of your choices then the above list should be helpful to you. You can choose any of the media streaming devices from the Top 12 best Chromecast alternatives media streamer for your TV. Those are all capable of showcasing HD movies, videos on your TV. You can play them without needing your smartphone or with a smartphone. However, you need to connect your TV to an internet connection to use your TV individually. Let me know, which one is your favorite from the list and if you know any other Chromecast alternatives, which can outperform Google-owned media streaming device then comment us below in the comment section.

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