Top 18+Most Popular Torrent Websites 2020 [Updated]

Now our topic of discussion is quite an interesting one. We will be talking about some of the best Torrent sites which are trending these days. There are few of the torrent sites which are very famous such as the pirate bay or torentz2 are some of the most trending one’s. But except these torrent sites, there are many more options which we are not aware of. So we shall talk on those sites which can be a very good alternative for you. Many people across the globe love the torrent sites and download all kinds of files from it.

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Now let’s check out those torrent sites which are creating a buzz in 2020. These torrents sites are mainly unknown to many. So the suggestion would be visit those sites and get your desired download. These sites too have a good response system and contain all kinds of files. Now let’s get into the discussion and check out the top 20 best torrent sites.

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Detailing you all the best torrent sites for 2020-2019 which will surely help you to get your desired file easily. The sites are easy to use and work smoothly. The best part is that the sites are not complicated and work all can easily handle it.

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If you are in search of a torrent site which can provide you with the best of the quality products then RARBG is what you should check out. There are millions of quality products which RARBG system contain. Now if you are quality product enthusiast then visit this site. The site comes with a search option too which helps the users to explore their desired product easily.

We all are aware of this name. There are hardly few things which you can’t get here. You name the file the files will be presented near you. More than thousands of people visit The Pirate Bay daily and get their desired things. File on this site are fully trusted one so do not hesitate to download from here.

This torrent site is considered to be the oldest site. Here almost all kinds of file can be found which are genuine. 1337X does not have a huge database but here you can easily get your desired thing which you are looking for. The site is mainly known for its efficiency and smooth system. Mainly old school things can be easily found from here. Though being such old site the availability is very good and mainly all kinds of 90’s collections can be easily found from here. So go ahead and download all your old school memorable items.

Extra Torrent is another great site which you can look out for the best of the download of your torrent file. The system is fast smooth and clean. But unfortunately, the system was out of service for a period now they are available again. If you want to visit the site you can go from here. The new updated page looks more fresh and self-explanatory so it really gets easy for the users to download their desired items easily. The variety is large and you can get all kinds of items over here.

This system is all about the huge database it contains. All the file present in their database can be fully trusted. People from all across the nation are a huge fan of this site. The best part of the site is the interface which is well designed. Now get your download from the Lime torrent system. The large database includes all kinds of files which make this site the best in the class. The classification on the file is done very neatly so that it gets easy for the users to download their torrent link easily. Make sure you give the correct works properly.

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Establish in the year 2003 with a different number of domains this site after its launch has gained a huge popularity. People from all across the nation have downloaded huge file from it. Now it is your turn to download and take a full advantage of it. Here you can get all kinds of latest and old download files. There are thousands of users who are an extensive user of this site. Here people from all across the nation come to get their download. The easy search option makes this site more convenient for the users to find out the file. The file on Demonoid is fully genuine and no such virus threats are recorded till now.

If you are looking for a site which can show you with all the download information then Torrentdownloads is the one. Here downloading any torrent file is considered to be the easiest one. The files here are set in a  organized way so that you can easily get and download them. The easy interface to the system makes the users use the site conveniently. The search option allows users to make sure that they get the desired item quickly and easily. There is an option of direct download too which will help the user to get their download within a phase of time.

Debuted in the year 2003 and since then the site have issued some or the other issues but with little updates, those were easily sorted out. But now they have finally bought their updated version which allows their users to get an instant download from the site. The well-organized interface makes everyone use the system easily and smoothly. You can even suggest them what are the things you want them to include for better and faster downloads. The site is fully secure and no harmful threats have been recorded till date. With a variety of files on this site ISO HUNT is considered to be the best and the widely used one.

YTS.AG is considered to be the best site for providing a high-quality link. The site is fast and has many modern items looks into it. The most downloaded items can be easily found on this system. So you can get an easy download from the location given. The search option to helps the users to download their favorable items easily from the system. The speed of the system is very good so have a try.

This is considered to be the head of all torrent sites. I know many of you are a frequent visitor from this site and due to its high availability, this site is so much loved by many. The site is very simple and has a search option too which is very good and also gets all the modern updates so that you can get a direct download of the file. The download speed of the system is also very good which helps it to get all gather more users easily.

This site does not contain much of the file and collection but how much you will get here is totally genuine and high in quality. The site is designed very well and with a search option things get totally changed. The user ability to system needs to be developed more. The update process is not much active and the collection of items need to be improved more. There are few more things which the site needs to look on.

This is a great site which actually pays its user if they can trace out any fake site. The system is very advanced and works smoothly. The system pays you $1 for tracing out the fake site. There are many who are taking full advantage of it to try to earn and download with the help of this system. There is a search option too which will surely guide you download the file.

This is a terrific site which all the torrent user dreams off. There are more than millions of files in their database. All kinds of files can be easily found on their system and the process to get the file are set in a direct mode which means once you click the torrent client will automatically catch the file and give you a direct download. There are thousands of people who are in use of this system and all are satisfied with the system they provide.

We all have heard the name kiss ass torrent and if I am not wrong we all have used it once at least in lifetime. The site is easy very smooth and the interface look smooth too. The system is fast and works without any issues. Downloading files from this system is considered to be the best of all times. The links are all genuine and no threats or fake items can be seen from this system.

Sky torrent is the best which we can search. The site is loaded with all kinds of file which we can look for. Even some of the rarest files can also be found on this system. The system is smooth easy and very responsive so try this torrent site to download your desired file. The site has a search option which helps you to find out your desired files easily with just a few clicks. This is the most reliable site which you can trust blindly.

This is considered to be a very health sie. No unwanted files or adds can be found on this system. The more you want the more you can get from the system as it has a huge database. The process of download is also far better than the any other downloading sites. The frequently downloaded information will also help you to get a quick download from the page.

This is a very advanced site where you can easily share your items with just a few clicks. The system is smooth and with that, you can even share the torrent files on your Android devices easily. There are thousands of people in use with this site. The file database is far better as compared to other torrent sites. There are hardly few sites which can compete with I Dope. The usability of the site is also very good and smooth. So try and get your desired files.

Seed peer is not the best site in terms of interface but if you want great collection then this is what you should look out. There are many who just love this site. The collections are really good and many are an often visitor to this system. The system is not as fast and user-friendly what we normally find. But if you spend few time you can easily figure out what this site is all about.

Toorgle might be a new name for many but if you want to get a kick of start then visit this site. The site gets a huge collection of file in its database and has a great downloading speed. The search option is also quite good so that all kinds of users can easily download files from this system.


So here are the top Torrent Sites Popular Torrent Download Sites 2020. These sites are very popular and many are just to found of this site. A huge population of the world uses these sites to get their desired downloads. All these are free to use and all these sites are reliable and work smoothly. You will surely get a huge satisfaction while using these sites. Though there are many such sites but we can’t assure you on those. In some cases downloading from an unknown torrent site may lead you to corrupt your system easily. So make sure you download from the torrent sites mentioned here.

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