Top 10 Most Disliked Videos on YouTube 2018 YouTube Video

YouTube is undoubtedly the greatest video streaming sites in the world. along with others video here also you can watch free movies online without downloading, this is also a free TV streaming site, even here you can watch sports online, YouTube is also famous as a free cartoon streaming site. And when it comes to uploading videos on YouTube, one would like to upload their daily blog video or new music video or any other video that would help you get more views and likes. But YouTube isn’t just famous for their Billion views YouTube video with millions of likes but there is more to YouTube then likes.

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There are a lot of videos on YouTube that has millions of dislikes that made these videos really well known. when some videos are very famous for most like and share, in same time there are lots of videos got popularity because of got the most number of dislike. So, if you are interested about watching a few funny, mind boggling and made angry videos on YouTube that has more dislikes then likes then here is a long list of top 10 most disliked videos on YouTube.

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Summary of Most Disliked Videos on YouTube Video:

01.Baby By Justin Bieber Featuring Ludacris
02.It’s Everyday Bro By Jake Paul Featuring Team 10
03.Call of Duty Infinity Warfare Reveal Trailer
04.Can this Video get 1 Million Dislikes“?” By PewDiePie
05."Friday” By Rebecca Black
06.How It Is By BibisBeautyPlace
07.Cortando O Botao Do YouTube By Aruan Felix
08.Fifa Strip By Kid Bengala
09.GhostBusters Official Trailer By Sony Pictures Entertainment
10.Getting Started With YouTube Heroes By YouTube Help

List of Top 10 Most Disliked YouTube Video, Ricegum:

This list of videos will have a lot of views but really less likes but with a lot of dislikes which will really astonish you. So get ready to get your mind turned upside down as you will see few of the most known You Tubers & well known people with video that earned them a lot of fame but with many dislikes.

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Baby By Justin Bieber Featuring Ludacris:

Justin Bieber entered the world of fame with his first successful video launch “Baby” by Justin Bieber Featuring Ludacris on 19th February 2010. Yes indeed Baby had a successful launch but soon rumors soon started spreading about how badly viewers were disliking the video. Till date Baby video has the most dislikes among st all the videos available on YouTube. With over 1,741,350,508 views, the video has over 7 million likes which sounds really great but what about the dislikes?

                                   Click Here to Watch Baby By Justin Bieber Featuring Ludacris

Well, with over 8 Million dislikes, Baby is the most disliked videos on YouTube till date. Not just that, the video has over 4 million comments with most being negative towards Justin Bieber, this video has attracted the eyes of many viewers who still keeps disliking the video.

“It’s Everyday Bro” By Jake Paul Featuring Team 10:

Why would one make a music video that would lead to your earn dislikes only? Well, when it comes to getting famous on YouTube then you would upload anything, even things that you would hear just once and leave a dislike. And this is what Jake Paul’s music video is all about, the video is about criticizing others while bragging about what he did and how far he made it.

                Click Here to Watch the Video:“It’s Everyday Bro” By Jake Paul Featuring Team 10

It’s not how far Jake Paul made it but how he made it look in front of others in the music video.People in the comment section has also criticized about the music video a lot. So how many like and dislikes did Jake Paul’s It’s Everyday Bro music video made it? With over 147,729,089 views the video has earned over 2 million likes and 2 million dislikes. And this brings this music video to the 4th position in this list.

Call of Duty Infinity Warfare Reveal Trailer By Call of Duty:

If you are a gamer then you must have already heard about this Call of Duty epic fail. The trailer of Call of Duty Infinity Warfare Reveal Trailer isn’t the only thing that made gamer’s and viewers get nuts but it was the game play that made the trailer video so bad. As a gamer myself, I could notice the lack of graphics, game play & even the Physics which looks straight out of Halo and is a heart breaker for gamer.


             Click to Watch the Video: Call of Duty Infinity Warfare Reveal Trailer By Call of Duty

What made this trailer even more worse is the facts that, gamer’s has been waiting for as long as 2 years for a new Call Of Duty game and then Activation offered everyone with this trailer video. With over 39,469,713 views the video has 582K likes and an astonishing over 3 million dislikes. And if you look at the views and compare the likes to dislikes ratio then one can see easily that it is really one of the most disliked gaming videos on YouTube.

“Can this Video get 1 Million Dislikes?” By PewDiePie:

For those who don’t know PewDiePie, he is a YouTube channel owner. He is the largest YouTube on YouTube with over 57 million subscribers. He started off the video discussing about how great this channel is running with likes &subscribers. But soon started talking about the most record videos on YouTube which had millions of dislikes yet they were such famous videos. Then he asked for the unasked question that any YouTube would hate.

        Click Here to Watch the Video: “Can this Video get 1 Million Dislikes?” By PewDiePie

Can This Video get 1 Million Dislikes? And after saying so he started doing crazy things in the video itself which he claimed to help him earn 1 million dislikes. Now, till date the video has 11,770,437 view and 208K likes. And did this wish came true to get 1 million dislikes? Well he got 3 times what he asked for, with over 3 million dislikes, this video by PewDiePie has reached the 3rd position in our list of most disliked YouTube videos.

“Friday” By Rebecca Black:

When a great music comes across with a singer with annoying voice and the worst lyrics this is where you get the “Friday” music video by Rebecca Black.  This is all about teen Adeline rush video where the lyrics makes no sense. You can clearly see that the video has been created using a meme about the days of week. Her next song is called Saturday and more songs which are the same.

                                       Click Here to Watch the Video: “Friday” By Rebecca Black

Out of all her songs the “Friday” songs received a lot of dislike. The Friday song by Rebecca Black received 114,186,376 view with 744 likes and 2 million dislikes.

How It Is By BibisBeautyPlace:

A song that has been turned into a troll music video. How it is by BibisBeautyPlace Wap bap is a kindergarten song from Russia this music video has turn it into something that is really not worth singling at all.

                                Click Here to Watch the Video: How It Is By BibisBeautyPlace

The video song received over 47,433,258 views with 395k likes and over 2 million dislikes. This brings this video to our list of top 10 most disliked videos on YouTube.

Cortando O Botao Do YouTube By Aruan Felix:

What would you do if you had 100K subscribers and you just received your silver play button? Well you would never do what happened in Cortando O Botao. He simply broke the whole thing and made a video out of it with his friends. When he couldn’t break it by hands, he used a cutting tool.

                     Click Here to Watch the Video:  Cortando O Botao Do YouTube ByAruan Felix

This video really made many You Tubers as well as the viewers angry this made the video receive a 25,121,960 views with 769K likes and over 2 millions dislikes.

Fifa Strip By Kid Bengala:

This is a funny video that turned weird as the video continued. This is all about males stripping which no one would like to watch. Thought at the end of the video the uploaded requested for 1 million dislikes but he only received 745K dislikes which was already high enough to bring this video on our list of most disliked YouTube videos.

                                        Click Here to Watch Video:Fifa Strip” By Kid Bengala

“GhostBusters Official Trailer” By Sony Pictures Entertainment:

Nothing can make one angrier when you watch your kid time favorite show turned into a funny movie with no meaning and even with low budget. This is what actually happened with the Ghost Busters movie official trailer.

              Click Here to Watch: “GhostBusters Official Trailer” By Sony Pictures Entertainment

The movie was never a hit and the trailer itself was a joke. The trailer received 43,823,300 views with 300K likes and 1 Million dislikes. So from the trailer itself you can understand how the movie would be.

“Getting Started With YouTube Heroes” By YouTube Help:

Last but not the least, a video by YouTube itself. I suggest you watch the video itself to understand why the video received 995K dislikes with only 31k likes.

                    Click Here to Watch the Video:  “Getting Started With YouTube Heroes” By YouTube Help


So, there you have it, these were the Top 10 Most Disliked Videos on YouTube that would leave you speechless. Hope you liked this list and now you can share this list with your friends as well & have a laugh together. If any video comes up with more dislikes then we will update this list so you can enjoy some ridiculous and funny top disliked videos on YouTube. if you found this post helpful then along with share it also you can give us your valuable comment bellow, so that we can give you our best.

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