Top 40 Best Free Movies Streaming Sites to Watch Movies Online 2018

Watching movies is preferably one of the mostly chosen way to kill time. Be it you are at home or outside, you can grab a packet of popcorn and putt it in the microwave and start off a movie right at home. Or if you are outing you can book a ticket online and go to the theater to enjoy your favorite movie or a decent movie just to kill some time. Watching movies is defiantly a great way to waste some time and enjoy wasting it. And what can make your movie watching experience is defiantly with your friends or loved ones. But today’s topic is especially about people who wants to watch movie when they want to and where they want to any time. There are a lot of ways you can enjoy a watching a movie also you can watch series online, for example most of the people like to do free movie downloads and store them in their device and watch them later. But what would you do if you just forgot to get a new movie and you are bored sitting somewhere.

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If that’s the problem that you are always facing then I have the perfect solution for you. How about streaming sites? You might have already stream videos on YouTube or somewhere else. So today we share Top Best Online Free Movie Streaming Sites without registration or without any sign up and whenever you want to. Yes, there are a lot of ways to enjoy downloading videos and movies but streaming movie when you want to helps you choose from the latest movies that you might want to watch right now when you want to.

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So if you are searching for the best movie streaming sites that can offer you with streaming the latest and the best movies for free then you are at the right place. Because today we talking about top 40 best movies streaming sites to watch movies online free. Without further delay let us go through our list of movie streaming sites of 2018.

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Summary of Best Free Movie Streaming Sites to Watch Movies Online No Signup:

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03.Snag Films
06.Popcorn Flix
07.Yes movies
11.The Internet Archive
13.Classic Cinema Online
15.Hot Star
17.Cosmo Tube
18.Movie Watcher
20.Fan Stash TV
21.Movies Co
22.Watch Movies Free
24.Solar Movies
27.New Movies Online
30.CMovies HD
31.See HD
35.My Download Tube
36.Wolow Tube
37.Movies Planet
38Box TV
39.M4U Free TV

List of 40 Best Free Movie Streaming Sites No Registration To Watch Free Movies Online Without Downloading:

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Tubi TV

First on our list is the Tubi TV which is definitely one of the best place to watch movies, TV shows and much more. TubiTV offers with movies that are latest in the movie industry, starting right from the best to even movies that you might want to watch. With TubiTV you are surly not going to miss out on any latest movies as the user interface is really simple and great for new visitors. You can search for new movies, latest TV shows based on genre, name, alphabet and more. Streaming is just the basis where you can stream movies in 360p, 480p, 720p and 1080p. But if you want to stream or watch in 4K you might want to download the movies which TubiTV also allows you to do.

BMovies is a new name but before that it was very popular name now it’s change to, This is one of my personal favorite places to stream movies online. With this website you will never need to worry about the quality of movie that you want to stream. As soon as a better quality of any movie is available in the internet, Bmovies is the first place where you can get it. Not just movies, if you are into watching HD content of TV series like Flash, Game of Throes, Arrow, The walking dead and many more, you can head over to the BMovies official site to watch your favorite TV series. And if you want to download any of the movies without streaming, Bmvoies also allows you to do so. There you have it, this site offers you to do what you want be it stream or download to visit right now to watch all latest and old movies watch together in one place without downloading.

Snag Films

Snag Films is a great place to stream movies online. The best things about Snag Films site is that you can get every single thing organised. There are a lot of categories of movies to choose from like Award Winner, Classic Movies, Festival Favorites, Politics, sports, music, art & culture etc. So, no matter what type of movies your want to watch or what mood you are in, Snag Films will always have something special for you. Enjoy streaming movies from a list of unlimited movies and you can even search for any specific movie that you want to watch. The only thing that you need to keep in mind is that, unless any movie is available in HD or good quality you won’t find it on Snag Films. So if you are more of quality movie viewer than Snag Films is for you.


Xmovies8 is also yet another great place for watching movies & TV series. You can select from a huge category of movies like cinema movie’s, recently added, new release etc. which also includes genre like Thriller, action, adventure, sports, crime, romance, Western, Desi, Historical, Asian Drama Mystery and many more. If you want to select movies from the region you live in (country based) then you can also do that as Xmovies8 offers with 21 different country based movie selection which makes movie searching easier. Select from which year you want to watch a movie. If you are anime, cartoon movies viewer then embrace this site as they offer with some of the best anime and cartoon movies which includes, Dragon Ball, Naruto, Bleach and many more.

Know More About Online Movies Streaming Sites in 2018:


Coming to the list of top 5 in this list of top best movies streaming sites to watch movies online free is the GoMovies. GoMovies offers with all the genre to select movies from as well as you can create any custom search with adding different genre together. Streaming movies and TV shows on GoMovies is quite easy as all you need to do is select from different serves which suits your internet connection the best and play the movie. You can also subscribe to GoMovies to get latest updates on the latest movies.

Popcorn Flix

Popcorn Flix is yet another movie streaming site that offers you to stream as well as to download movies if you want to. Popcorn Flix offer with many genre of movies to choose from as well as TV shows with latest episodes. There are many premium version of movies which are available on other website for monthly subscription but Popcorn flix offer them for free. So if you want to enjoy watching premium movies then you should definitely choose Popcorn flix.


Yes movies is yet another great site to watch movies online. There are a lot of languages that you can choose from as well as you will be updated with the latest movies that has been uploaded on the site along with their quality if you want to watch any movie. You can sort and watch movies from different section like featured movies, Top today and top imdb. This selection list will offer you with the latest and the best movies. Login into Yes and register to save movies as watch later and rated them as you want to. Yes is definitely a site that you might want to visit if you are into streaming movies online.


123movies is a great site to provide with any movie that you might want to stream. Choose from the latest movie updates to the tops viewed today and many other section to choose from like top rating movies and most popular. With 123movies you won’t just be able to watch movies but you will also be able to stream TV shows and series. So if you are into watching movies as well into watching TV shows hen this site can be perfect for you.


If you are into streaming premium contents that aren’t released on many other movie streaming sites then Viewster is what you need. Viewster is a movie streaming site that is originated in Switzerland so you can view a lot of classical and other movies that you might not find on any other site. So if you want to watch something different then Viewster can be your first choice. Not just classical movies but you can also watch anime movies for free at the time. Though Viewster offers premium movies for free you can be sure to stream all the movies you want for free and in legal way. So unlike any torrent use, Viewster can offer you with premium content for free in legal way.


This brings us to the top 10 on this list of top best movies streaming sites to watch movies online free which is This site may sound like any other website that would offer you watch only anime and cartoon but recently the site has been updated with many movies. This recent change has definitely made this site one fo the best movie streaming site.  The site doesn’t only offers huge collection of movies of many genre but also offers you to watch TV shows and more.

The Internet Archive

Next on this list is the “Internet Archive” and as you may already know this is public domain server that allows anyone to download, stream and watch movies, TV shows, series and much more. The best thing about this site is the community where you can view and discuss about any movie that you might be thinking to watch and know whether it is worth watching or not. There are huge collection of free movies, Indian movies and videos so you won’t get back empty handed after visiting the site.


Well who would forget one of the best video streaming sites of all time. YouTube offers views with a wide variety of videos which makes this the largest video based website in the world. And YouTube doesn’t allow you to stream videos and blogs but also lets you watch and stream movies. There are many movies that are offered for free as well as paid movies, but if you wish to watch any movie’s for free you can do it easily right here.

Classic Cinema Online

If you finding it hard to get classical movies to watch for free then Classic Cinema Online is what you need to site. This is one of the best sites that offers you to stream and even download many classical movies for free. You will no longer need to buy old CDS and DVD to watch some amazing classical movies as you can simply visit the Classic Cinema Online to watch from a huge collection of classical movies of all time.


Vimeo is a simple yet great source of streaming some movies online. So if you are into watching some great documentary movies of all time then Vimeo is a great place for you. Vimeo has some of the greatest award winning collection of movies that you will not find on any other site (well, torrent may have some) which you can watch on Vimeo for free. Want to spend an afternoon at home watching some great award winner documentary movies then Vimeo right now and watch movies for free. These documentary movies include genre like Arts & craft, Culture & tech, nature, people, sports and many more.

Hot Star

If you are from India then Hot Star may be the best choice for you. With the Hot Star site as well as the Hot Star app you can easily stream any movie that you want that is available on Hotstar. Except movies, you can stream many TV shows and Series that you might also want to watch in your free time. Hot star is a great place to watch live sports as well, so if you are looking for some place where you can watch your free movies, TV series, sports, and much more then as a Indian or in India hot star will be hot choice to watch different language movies with different genres.


YIFY is the top class movie streaming site you can come across. This site offers with all the latest movies you can think of. The only thing you have to consider is the movie is released in High quality like on 720P or 1080P. You can stream movies as well as TV series and shows and even download everything you need for free. This is my personal favorite movie streaming site that anyone can choose from. Loaded with features, YIFY is undoubtedly a great way to enjoy movies when you are out on stream it on HQ on your laptop or PC.

Cosmo Tube

Next on this list is the Cosmo Tube official site. The is a great site to watch movies online too and just like YIFY streaming site, here you will be able to get all the latest content as well as in great quality. If you can’t wait to watch any movie you can also get it on lower quality like theater record which is available right after a day of release of the movie. With Cosmo Tube, you will also be able to download movies for free if you want to. Along with all these features, this site also comes with ultra-high resolution image download for your desktop. Basically you can find a lot of entertainment stuff to download from along with fast streaming option if you have a slow internet connection.

Movie Watcher

Movie Watcher is a great site you are into streaming movies online for free. All the movies that are available here on this site is for free. If you are bored of watching movies on this site, you can easily switch to a TV show while you are downloading the movie in the background. More feature of this site include allowing you to download movies at high speed using a different server or simply by upgrading the server of your existing downloads.


With great contents comes great number of visitors. And the FUUGL is exactly what is supposed to be. If you are searching for a site to watch and stream movies online then your search ends here. Not only you will be able to stream from a lot of movies online but you will also be able to stream TV series and shows to choose from. The great features of this site doesn’t just end here, you can also choose multiple streams at once without needs to pause it. This is because you will be able to utilize all your bandwidth to great the most out of your internet speed. Note that for mobile data user, you will need to limit your data speed to avoid over using your daily data if your internet pack isn’t unlimited.

Fan Stash TV

this site was initially launched and had a great success for streaming TV shows and many premium series from Netflix. The series still exists and is ever increasing but now the site offers with free movies streaming as well. All the movies you will be able to get here will be of premium quality and you will also be able to stream and download. For all the new movie streaming site users, you will be able to easily stream though all the movies and even the TV shows as they offer great user interface. The site also offers multi language support, so you are not limited to only using English language.

Movies Co

Movies Co is a great site to stream movies online, you can choose to stream from the latest collection of movies. As well from older movies from 80’s as well. So, no matter what your taste in movies might be, you will be able to get all the movies you want right here. The site is also well designed so you can find as well as download all the movies you want for free.

Watch Movies Free

Next on of our list of this list of Top Best Online Free Movie Streaming Site is the Watch Movies Free site. This site has in detailed category of movies that you can choose to watch from. This includes custom search and genre to choose from. One of the best feature of this site is that you can customize your search by combining two or more genres together to find a unique movie to watch from.


Next on this list is the Vumoo official site which offers with streaming as well as downloading movies for free. On Vumoo you will be able to download and stream TV shows as well, this makes this site a really great one as you can switch to watching a series if you are bored of movies. There are over 60,000 different genres of movies to watch from so you will never have to worry about leaving the site empty handed.

Solar Movies

If you are new to streaming movies online then this is the site you would want to visit. The site is well built and designed for new user which makes it really simple to use. And what makes things even better is that the site offers with thousands of movies to watch from. Features like IMDB rating, comments, rating my watcher is what makes watching a movie even more fun.


IMDB is a well-known for rating movies but little did you know that the they also offer with movie streaming as well. IMDB is great place to stream movies as you will be able to see the rating of movies as well as comments on how the movie was even before watching it. IMDB has a lot of movies to choose from, starting from old movies to the latest once. The best thing about IMDB is their rating of upcoming movies that are accurate.


Putlocker is another site that will provide you with the premium and HD movies that you want to watch. The site has a huge library of movies and you will also be able download movies from here. It has a great user interface and there are quite a lot of categories that will let you choose or browse movies with ease. There are two ways to watch movies on this site. The first way is to register on the site and the other is without registration. Now, you might think that there are no differences here but actually there is. Those who are going to register here will be able to get regular updates on the movies that get updates on the site. Besides that if you want to share the movies on social media or any other platform than that is quite possible too. There is a list of country wise movies too that you can use to watch movies of that specific country. There are lots of TV series on this site too. Yes! You can just visit the TV series section of the site and check all the TV shows available on the site. And all the old TV series on the site gets regularly updated too. The best thing about this site is that there is a Night Mode that helps you watch movies at night.

New Movies Online

This is another site which provides you with quite a lot of new movies. And all new movies get updated on this site but it takes a bit of time as the upload movies when they are available in good quality only. The site is also categorized quite nicely as the all the categories are present on the home page of the site. It has a dark themed appearance which makes it look all the more premium and the finding movies here is quite easy too. You can just enter the name in the search bar of the movie or you can just search the movie by categories of the movie. If you find that to be hard then you can also search movies by the release year. There are two major categories Popular Movies and New Movies that makes your search all the more easier. After that the site also has quite a lot of TV shows and all the shows on the site get updated with new episodes regularly. It also gets updated with new TV shows. What else do you want from a site? Well, it also provides you with books too and you can read them online. And you might want to keep yourself updated news of new site; it has a blog too by visiting which you will be able to keep updating yourself.


Cmovies comes with quite a lot of new movies and features that are quite similar to other movies. After visiting the site if you look at the top right corner of the site then you will be able to see quite a few categories. Among those you can choose genre and there are a lots of sub-categories that will help you to stream the kind of movies that you want. The search bar of the site is located at the top left corner of the site and on the right middle of the site you will be able to see the platforms on which you will be able to share the movies that you want. The user interface of the site is very neat and clean and this makes it all the more easier to browse through this site. If you scroll down to the bottom of the site then you will be able to see a lot of other sites that are associated with this site. Along with movies there are TV Shows that you can stream and watch. New series and episode of old series are also available on this site. It’s free of any kind of registration or ads and this makes it all the more browse able.


Crackle is a premium movie streaming site that offers HD quality movies and that to for free. There are a quite a lot of movies on this sites that you can watch and if you have an IDM extension then you can download that too. You don’t need to register on this site but if you want then you can do that too. There are quite a few advantages of registering o this site too. Some of those are getting regular updates about the movies that get uploaded on this site. Now there are quite a lot of categories on this site and for that you just have to scroll down. And like that you will be able to watch movies according to you preferred genre. Apart from movies you will also be able to stream TV shows and there are quite a lot of TV shows available on this site. All new TV series also get uploaded on this site and so does all the old series. The user interface of this site is quite easy to browse through too. There are a few ads available on this site too but don’t worry as this won’t cause any sort of issue for you. The good thing is that there are no popup ads on the site and this makes it all the more better.


CMovies HD

As the name suggest that this site lets you stream movies in HD. This site has a huge a huge library of movies and along with that TV shows are also available on this site. You can also select movies after searching for them on IMDB. The categories provided on the site are quite nice and systematic. You can search via genre, country and year too. The user interface of this site too smooth and the unavailability of popup ads also makes this way easier to browse this site. The dark themed background of the sites provides a soothing view for the eyes at night.  A search bas has also been provided to facilitates your search. We would suggest that you browse and check all the aspect of this site as there are quite a lot of movies and categories on the site. Coming to the TV series, it gets updated with quite a lot of new episodes and also all the old series get updated with new episodes. Another great feature of this site is that you don’t have to register or signup on this site to watch movies and this makes it all the more better and easy to browse through.

See HD

With a simple user Interface this site makes it quite easy for you to stream movies here. There are tons of movies available on this site and it’s quite easy to search for these movies here. What makes it easy is the nice categorization of the site. At the top of the site there are quite a few categories and these are Movies, TV Shows etc. The release of the a few upcoming movies are also been provided here. All new movies get updated on this site within a few days of getting released and that too in good quality. If you don’t believe us then you can just visit the site and check it out for yourself. There are no popup ads on this site but there are a few ads, the need for these ads is that they are need for the site to sustain itself. A DMCA/Legal notice has also been provided on the site to make it all the more legit. A contact option has also been provided on the site by visiting which you will be able to contact them if you face any issue with the site. If you are interested then you can also stream TV shows from the site as all new and old TV shows are available on this site.


This is another great site that will provide you with premium quality movies. Well, the site doesn’t look that good but we would suggest you not to ignore this site as it has a lot of good movies. A search has been provided that will help you to search for movies with ease. After that there are quite a lot of categories too which will also make your search all the more easier. The categories are right at the top of the site. This site will also provide you with the latest TV Shows and episodes of TV Shows. Apart from all these there are News too, with which you can keep yourself updated with. On the right hand side of the category bar you will be able to spot a Schedule tab; this tab will provide you with all the schedules of the TV shows of that week. Another thing that you will love about this site is that there is Login tab. Now, there is a benefit, the benefit is that you can both register on this site and get regular updates and you can also stream movies without that too. The search bar is quite interesting too as you can select the category that you want to search. If you scroll down you will be able to find quite a lot of suggestions.


Right after you visit this site you might tend to move away from this site. But our suggestion would be that you stick to this site and browse through it for a while. The reason because of which you want to leave this site is that there is the big login option that has been provided above. Actually, you can stream movies without registering on this site too but registering on this site has quite a few be befits too. Whenever a new movie gets uploaded on the site then you will be notified about that. Lots of movies get uploaded on the site every day. So be ready to receive a lot of notifications. TV shows are also available on this site and all new episodes of the old TV shows are also available on this site. The user interface of the PrimeWire is quite good too and you will be browse through this quite easily. On the bottom right hand side of the site you will be able to view the reviews of people about the new movies that get recently released and also of the movies available on the site. One other thing that you are going to love about this site is that listening to music. Yes, you can listen to music on this site too. We suggest that you surf a while after visiting the site.


Fmovies is one of the most popular sites that have been provided on this list. Just at the top of the site you will be able to view all the categories. These will help you in finding the movie that you want very easily. Now, you would also be able to stream based on the country. By this we mean that if are interested in the movies of a certain country then you can search for that and watch accordingly. If you are interested in a movie and that is not available on the site, then you can request for that movie too. But there is a condition for that and it is that you need to register in the site. There are quite a lot of TV shows available on the site too. You can simply visit the site and click on the TV Show category at the top of the site and check the TV shows that are available on the site. The user interface of the site very smooth too and there is no ads available here. If you want then you can filter and stream the movies that you are searching for.

My Download Tube

Most of the movie lovers quite familiar with this name, as no one can make a list of best free movie streaming and downloading site without it. Yes, this website is quite popular for free movie streaming with ease and downloads any available movies. My Download Tube let its user to download various movies in various available quality options. A user can download movies from its large movie database that includes many movies from action, comedy, Sci-Fi, horror, adventure, mystery, western, war, survival, animation, and much more. With a convenient search tool a user can easily find out his/her desired movies on the go. All recently released or aired movies are quickly updated to its Latest Movies library. So, you will never miss out any of the ON-Demand movies browsing through My Download Tube. Not just movies, but you can also watch popular TV series titles and games for downloading for your PC. Hence, the site always makes it name among the best entertainment and movie downloading website list. You should also watch movies online from this site and yes, you are always good to go downloading movies for free. You might see some pop-up ads while browsing or finding movies from the site but once you play an online movie, there are no ads in middle of your movies.

Wolow Tube

For best movie streaming site Wolow Tube another good name in this game. This website does have one of the best collections of movies that most popular movies, trending movies, top rated movies, most streamed movies and much more. To watch your favorite movies in your free time, you should be browsing this free online streaming website. Wolow Tube is very quick getting newly released movies. Watching here everything is free but you may require free registration. So, you will never miss out any trending movies visiting through this website. Some of the mmost popular even can be streamed in 4k from Wolow Tube and there are other FULLHD, HD and lower qualities that you can choose while streaming from it. Not just movie streaming online but it also lets you downloading movies. So, it is another great advantage to watch movies anytime anywhere on any dejvice without any internet connection. To find your favorite movie all you need is to punch movie name and your movie will right in the search list on the go. It brings almost needed feature for a movie lover and this is why you must bear this name while need for the best free movie streaming site.

Movies Planet

Movies Planet is another great destination for movie lovers, where you can get all type of movies to stream them for free. You will require free registration and you are good to good streaming online movies from this site. All available movies quality is quite decent and comes with many video streaming resolutions.  On its landing page, you will get popular movies menu, top viewed movies, and trending movies. So, it brings almost all type of movies that every movie lover should love to have. Movies Planet also well suited website making it convenient streaming movies from your Smartphone freely. Beside movies, you can stream top TV series title right from this website. All movie titles and TV episodes are embedded with IMDB rating to ensure you are watching a good rated movie or TV shows. Instant play feature shines here on this website, as just selecting your desired movie or TV shows, it immediately brings the player interface. Movies Planet doesn’t have has very minimal ads, which is again a good experience as one of the best movie streaming website for free. We can proudly recommend this website to watch movies without any monthly subscription. Movies Planet may be restricted in some countries but using VPN, you can avoid those regional regulations.

Box TV

This site is for Bollywood movie lover who want to stream Hindi movies for free. It has one of the biggest movie collections of Bollywood movies. Also, there are western movies also can be streamed from this website. This comes all type of movies from various categories that include action, adventure, horror, survival, animation, mystery, fantasy etc. movies. With its genres, you can browse through your desired movies from your favorite genre. The site is polished and well categorized that super pleasant to browse movies and locating your favorite movies.  It features an advanced search option, which makes real quick to find out your favorite movies. Another good thing is that Box Movie website doesn’t contain any ads or commercial pop-ups. Thus, streaming free movies can give you the best experience from your PC and Smartphone. If you want, you can even download movies from the site and can watch them any time anywhere, when there is no internet connection to watch online. For best movie streaming website, we can suggest this movie streaming website that doesn’t have any ads and offer quality movie content. So stream your favorite movies from this website in this weekend or in your free time and get out of boring periods.

M4U Free TV

We love this site that is super easy to watch movies on the go. It is probably to offer best online movie streaming being a free online streaming website. This website is like a search engine for its own movie database, as on its landing page, you can see a bog search bar. All you need to punch a movie name in the search bar and immediately you can find the movie that you are looking for. Just select you movie and instantly play movies online for free. It is a free movie streaming website with no ads, which is one of the most wanted features any movie streamer would like have on a free movie streaming website.  For streaming a movie, it shows up multiple servers that ensure movie streaming even if one server is not working. Do you watch TV shows? Then it is even another good destination for it. Yes, here on this site you can even search your favorite TV shows. To watch free movies online, you must bear this name while looking for simple online movie streaming portals. As mentioned, it does come with an intuitive search engine and selecting the movie, you will get several links to start a movie. So, watch your desire movies and TV shows on the go from this website without paying any monthly subscription fees.


Surprised? But yes, you can watch free movies from this website too. It might be a premium movie streaming website but without opting to its premium subscription, you will be able to watch all of its available movies. Without buying its premium service, all of its movie data is accessible. The only disadvantage is ads but not many. Still, it is good to watch movies free from its big database without paying any cost. You might be aware this site is well known among movie lovers. From it movie collection, you will get almost entire movie genres including actions, horror, adventure, history, war, survival, mystery, comedy, drama, family, fantasy, sci-fi and much more.  Being a reliable and premium movie streaming service, it all available movies are copyrighted. Unlike most, this site also does offer an advanced search option and movie browser, which is super useful finding the desired movies. So, to watch movies without any investment, Voeh should be in your mind. Not just movies and but all popular TV series could be streamed on Voeh free movie online streaming website.

Final Words:

So there you have it, these were the list of the top best movies streaming sites to watch movies online free. All these list of sites offers you to watch movies for free so you don’t have to worry about any subscription of anything else. Moreover that, few of the sites here also offers with premium movie contents that aren’t available on other sites too. With these list of sites you are surly going to have a great time streaming the movies online for free. Hope this list of the top 40 best movies streaming sites to watch movies online free has helped you to select form great quality and the latest movies every time. Enjoy.


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