Top 110+ Most Used Internet Slang Words And It’s Full Form 2020

Internet Slang words are used widely in every social media platforms and even in casual chats. We interact with a lot of people offline as well as online every single day and we tend to have a good or a bad conversation. No matter that where the conversation goes, be it a stranger, acquaintance, friend, best friend or anyone else we use internet slang now and then to appreciate a good chat and also to not give a single beat about a useless chat. But if you are one of those who don’t know much about Internet Slang words and want to know about them then are at the right place.

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And if you are already using some of the trending internet slang but want to know more than here is the list of 110+ best internet slangs of all time. All these internet slang words can be used for a great chat or just to randomly ping a stranger. Here I will discuss about the Internet slang in detail which means you will have short term Internet slang abbreviation as well as along with the full meaning of the slang words.

So without further delay let us have a look at some of the best and mostly used internet slangs that you can use every single day online or offline in a casual text or also while having a conversation in real life face to face.

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  1. SUS:- SUS is a name for Suspect and this term is usually used on the internet to represent a shady or sketchy or person who can’t be trusted.
  2. Snatched:- Snatch is another name for Good looking and this term is usually used on the internet to represent something that you call in really life is on point.
  3. Hunty:- Hunty is another name for HONEY along with slang term C*nt and this term is usually used on the internet as a slang to represent friends or someone that is known.
  4. Sis:- Sis is an abbreviation that is similar to the term BRUH. IF you have been using BRUH somewhere in your text or anythere else you can also use the term SIS from now.
  5. Stan:- Stan is a famous interent slang that has been derived from Eminem’s famous song “STAN”. On the internet this term is used to describe a huge fan.
  6. AF:- This is a short form for As Fu*ck and this internet slang can be used in different terms according to your need.
  7. OTP:- Yes, OPT AKA One Time Password is also an internet slang and this term can be used to represent a perfect thing like a couple or something.
  8. Exta:- Exta is what Extra means exactly which means you are doing something more or you are trying really hard.
  9. DM:- DM or Direct Message means that someone si asking you to ping them on Twitter or Instagram.
  10. Ship:- Ship is just a abbreviation of indicating or telling 2 person to get into a relationship like Go sail a ship together.
  11. Bae:- Bae is the Abbreviation of BABE and you know well that it means, which you would call your partner.
  12. Suh:- This is a combination of 2 words here, these words are sup and huh. If you hear this , you should reply to what the other person si saying as they are already angry with you.
  13. RT:- ReTweet is the full form of RT.
  14. Sup:- SUP is another word for Whatsuppp….
  15. Trunt:- Trunt can be used to described something crazy and in occasion of party it means Drunk.
  16. Yass:- This is defiantly a YES but with a lot of happiness embedded, so smile and say YASS!!!
  17. Swag:- Swag is used a lot of times now and then which means Be
  18. YOLO:- Well it is true and so you should never miss a thing as You Only Lie Once.
  19. TBH:- This is a short form of To Be Honest so go ahead and tell the truth.
  20. IoNo:- I don’t know
  21. IDK:- I don’t Know as well
  22. GTFO:- This is a short form for Get The Fu*ck Off!!!
  23. RN:- If you want some thing done then do it RIGHT NOW is that it means.
  24. SNM:- When someone is explaining something and you already know what is going to happen then use SNM to mean Say No More.
  25. TTYL:- When you are busy reply with TTYL to say Talk To You Later in short.
  26. FAQ:- Frequently Asked Question, this is quite well known.
  27. JK:- Just Kidding ….But are you really 😀
  28. Baby Bump:- This is the little bump that appears when a women look noticeably pregnant.
  29. Ask Hole:- If you are called an Ask Hole then you are obviously asking ridiculous or nonsense questions.
  30. Badassery:- Call your work a Badassery if you have done something that is really hard to belive.
  31. Beleiber:- Well, I personally hate this as a abbreviation too, it means Justin fans.
  32. Baller:- Well if you are good in the field you are a Baller (not just paying filed if you know what I mean).
  33. Bitcoin:- Online Electronic Currency
  34. Beer Me:- Well, you can say this to some one who OWNS YOU A BEER TREAT as this means Please, get me a beer.
  35. Bitchy Resting Face (BRF):- Someone who is Hostile or judgemental by looks.
  36. Blamestorming:- finding the one who is really to be blamed.
  37. Boomerang Child:- A child who has run away from home yet returned again due to economic problems at home.
  38. Bromance:- Looks like, May be a romantically involved relationship or may be not between two heterosexual males.
  39. Bootylicious:- Well someone with a great Booty/A$$/hips …
  40. Bye Felicia:- this is a short way to say that you are leaving a room full of people who don’t care what others are doing.
  41. Cougar:- A woman who likes having relationship with younger males.
  42. C*nt Block:- Male Genitalia.
  43. Duck Face:- A trend where people sued to take photos while putting their lips together and pushing it out like duck.
  44. DAWG:- You can call someone DAWG when they are a really close friend to you.
  45. Dweet:- A tweet that you or someone did when they were drunk.
  46. Ego Surfing:- One who does believe other say and uses search engine to look for reference.
  47. F-Bomb:- You are dropping F-Bombs if you are using the word “Fu*k” too much.
  48. Friend Zone:- A relationship between two different or same gender where one doesn’t want other to be more then friends.
  49. Foodie:- One who loves food a lot.
  50. Grrrl:- A young lady who is independent, strong and all full of attitude towards this rough world.
  51. Girl Crush:- Term used to describe one girl having close admiration or adoration towards another girl.
  52. Hangry:- Well you know the meaning if you are Angry & Hunger together.
  53. Helicopter Parent:- Used to describe parents who always find an excuse to control their child’s movement be it for good or bad.
  54. Jail Bait:- Well, you are a Jail Bait if a attractive female who is under age want you to have sex and you being over age.
  55. KICKS:- Shoes Especially JORDAN’s
  56. LOL:- Laugh Out Loud
  57. LMFAO:- Laughing my Fu*kign A$& Off
  58. Make it Rain:- Throwing money like rain.
  59. Man Boobs:- A male who is obese and this makes his chest look like breast.
  60. Man Cave:- A room where males tends to drink, game and do all the guy stuff.
  61. MILF:- This is a great way to say “Mother I’d like to Fu*k…
  62. Netflix and Chill:- Well, lets Netflix and Chill? It means Netflix and Make out.
  63. NOM:- The sound that is created when eating.
  64. NSFW:-Not Safe for Work is a tag that comes with images and videos and content that are advised not be opened in public.
  65. OMG:- Oh My God!
  66. OMFG:- Oh My F*cking God!
  67. Phat:- this can be used for both male and female who are “Pretty Hot and Tempting”.
  68. Pregret:- The feeling that you come across that you will regret doing something yet you do it and regret it.
  69. Pwned:- You have Pwned someone when you have defeated someone badly in something.
  70. Quantum Physics:- things which looks mind boggling and untrue.
  71. Rocket Science:- Trying to explain or understand something that is hard to tell or understand.
  72. Said no one ever:- This can be used to express a statement that you agree or disagree that other have never said this.
  73. Salmon:- A complete opposite of Cougar where an Aged male likes to date young women.
  74. Selfie:- A pic taken by one self.
  75. Sext:- Texting about sex stuff.
  76. Snail Mail:- Slow mail, for postal service rather than email.
  77. Sweeeeet:- No matter how many “E”’s you use.
  78. That’s what she said:- This is said to express something that a girl said which is sexual most of the time.
  79. Twerk:- To move ones Buttock in motion.
  80. UPSkirt:- A video or photograph that has been taken from under a girls skirt when she isn’t or is wearing undies.
  81. Virgin Ears:- You can call anyone Virgin Ear who isn’t experienced with drugs, bad langue or anything 18+ negative.
  82. WOOOT! WOOOT!!!:- No matter how many time you say it.
  83. WTF:- What the Fu*k!!!
  84. WTFH:- What the Fu*king Hell!!!
  85. BRB:- You can say this to someone when you mean Be Right Back.
  86. BDW/BTW:- By the way
  87. G2G:- Got to go
  88. Hashtag:- To tag some on with #…used mostly to represent social media phycs.
  89. Troll:- When you make fool or get fooled. Troll or being trolled.
  90. AMA:- Ask me Anything… well you are well knowledge.
  91. Toll:- To get a hack of work or duty.
  92. Meme:- A funny or serious idea to make fun of something.
  93. Lurkers:- Someone who is visiting social media and more always but never comments or anything.
  94. Face palm:- when you do something stupid and slap yourself right in the face.
  95. Well Played:- Well, Well played that’s what it means you did well.
  96. I can’t Even:- Can be used to express something that you are unable to process or do.
  97. Just sayin’:- Used to express that you just said something to give examples.
  98. Noob:- A new gamer who can’t play well or even an experienced player who plays like new player.
  99. IMHO:- In My Humble Opinion.
  100. Photobomb:- To suddenly jump into a photo frame of other person/ people.
  101. Haha:- Not funny but you express and try to make it look funny.
  102. IRL:- In Real Life.
  103. TL;DR:- Too Long; Don’t Read.
  104. 2F4U:- 2 Fast 4 You
  105. IDFC:- I don’t fu*king Care.
  106. CU:- See You
  107. FU:- F*ckYou.
  108. DGMW:- Don’t Get Me Wrong can be used to let someone know to not understand you wrong.
  109. FTW:- F*ck the world.
  110. EoM:- End of Message.
  111. DIY:- Do It Yourself.


This are the list of the top trending and most used internet slang words that you will come across. So, if you were unfamiliar with any of the term, now you know them. And if you were searching for some new internet slang that you can use from, here is the list of the mostly used and trendy internet slang. Moreover that, in this fast moving world, you can easily use some of these slang words as short to make conversation fast and easy. Hope you will like this list of most used and popular internet slang word along with it full form as well. If we have missed on any of the well-known internet slang word then, let us know in the comment section below and we will add it to our list above.

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