Top 15+ Best Free Music Download Sites in 2018

Music can make you fall in love with yourself, the people around you and change your mood from being sad to super happy in minutes. Listing to music is soothing and with a lot of places to free music download from you can easy download any genre of song when you want to. So the next time you are out of mood or want to hear something new choose from these free music download sites and choose your favorite best songs list. here you find full music albums, it can be sad songs or best party songs to dance in party nights. All these sites will offer you with songs for free and to make things even better you will be able to download what you need be it Hollywood, Bollywood, Bengali, Tamil, Spanish, and many other languages to choose from.

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These list of the top 15+ best mp3 download sites will not will help you download free music for free but will help your download what you need and when you need too. Also you will be able to download all the songs from the site without using any down loader as all the sites offer with download option. So without further delay let us have a look at out top best free music downloader.

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Top 15+ Best Free mp3 Download Sites To Download Free Music:

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Noise Trade:

First on this list is the Noise Trade where anyone can share their self-made music & songs. With the help of Noise Trade artist can either choose to either create widgets to upload their songs on the site or share it on their social media itself. With millions of new artist uploading songs and music for free to download, you as a music lover can choose to download from millions of free music and even rate them. And if you really love a song then you can promote them in your social media help them get fame. This app is meant to help music lover get new songs and for artist to get their voice and music into listeners ears.

Free Music Archive:

This is simply a public domain to upload songs that may come from any genre or language. The site is well organised for new and older songs and you will be able to find a lot of songs to choose from .All the songs available here is free to download and more over that anyone can add songs here which means you will be able to find even a hit song that might not have been released in your Country yet. All the songs available here are free to download.


Jamendo has over 400,00 different songs that you an download from. Yes the list of songs are quite low but the songs that you will be able to find here will be unique and surely to be loved by anyone. You can either choose to download any song from the list or you can also search for nay specific song from your own or even choose from the different genre available here according to your mood.


The list of promoting new artist still continues as today we are willing to offer you with fresh voices and so here is Bandcamp. This is yet another space for new and upcoming artist who are willing to share their latest songs or new makes with people. In this site you will also be able to listen the songs and choose to download them as per your need.

Next on this list is a legit source of downloading songs when you want to. This site doesn’t require any software to download their songs as the site itself offer with a download option. has many genre and languages of songs to choose from so you will have many songs to download from according to your mood and the language that you want to watch in.

Pure Volume:

Next is the Pure Volume mp3 download site where you will be able to find songs of newly emerging artist who want to share their songs on the internet. The site helps to share their songs with just one click to over 10+ different social media site where you can upload videos or audios. And as a music listener, you can choose to download all the songs from here for free.


Epitonic has the tag line “The Center of Sounds”Epitonic does have a bunch of famous songs that you would love to hear & download. This site has been running since 1999 and since then the site has only been uploading songs with copyright songs for free legally. The site has a huge list of playlist of songs depending on different genre like party, romantic, sad and much more. is yet another huge source of free legal songs where you can browse from, listen and download many songs that you would love to hear. has all the songs that you need be it new or old or even songs from private section of collection by artists. One of the best feature of this site is that you can seamlessly browse from millions of songs without any problem and get songs that you want to download. Visit this site now and download from over millions of songs with variety of genre to choose form.


Soundowl is a great site with thousands of songs to download from. The site offers with a variety of list of songs that you would love to hear and download from. One of the best thing that makes SoundOwl different from other mp3 downloading site is that through the site itself uploads copyright songs that you can download from but as Soundowl is partnered with copyseeker, other users who are using the same song without proper permission will be removed.


SoundCloud is yet another private space for new artist that want to upload their songs and want to share it with the world. Though all the songs that are available here on Soundcloud isn’t downloadable but you will definitely love to hear them.


This is yet another site which offer with royalty free sound tracks and songs. You can listen to their songs, download them and even use them without nay copyright or royalty issue. So if you have created a YouTube channel and you need an intro or outre music or song then this is the site. Or you can even use the songs in your projects and party without any problem at all. All the songs available here are license free and up-loader and the makers of the music and songs are willing to offer them to be used for free to any user.

Public Domain 4U:

Public Domain 4U is a public site where you can choose to download any songs which has been uploaded by different site users or even upload new songs yourself. There are different types of songs and music that you can download from and all the songs available here are free to use for any purpose. The creator of this site offers the download of songs which has copyright but are legal to download here.

Bump Foot:

Bump Foot is a site that has been up for 12 years now (since 2005). In this site you will be able to listen from different types of songs of different genre like trance, techno, ambient, techno and many more. Though this site has been online for over more than 12 year there are not much songs available but all other songs are downloadable and worth listening too. There are many songs that you won’t even find anywhere else, so go ahead and give this site a try.


Amazon is great place to download a variety of songs like classic, rock, pop, blue and much more. through there are few songs that are not available to be downloaded for free yet, you can be sure that if you invest in downloading songs by paying you will get great songs for sure.

Internet Archive:

Internet Archive is a free source of downloading songs. With over 200,000 different recording from many famous artist as well as songs that you have already listened to choose from. Note that this is a public domain site so you can find any type of songs here and so it means finding songs here can be a little hard as you will get multiple results for single search.

Last but not eh least, if you are from India or anywhere else and you like listening to Bollywood songs or Tamil or Pakistani songs then is your final stop. You can find over millions of famous songs that are available and can be downloaded for free. You can search songs depending on artist, year or release or albums or even movie based.


There you have it, these were the list of the top 15+ best sites to download free music with step by step guide and photos for you. If you are thinking about setting your favorite song from nay of the site above then go ahead and visit the site right no as you can easily download the songs and mp3 without any copy right issue at all. Hope this list was helpful and you can find and download the song you need.

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