Top 10 Best Messaging Apps For Android & iOS [Updated 2020]

In this digital era almost everyone owns a smartphone and the number of smartphone users is increasing day by day. Before some time the most used gadgets were PCs but now a days it is smartphones. Almost all kind of activities can be done of mobile devices these days and the most important thing communication is can be done best using smartphones. There are many advantages of smartphones as you can carry them anywhere you want and they supports most of the things which a typical PC do. By using smartphones you can stay connected without your friends, family and even work colleagues anytime you want. With the improvement in technology and rise in the number of smartphone users most of the app developers and companies are trying to build apps and resources for smartphones to rule the market.

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Similarly most popular smartphone around the world are Android and iPhone. As we said earlier that the most common use and the reason for most of the people uses smartphone these days is messaging. Though there are many uses of smartphones but messaging is the most common among them. There are many apps available out there to do instant messaging and text messaging using your smartphone devices. Still there are many messaging apps out there which offers some unique features which can be useful to many people. If you are looking for some best messaging apps for Android and iPhone, then you have landed on the correct page. Here in this post we are going to tell you about top messaging apps for Android and free messaging apps for iPhone.

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Top 10 Best Secure And Encrypted Messaging Apps For Android & iOS:

Do note that there are many Android messaging apps available over Google Play Store and the default messaging app of Android offers quite less features as compared to them. So we will recommend you to try below mentioned top instant messaging apps on your iOS and Android devices. Some of the below apps are new messaging apps without phone number so you can use them anytime anywhere without SIM too.

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Best Messaging Apps For Android | Free Messaging Apps For iPhone/iPad:


WhatsApp is one of the most popular and widely used instant messaging app for Android and iPhone right now. This messaging app is not limited just to text messages but you can also send and receive text, photos, voice and short video messages using it. There are many useful and easy to use features available in this app which makes it better than other similar apps. Before some time there was subscription fee for using WhatsApp but now it is available for free. One of the latest feature addition of WhatsApp is fully encrypted messaging between WhatsApp users. By using WhatsApp you can also do voice and video call to other WhatsApp users for free using data.

Download WhatsApp For Android                                                                    Download WhatsApp For iOS


If you are looking for some new messaging apps without phone number then you should try using Viber. It is one of the most popular instant messaging and voice over IP (VoIP) app around the world. Viber was launched in 2010 and till now there are more than 900 million users of it. There are some people who are searching for best messaging app for iPhone and if you are among them then you can download Viber. It is available for free on Google Play Store and iTunes Store which makes it easier to download and use. You can use Viber to send and receive images and video records over data. Another useful feature of Viber is calling facility on phone numbers.

  • Download Viber For Android                                                                                         
  • Download Viber For iOS


Well if you own an iOS device then you should definitely try using iMessage on it. iMessage is basically a free text messaging apps for iPad and iPhone which is developed by Apple Inc. itself for iOS and MAC OS devices. This is one of the most popular messaging app around the world for iOS users. You can use this app to send and receive texts, documents, photos, videos, contact information, and group messages over Wi-Fi, mobile phone Internet access, or other forms of Internet access to other iOS or macOS users. If you are looking for top instant messaging apps for iPhone then you should try iMessage and it comes pre-installed with iOS 5 or later devices. According to recent reports more than 6.3 trillion iMessages are being sent annually around the world.

Download imessage for iPhone/iPad

Google Allo

To compete with other messaging apps, Google launched its own instant messaging app named Allo in 2016. Google Allo is available only for Android and iOS device right now and it is available in multiple languages so it can be used anywhere in the world by anyone. This app is listed among best messaging apps Android by many websites out there are there are several reasons for it. There is one special feature available in Allo and that is Incognito Mode, it means expiring chats, private notifications, and end-to-end encryption. There is also a Smart Reply feature in this app which automatically suggests you text and emoji responses to make conversation going. This app can also be used as best iPhone messaging apps as features for both Android and iOS are same at current time.

Facebook Messenger

Well you must have heard about Facebook before. It is one of the most popular and most used social networking website in the world right now. Being a part of Facebook you can use this instant messaging app to send and receive photos, videos, stickers, audio, and files. There are currently more than 1.2 billion Messenger users around the world which makes it one of the best messaging apps on Android. Recently Facebook added voice and video calling feature to this messaging app and let users play games right inside this app. Not just Android but it works pretty well for iOS devices too and it also lands in best messaging app for iPhone category.


Slack is not just like every other messaging app out there but this app is a team-oriented messaging app. If you are working somewhere and looking for some apps to do instant messaging with a group of persons then you can’t find any better app than Slack. There are many unique features available in this app like messaging, scheduling, management tools, and app integration which makes it better than other similar apps. This app has been awarded by top instant messaging apps several times by many tech giants out there. Slack is available for both Android and iPhone devices and it also supports file sharing, direct and group messaging tools.

  • Download Slack For Android                                                                                   
  • Download Slack For iPhone


Messenger Kids

Messenger Kids is another no so popular messaging app for iOS devices. There are many people out there who are searching for messaging apps for iPhone download and if you are among them then you can download this app. Before sometime this app was available only for iOS devices, but now you can also download it for Android devices. If your kids have a habit of using your phone and texting using that or they have their own phone then you can install this app for them. This app will let you have full control over their phone and you can also control the contact list of your kid’s phone using it. This app is free to download and it doesn’t have any ads in app, which makes it easier to use.


Telegram is basically a cloud-based instant messaging service which is new as compared to other apps of this list but it is a good choice for those who loves texting. Telegram is a free text messaging apps for Android and iOS devices and there are some great features available in this app. There is a unique Secure Chat mode feature available in Telegram which provides end-to-end encryption so that only you and your intended recipient can read it. You can also make Telegram your default Android messaging app so that every message you send from your phone can be sent through this app. Files like videos and documents can also be shared using this app and a group of 200 users can be created.


You might have not heard about this app much but it is definitely one of the best Android messaging apps you can ever find. Signal is an open source project which doesn’t show any kind of ads or have any hidden charges. Using it is free and you can send text messages, voice messages, video, picture messages and documents using it to anywhere in the world. The latest update of this app now provides free video and voice calls which are far better than any other apps of this list. Every chat in this app are end-to-end encrypted so only you (sender) and other person (receiver) can read it. Signal is definitely far better and best messaging app for Android and iPhone.

  • Download Signal For Android                                                                                   
  • Download Signal For iPhone


Line is a freeware app for instant communications over devices like smartphones, computers, tablets and many more. You can download this app for free from your respective app store and send texts, images, video and audio over it. Line now allows you to conduct free VoIP conversations and video conferences using your data. Though this app is free but still it allows you to make international calls to mobile and landline numbers by paying a small amount. Line is one of the most popular instant messaging app in Japan and more than 600 million users are using it all over the world. Line is one of the best Android messaging apps and for iPhone as well. If you want to do message apps download then you can consider using this app.

  • Download Line For Android                                                                                          
  • Download Line For iPhone

Final Words:

Messaging is one of the most popular thing which every smartphone user do to pass their time. It also saves your money as you don’t want to spend time on talking over the phone. Above mentioned messaging apps are best messaging app for Android and iPhone and you can download them to have best messaging experience on your smartphones. Do note that there are many similar apps available over the internet but still above mentioned apps are best Android messaging apps and best iPhone messaging apps. It doesn’t matter what Android or iOS version you are using, you can always use them on your phones to chat with anyone you want. This list have some top instant messaging apps for iPhone so you can have live conversation with anyone you want. There might be some more good messaging apps on Android available out there and if you have used any then do let us know about them via comments below so we can add them to this list.

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