Top 15 Best Cartoon Creator Sites To Create Your Own Cartoon

Sketching your friends and making their sketches and avatars was the funniest thing when we were kids. It’s still the fun but no one has the time to indulge in hobbies. Peoples like to watch cartoon online and offline. Everyone is looking for easiest way to create cartoons. Especially after the increased use of the Internet, there are many cartoon creators sites, that’ll help you to create cartoons and avatars from one photo. The top cartoon creator sites just need the photo from which you want to create a cartoon or the avatar. Just upload a photo of your friend for yourself and you’ll get an awesome cartoon within few seconds.

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If you love to create an avatar from a photo, then you should definitely bookmark any of the best cartoon and avatar creator websites, that I am going to list down here. Here are some of the best cartoon avatar maker sites you should keep them bookmarked and make some awesomely animated cartoon avatars of your photos.

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Best Cartoon Creating Software & Websites To Create Cartoon Online For Free:

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The Cartoon.Pho.To is one of the best cartoon avatar maker website, that allows you to make any photo into a cartoon. You can put the photos of nature, abstract images or photo of yourself to turn it into a colored sketch. The Cartoon.Pho.To is the best site which provides you with the perfect cartoon images from the provided input image. This site is not just the cartoon maker, but it provides different features too.

The most popular feature is the Face Morphing feature. When you provide the portrait of yourself or of your friends, you can change the emotions on the face of that portrait. That’s the funniest and most population feature on this site.

The is a fantastic online cartoon maker site. On this site, you can use your imagination and create multiple avatars of yourself. The site does not accept any kind of photos but provides you multiple templates of the face shapes, beards, mustaches, eyes, eyebrows and what not. Using those, you can easily create cartoon avatar of yourself.

This Avatar Maker site is one of the most popular sites because of the customization features you get access to. You can imagine your face and create and cartoon avatar on this site. The site is best for creating cartoon images of yourself for the purpose of keeping it as Display Profile on various social network sites.

Build Your Wild Self

The Build Your Wild Safe is also one of the best online cartoon maker website, that helps you to create cartoon avatars of yourself. But, this site hosts some unique features, which will make your cartoon avatar different from others. On this site, you can create cartoon online with the use of animal body parts.

As the name suggests, this site helps you create your cartoon image with the addition of the animal body parts instead of human body parts. So, you can create some wild cartoon selfies or portraits, which are way better and funnier than the others.

If you are an Anime series lover, then you should definitely check out this fantastic site. On the CustomAnime, you can create your anime avatar online for free. The site provides you with different face shapes and human body parts variations, that you can arrange and create online anime avatar for yourself.  The CustomAnime is one of the most popular anime avatar creator full body site within the anime lovers community.

On this site, you are not just limited to creating an anime avatar. The CustomAnime has multiple sister websites, which helps you to create avatars from famous cartoon series like the South Park. The is one of the best anime avatar maker online for die-hard anime lovers.

Avachara Avatar

The Avachara Avatar is currently one of the best online avatar maker sites on the internet. This is one of my favorite sites, where I create funny avatars of my friends and obviously myself. If you are interested in making some high-quality cartoons online, then you should bookmark this website in the browser. On the Avachara avatar, you can start creating cartoons online with the help of multiple customization features.

First, you have to choose the gender of the avatar or cartoon you are going to make. Then start customizing the face shape, nose shape, eyes, eyebrows, hairs, moustache and many other minute facial details. The site hosts multiple variations of the minute facial details, so you can adjust the details according to your choice.

The FaceYourManga is one of the most popular websites to make cartoons online. The FaceYourManga has the most beautiful UI, which is also easy to understand and use. On this site, you can create multiple cartoon and manga avatars of yourself. The site comes with multiple customization features, that are not available in the other cartoon yourself online sites.

With the variety of options from Face Shapes, Nose Shapes, Eyes, Clothes and additional accessories, you can customize your cartoon avatar and download the image to share it with your friends or keep it as the Display Picture on social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter. Not just the Social media, you can make the cartoon avatar public and share it with the FaceYourManga users. Isn’t that fantastic?

Marvel SuperHero Avatar

With the Deadpool 2 and Avengers: Infinity War movies hitting the theaters, you should show your love to the Marvels comics universe by creating Marvel Superhero avatar online. The Marvel Comics has created this online tool on their site to help the fans create customized online marvel superhero avatar for free.

On this site, you can create the mixture of all superheroes from Marvel Comics like the Spider-Man, Ironman, Captain America, Spider Gwen and Whatnot. Also, you can create cartoon avatar of a new superhero combining the elements from all of the superheroes. So don’t waste time if you’re a Marvel Comics fan.

Portrait Illustration Maker

Tired of wasting time on creating and customizing the cartoon avatars online? Want some random avatars to spam the internet and social media? Want random avatars for keeping it as DP on WhatsApp? Well, the Portrait Illustration Maker is here to help you. On this site, you’ll get some Random cartoon and Anime avatars instantly. The site creates random cartoons with the combination of available minute details library.

You can easily download the Random cartoon image as a profile picture. But, if you want to customize the randomly generated Portrait Cartoon, then you can do so with the access facial details feature. This is one of the most interesting cartoon avatar creator sites. is the professional cartoon portrait maker site. On this site, you can create the cartoon portraits for the photo, print them and gift them to your loved ones. This is the premium site which provides the service of creating and printing of cartoon avatar portraits.

The professional artists of the will create cartoon portraits with the provided photo, print the same and Ship it to you or your friends with the beautiful frame around the photo. This is the professional site so if you are looking for some ultra high-quality Cartoon Avatars, then you should visit

The is one of the best cartoon makers from the photo. If you are interested in cartooning yourself for fun, then you should visit the On this site, you just have to upload your photo in portrait mode, crop it properly and then click on Cartoonize. The site will create a cartoon from photo within few seconds.

On the Cartoonize, you can create Realistic cartoons from the photo. In my opinion, the is one of the best realistic cartoon makers online. The has their proprietary cartoon software for PC, which helps you to create cartoons on your PC. The Software comes with a one-time license and available on site to purchase.


The PicassoHead is the best site to create painting portraits online. As you know, the Picasso was one of the best painters in the world, who gave us fantastic paintings. On this site, you can create the cartoons using the Picasso Paintings as a baseline. The site has the library of the Picasso painting styles and brushes and other facial details, which help you to create cartoons online with Picasso like Precision.

The real painting lover will definitely love this site. The Picasso-Like Paintings and Avatars are the best for you as the art lover.


The DoppelMe is an interesting and minimalist online cartoon creator site. On this site, you can create a cartoon avatar online with minimum input. With their WYSIWYG editor for creating cartoons, you are provided with the vast variety of facial details, which you can choose and customize the avatar.

To create Realistic cartoon online, you just need to visit the site, select the Gender and color of the character and then proceed to customize eyes, beard, hair, face shape and all other minute details. Finish creating the cartoon portrait and download the image to use it as the Social Media Display Picture or print and frame it to keep on your desk.

The is the ultimate online cartoon maker and online meme maker website. On this site, you can create various cartoon characters of your own or create memes easily. With their drag and drop editor, the users have access to a variety of elements to play with.

As a dedicated Cartoon creator site, the has the variety of cartoon sketches, text bubbles, meme text editor and others, you can easily create the funny cartoons online and share them as memes.

The Cartoonify is an underrated realistic cartoon creator site on the internet. The site is pretty simple and has the easiest editor to create cartoon characters for yourself. You just need to have the solid imagination or the photo by your side to create 3D cartoon avatar of anyone. Just choose from the vast library of the face shapes, face colors, body hairs, facial hairs, eye, accessories and other minute details.

Customize the base avatar provided with the available customization options and you are ready with your lovely cartoon avatar. The Cartoonify is the best cartoon creator site if you are interested in cartoon avatars for WhatsApp and Facebook DP’s.

South Park Avatar Creator

The South Park is one of the most popular Cartoon TV series nowadays amongst the youngsters. The South Park Cartoon series features some cute cartoon characters, which looks pretty realistic. The South Park Fans are mad behind the online south park avatar creator sites,  that lets them customize the avatar in South Park Cartoon series character format.

The Official site of South Park Cartoon series provides the fun cartoon maker online. With the library of all of the facial details from the series, the users can easily create and customize an avatar based on the South Park characters. It’s a great and official resource for this Cartoon series lovers.

Final Words | Best Cartoon Creator Sites | Best Avatar Makers Online:

So, these are some of the best and top cartoon creator sites. Just visit the site and explore the features and experiment with them to come up with the best cartoon avatar of yourself. It’s always better to experiment while creating online cartoon avatars. Just try different facial details from DIY cartoon creator sites. Otherwise, the sites will create cartoons from photos provided by you.

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