Top 20 Best Coke And Popcorn Alternatives To Stream Movies, TV Series

Are you spending leisure time at your home or spending holidays free from everyday busy work? And you have got nothing to do except to just sit idle at your home. And in that case, we have some idea for you to kill boredom and you will never get bored. We are going to introduce to you a list Top Best Coke and Popcorn Alternatives to watch free movies online for your PC. When you start to visit these sites and stream your favorite TV Shows and movies you can skip watching TV series online with best free TV streaming sites . Say goodbye to the old days when you used to keep waiting for the time to watch your favorite TV Shows on TV.

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But now by streaming videos you can watch it anytime and any moment you want. Watching videos online has become a trend in this current generation as it allows you to watch any videos instantly. And if you are one of the regular and active user of coke and popcorn website there is sad news for you. Unfortunately the website has stopped working due to some reason. As a replacement, you can try out these alternative website that is similar to coke and popcorn website that allows you to stream videos online.

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List of Top 20 Best Coke And Popcorn Alternatives To Stream Movies & TV Shows Free:

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1: Popcorn Flix

Popcorn Flix deserves the top list among the best coke and popcorn alternatives to stream Movies & TV. It is perhaps one of the best website to watch online TV Shows and Movies at any moment you want. The categories of the videos into the website are divided into Movies, TV Serials and Directory. And to make a quick and easy search enter the name of the Movie or TV Series. Choose any genre of videos to stream of your choice and watch as much as you can, as there is no limitation set to stream online videos at Popcorn Flix.

2: Bigstar Movies

BigStar Movies features all categories of movies and that includes award winning videos, action and adventure packed videos. Check on the most popular and recently added videos showing on the website. Search and pick any of the episodes of the TV Shows and watch it online for free. It is perhaps one of the best alternative website to Coke and Popcorn available till date.

3: Yidio is the best website to watch your favorite TV Shows or movies by streaming them online. You can browse the list of TV Serials and also watch the Live TV streaming for free. Never miss out even a single episode that is released and watch it by visiting on this website. Also, check on the news on the latest movies or any other news that is based on the TV Serials or actors of Hollywood movies.

4: Solarmovie

Solarmovie is a best pick as an alternative website of coke and popcorn to stream movies and TV Shows. The design of the web page is simple and well maintained. The videos categories are well arranged set by its genre, year, IMDb rated videos.And to perform search of the video file to stream online you can use the search engine. Never miss out any new movies that are newly released or watch the latest episodes of any TV Serials.

5: Tubi TV

Tubi TV is wonder full website to watch movies and TV series from long time. In the website of Tubi TV you can find movies, TV Shows and lots more in one single website. Check on the list of movies and the latest episodes of TV series and stream it to watch online. To start enjoying the services of the website you don’t have to make any subscription and watch unlimited videos. You can also stream videos of Tubi TV on your smartphone devices by downloading its app.

6: allows you to watch unlimited videos of different genre of movies for free. Check on what is popular this week, new releases, trending TV and IMDB Top Rated videos, etc. Apart from movies you can also watch any of your favorite TV Shows at any time. This website also provides the description of each movie or shows too. Not only that you can also check on the trailer of the movies that will help you making decision whether to stream the videos or not.

7: Niter Movies

Niter Movies is one of my favorite website as a popcorn and coke alternatives. Do you have a desire to watch movies online them you must visit the website Niter Movies. It is a website that gives you the access to watch videos by streaming online. And that includes action, animation, comedy movies and TV Serials too. Search for the videos as they arranged by its year and watch it online at high quality videos. Also check on the trailers and list of upcoming movies that is about to get released.

8: Crackle

Crackle is an alternative website to coke and popcorn to watch videos online. This site provides the users free streaming services to watch TV serials and movies at any moment. Visit this website to watch your favorite videos and register for free to start using it. The video libraries into the website are well-arranged and arranged by its genre wise.

9: TV Series

TV Series Net is an excellent online streaming website where you get to watch latest updated movies. And also check on the latest TV Shows and watch each episode at any moment you want. Each video are uploaded in to high-picture quality and enable to you smooth streaming services. Enjoy the online video steaming services by visiting the website and create your free account today.


Viewster is one of the few website that provides anime streaming videos. It has vast categories of videos available to watch online that includes kid, classic, rock, etc. There is subscription requires to enjoy the services of viewster, it is completely free to stream videos in this site. Here you can share your creative ideas based on movies or any content that is entertaining.

11: Crunchyroll

Crunchyroll is the worlds best website to stream Japanese anime and any Asian contents. this is one of the best place to watch anime online. Here you can watch over 25,000 episodes of videos of anime series and lots more. Check on the list of the shows that is available in the website and stream them in high-quality videos. The most interesting thing about this website is that it allows you to read manga and news related to anime and much more. Never miss out to read any manga keep on visiting this site.

12: Hulu

Hulu is among the rare website that allows you to watch sports online, TV Shows and movies at the same time. Here you also get to watch live streaming TV. And Hulu offers a several list of channels for your entertainment. It is the best option to replace coke and popcorn website in your computer.  To start enjoying and getting the streaming services of Hulu, you have to make a monthly subscription of $5.99.

13: Vudu

Vudu website gives you the access to enjoy streaming movies and TV. It is totally free to watch the videos contents that are available in to this site. It is always updated with the latest movies and TV serials. Check on the recently added videos and lots more popular videos of Hollywood movies. Enjoy the services of Vudu by signing up into the website and start streaming your favorite videos.

14: Cartoon Crazy Net

Cartoon Crazy Net i another famous name for alternatives of coke and popcorn as well as free movie streaming site. Visit the website of cartoon crazy net and get the access to watch cartoon online anime in high-quality. It has over 25000 anime or cartoon videos that are dubbed into English language. The video library is updated with the latest episodes or videos of the anime shows or movies that are released. Watch animation or anime videos like anything and enjoy the streaming services for free.

15: Movie Zion

Movie Zion is free video streaming website that has a collection of over 37902 movies. Watch the recently arrived HD movies into the site without signing up. Check on the best movies of 2016 and top 200 of all time. Also watch the trailers of the movies before you pick any movie and decide whether to watch the movie or not. Movie Zion is also available in the form of Android app and letting you enjoy the service on your phone.


 16: Netflix

Netflix is one of the excellent and most trending website into the list of any stream movies & TV shows sites. It allows you to watch unlimited videos of any TV Series and movies on each subscription. On the first month of the subscription you will get to enjoy the services for a period of one month. Keep on discovering the latest episode of TV Series as the website keeps its video library updated.

17: Snag Films

Snag Films is the right choice for you to stream classic movies and it offers old collection of TV shows. Enjoy the video streaming by registering an account into the website of snag films. Here you will get to watch movies that you have not seen before and anywhere else. The website has a video collection of more than 10,000 movies, and you can perform video searches easily with the search engine. Search movie sort by its popularity, latest movies or most watched, etc.

18: Classic Cinema Online

Classic Cinema Online is a Classic Name in Coke and popcorn alternatives list. The website classic cinema online is one of the rare website that has a collection of old movies. It has a huge collection of movies categorized as movie billboards, serials and silent films. Here you can watch movies or TV serials of different genre. The design of the website is very simple and is well-arranged. It allows you to stream any videos in to high-quality.

19: Top Documentary Films

Top Documentary Films is top website for documentary movies and that’s why this site got the place in list of cock and popcorn alternatives. Since the year 2017, Top Documentary Films website is uploading several collections of documentary movies. Into the website until now more than 3000 documentary filmed movie videos is already published. Subscribe into the website to get the notification of the movies that is been added into it. And the videos into the site are arranged accordingly sort by its category and genre wise.

20: Kiss Anime

Kiss Anime is a must visit website for those who love to watch anime all the time. To watch one of your favorite episodes of anime or animation movies you must pick this site. Not only that read manga on kiss anime and send a movie request if you are not able to find out any. Never miss out the any single episode of anime that is released and read novel as well.


We have covered all the information in details of the Top 20 Best Coke and Popcorn Alternatives to Stream Movies & TV Shows. Now even you can watch movies and TV Series without download on your computer watching videos is possible online. All you have to do is visit any of this listed website as suggested and all the website works very well. Enjoy the excellent services of videos streaming and collection of videos that these alternative website offers.

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