Top 10+Best Free Alternatives of Evernote You Must Know 2020

In our busy life, it’s quite hard to remember every little things of your daily routine or any special event. IF you are also struggling to remember any specific event or memorable day in life then don’t worry you are not alone. About 70% people in the world either get confused with dates or event times which is hard to understand why it happens. So if you are one of those persons then it is recommended that you note the events down either in a diary or on a calendar. But the problem with noting down the dates and events in a piece of paper would be that you can lose it any time or you may forget/ be reluctant to carry it everywhere you go.

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And this is where Evernote comes into the play. Evernote allows you to easily note down any event, date or any other detail about which you will get notified or even sync it with your email account or mobile device to get notified when the event approaches. Not just that, you can even note down every single daily event be it meeting, date or any other event. So if you are thinking about using apps like Evernote then here I will be providing with the best free alternatives of ever note.

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Know Best Free Evernote Alternatives:

All the note keeping apps mentioned below are available for free so you can easily download them on your mobile device, desktop or laptop etc. So without further delay let me take you through the list.

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List of Top Best Free Evernote Alternatives With Guides:

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Zoho Notebook

With Zoho Notebook you can easily manage all you daily tasks and notification that you need to be notified about. You can visually take notes, save images or customize your notifications and even save your events on cloud. You can easily sync your notifications and access them from where you want to. Customize different event with different colors to figure them out easily and much much more.


Simplenote is yet another great note taking app that you can use right now for free. You can keep you notes, dates, ideas and much more with customization option. Sync the app with your email and you can access all the information from any device you want by simply logging in with your email id. What makes this note taking app so great is that, it is simple and efficient to use without any hassle so you can easily and quickly save anything on the go.

Dropbox Paper

Dropbox Paper lets you save all the information that you need in your daily life in one single place. Dropbox Paper is really a creative way to memories all you daily and life time needs without failure. With Dropbox Paper you can easily manager, share and organised any new or old vent as you want from any mobile device by login in into your account.

Box Notes

Box Notes is an excellent way to manager all you daily routine from one single place. You can sync all your device with this one place so that you can update any new event from anywhere you want or add a memory when you want to. You can even access the notes and reminder from a web browser and all you need to do is sign up one time. Box Notes allows you to share any specific idea or event notice with friends.

Google Keep

Google Keep is a product by Google which allows you to share and sort everything that you want like a sticky note. Not just that, with Google Keep you can make note saving more fun as you will get notified in a cool way when you have a pending or an incoming event. Being available for free, Google Keep is definitely one of the best thing that you can get to save your critical information’s.


If you are searching for a private space for your official work where everyone can post their ideas, event notice and much more than nothing can better then Quip. Quip can be used like a spreadsheet as well as like a private space to store your information, notes, ideas and much more. You can also easily synchronize the Quip storage with other accounts to share any information with friends or colleagues.


Paper is an Evernote alternative for iOS users who are looking for a good note making app. This is a very creative that allows you to save data as Diagram, Sketch and notes. This makes the app really user friendly as you can customize the way you want to save a note in a hurry. So if you are an iOS user and you are looking for an Evernote alternative for your iOs device then Paper is what you need. To download the app simply follow the link above.


Penultimate is yet another note taker for iOS users with many amazing features. With this app you can use your own handwriting skill to save a short note right on the go within a few seconds. Penultimate allows you to save large written files within seconds along with typography with many fonts to choose from. If you are searching for a great Evernote alternative that will offer with a premium look for your iOS device, then nothing can be better than Penultimate.


Squid is a note taking app that is made for Windows& android users who wants to take notes on their Windows & android PC, laptop or Phone. You can also convert the notes that you took into PDF file. Use can then later use this file on your windows or android device or even transfer this as hard file to anyone else.


Clyp is a note taker where you can use the app to take casual notes through text or even use the special feature where Clyp which allows you to take voice recordings. This special feature can be really great to use as you may have great through anytime which you might want to share with someone later or save it on Clyp. No matter that the reason maybe, Clyp can be used to save audio as well as text note when and where you want to.


Last but not the least Jot is yet another free alternative of Evernote which allows you to save your notes on a canvas style outlay. This is a great app for those who want to be a little creative with their note saving app. The only drawback with Jot is that, it is only for Google Chrome for now. So if you are regular Google Chrome user then this can be your best choice.

Final Verdict:

There you have it, these are list of the top best free alternative of Evernote with guide for you. As all these apps are for free so you can just grab any of the app right now and start using them and never miss a date, any special day or any new idea that just popped in your mind. Hope this list of app will be helpful for you to save and utilize any note when and where you need to. we will be happy if you fill this is a helpful post for you. you can help us and other people by sharing  this post by clicking your favorite sharing bottom. Also you can give us your valuable suggestion or any complaint about this post in comment section, we will update as soon as possible throw your comment.

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