Top 8+Best Free Music Download Apps For Android Phone 2018

Downloading song on an everyday basis is what we all tend to do nowadays. Songs & music turns out to be the best way to keep your time when you are traveling some where alone or even when you are with friend’s. Be it a long ride to unknown places or even when you are planning a party songs is something that you can’t miss out on. Even people also looking for some top best English songs to download and listen them. also there are lots of free music download sites to download any kind of music online. But how would you download all the songs you want from where you want to? Searching for songs on the search engine now often gives out results which either have a broken link or offer with many problems while downloading.

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Even when every single one of us owns a smartphone running on iOS or android we still find it difficult to download any songs and end up downloading or watching the music video which not only consumers more data but also which can’t be played every time on music player or on repeat. So how would you download any song that you want? Well that’s your question too then you have come to the right place. Because today I am going to talk about few of the best music download apps that are available for let’s  have a look at the best music download apps free for android.

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Best Free Music Downloader Apps For Android Phone to Download  Free Music:

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There are a lot of apps that can help you download your favorite music and songs online on your android device but you have to take a note which app you should use. We have provided with the list music download apps that works perfectly as well as which are free to use. So without further delay let us have a look at the list of our top best music download free apps for android with videos to know how to download those music download apps with step by step guide.

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Wynk Music

Wynk Music is undoubtedly the best app to download music and songs. You can either use the app itself to download the songs on the Wynk Music app or you can simply download the music and song into your mobile device. With Wynk Music for android you can simply type in the Artist name, song name or album name and find any song that you want to hear and download.  Stream from over millions of songs. The app itself is available on the Google Play store and only requires you to have an Android  4.0 version to run this app.


4Shared is also an excellent place to download your favorite songs for free. 4Shared was first launched as an online file storage place where you can store data and download them but now 4Shared has also launched their own music download app for free that is available for android users. So if you want a new and amazing music player as well as a music download apps for free.


Gaana is an Indian website that has millions of songs collection and with the launch of their official Gaana App now you can easily download any song you want from the app itself and play the songs from the Gaana app. So if you want to try out the all new Gaana app then go ahead and visit their official site for the latest app version.

SoundCloud- Music Downloader APP

SoundCloud as you know it is a great place for some custom music and songs from different people all around the world. SoundCloud has some of the greatest and the best collection of songs available on the internet for free and even for paid. So if you are into listening custom and new songs every time and want to give some unknown artists some time and appreciation the SoundCloud Music Downloader App is for you.

Tunee Music Downloader

If you want to enjoy some epic music then Tunee Music Downloader can be your perfect app. But note that the app has been  removed from eh Google Play store a while back so you will need to visit the official site download the app. Tunee Music Downloader has a lot of songs and music collection which you love to enjoy from.

MP3 Music Download Pro

Mp3 Music Download Pro is also a great app to download your favorite songs and music online from their official website server itself. So if you want to download your favorite songs using MP3 Music Download Pro then go ahead and give this app a try.

Napster Music App

Napster is a great music downloader as well a music player for those who are always on the run and enjoys any specific genre of songs at the same time. Like if you like listening to traveling songs when traveling, romantic songs when you are in romantic mood. The app basically offers with different categories of songs that you can listen to at a time.

Music MP3 download Free CopyLeft

When it comes to copy right free music and songs, an YouTube channel named “Neffex” is my first choice. And if you like the same you will defiantly love this app. This app offers you to download all the songs that are copy right free, so you can even use the songs as you need to without any credit. So if you love listening to some unique songs by different unknown artists then Music MP3 download Free CopyLeft is the app for you.

RockMyRun – Best Workout Player

RockMyRun is another awesome music downloading apps for android phone, to increase your motivation level. this app Not only will freshen up your mind, also it can help to get your body in shape. with millions of western songs This app offers an excellent collection of DJ-mixed playlists for workout soundtracks and more. also peoples can download songs for offline playback. it helps users to stay cherished with the music that makes your workout hours wonderful. What’s cooler than synchronizing your heart rate to filter a playlist that suits your workout’s state? The My Beat feature automatically creates a playlist to match your work style.


There you have it, these were the list of the best music download app free for android. With these apps, you can choose to directly download any song you want and when you want to. You won’t face any broken link issue or any copyright issue. With these apps you will also be able to download songs and music from places from where it isn’t allowed to download music and songs. So with these list of top best free music download apps for android that you can use to download your favorite music & songs from online. Hope this list of free music downloading apps for android will be helpful for you. If any of the sites doesn’t work then let us know in the comment section below and we will help you out by updating the list.

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