How To Fix Google Maps Not Working Properly On Android & iPhone 2020

In this digital era almost everyone is using digital gadgets to do their work. These days everything can be done over the internet. From paying bills to ordering food, and from watching free movies online to reading books you can do everything online. Before some time lifestyle of people were little bit different and people need to do every work separately, but now a single mobile device can do all of the work. Mobile devices are not just for communication, but they can do a lot more and now people are using them to travel all over the world. The problem which every traveler faces is unknown routes of the city they are travelling too. To solve this problem tech giant Google came up with an app called Google Maps in 2005. You might have heard about Google Maps before, and if you haven’t used this app till now then you should try using it once.

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Google Maps is not just a navigation app but it also offers satellite imagery, street maps, 360° panoramic views of streets (Street View), real-time traffic conditions (Google Traffic), and route planning for traveling by foot, car, bicycle (in beta), or public transportation. If you are visiting a new place and don’t know about it, then you can open Google Maps to find whatever you want and then you can get best and shortest route to your destination. The most amazing thing about Google Maps is that it is completely free and it can be used in any kind of mobile device. Now a days almost all phones comes with Google Maps installed in them and it is also default navigation app in most of the mobile devices.

Though Google Maps doesn’t need high end device and you can use it even in slow internet connection. Sometimes this app may misbehave and it’s not easy to fix it as Google Maps can’t be uninstalled. We have seen many people out there are searching for how to fix Google Maps is not working error so we thought to post about it on this blog. If you are also getting “Google Maps Is Not Working” error on your device, then you have landed on the correct page. Below you can find step by step guide to fix Google Maps not working on Android and iPhone. So, let’s get started.

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Best Way To Fixed ‘Google Maps Not Working’ Error Problem on Android & iPhone:

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Before you move on to the solutions to fix Google Maps is not working error, you must know about the reasons behind this problem. Though issues can differ from device to device and from Android version but still there are some common reasons among them. Below we are listing down some of the reasons behind unfortunately maps has stopped working error on Android devices.

  1. Application crashes.
  2. Software related issues.
  3. Outdated version of Google Maps.
  4. Device Cache memory full.

Restart Your Device –

If you are looking for how to fix Google Maps is not working, then solution can be simple. Before doing or changing any setting of your device make sure to try restarting it. Well, restarting is not only helpful when Google Maps is not working but you can also fix many more problems with it. If you are having no network or no data issues, then also you can try restarting your device. Most of the time your Google Maps is not working in Android problem will get solved just by restarting.

Update Google Maps App –

If you haven’t updated the Google Maps app from quite long time, then it’s time for you to do so. If you are getting some errors like Google Maps not navigating or not working then you might need to update the Google Maps app to latest version. Open Settings of your device and uninstall the Google Maps app you are using. Now visit Google Play Store and search for Google Maps there and install it. You can try opening the app now and check if it is working for you now or not, if not then you can try the other methods mentioned below.

Clear Cache of Google Maps –

Whenever you use any app it begins to save data of the usage on your device memory. If you have used Google Maps before then some of its data is saved in your device which might be interfering your app now. So it’s time to clean that Google Maps cache from your device. If you are getting Google Maps navigation not moving or Google Maps not showing up kind of error, then this method will work for you for sure.

First of all open your phone Settings then scroll down and open Apps or Applications. Tap on All to show all installed apps of your device, then scroll down and find Google Maps app. Tap on the Google Maps app and then click on Clear Data and Clear Cache.

Like This: Go to “Phone Settings” > Scroll it down and select the “Apps” > “All” > “Google Maps or Maps” > “Clear Data and Clear Cache Memory“

Factory Reset The Device –

If none of the above mentioned method worked for you to fix Google Maps is not working error then you are left with nothing but resetting your device. Do note that this option will erase everything on your device which you have downloaded or purchased, so make sure you backup everything before resetting your device. It is very easy to reset a device and it can be easily done from Settings menu. Still if you don’t know about it, then you can navigate to Settings of your device, then open Personal Settings, or you can find Backup and Reset option right in the Settings menu. Click on Factory Data Reset and then click on Reset Phone. Lastly, you will have to click on Erase Everything and wait for the process to finish. Once done, just restart your device and check if Maps is working or not.

Way To Fix Google Maps Not Working In iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch:

Reset Network Settings –

Google Maps works only with good network so if you are the one who is facing Google Maps is not working in iPhone error then you can try resetting your network settings. It is easy to reset network settings in iPhone, but if still need help then you can follow the below steps.

First of all open Settings of your device and then click on General. Now scroll down and click on Reset button. A new page with all settings that you can reset will appear. Do note that you should be cautious while using any of the options of this page, so just click on Network Settings and it will reset your device network settings. Moreover you can also tap on Reset Location & Privacy option to reset those settings.

Turn On Location –

If your device location is turned off then you will need to enable it to make Google Maps work on your iPhone. You can visit your device settings to enable location services. Apart from this you should also check location permissions to check if Google Maps is allowed to access your location or not. This is a working Google Maps not working iPhone solution and you can try this too. To check permissions open Settings of your device, then scroll down and click on Privacy. On the top of the list you can see Location Services option, just open it. Now find Google Maps in the list and check if it is allowed to access your location or not. If not, then you should enable it to make Google Maps work in your iPhone.

Update Your Software –

Lastly, if you have an update pending your iPhone, then you can update your device software to make Google Maps work. We have seen many people searching for how to fix Google Maps is not working error in iPhone and this solution worked for most of them. iOS 9.3 said to have a major bug in GPS so you might need to update your software. To do this just open Settings of your device, then open General. Now scroll down and click on Software Update.

Final Words:

Google Maps is definitely one of the best navigation apps available right now and you can use it on any device you want. Though it is very easy to use Google Maps but sometimes this may misbehave and won’t even open. In that case you might get Google Maps is not working in iPhone error or in Android too. This is the only problem you can face with this app and the fault is not of Google Maps, but of external factors. This is why most of the maps users often look for how to fix Google Maps is not working. You can find working methods to fix Google Maps is not working in Android or iPhone above. There are many other problems you might face with Google Maps and it could be Google Maps navigation not moving or even Google Maps not showing up. Even in that case you can follow the methods mentioned above to fix them. If you are facing any problems with the steps above or you know about some more methods to fix Google Maps is not working error then you can let us know about them via comments below.

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