Most Useless and Meaningless Websites On The Internet 2020

Now for everything we first visit Google or web to gather information.  On the web there are many websites of different categories. Some comes with valuable and trust worthy information and some are just doing business. When we search for something online, Google provides big results as per our search. But among all few information and content are genuine and other are useless and meaningless.  You will experience the same when you are going to download any software, movies, videos or anything. Some websites will navigate you to different page for a single content and there are some which are available only for show. You will not get there any valuable content that you are seeking from these websites.

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Internet is full of fake and meaningless websites. These websites don’t do any damage but they also don’t provide any information. If you want to just waste your time then you can visit these sites and surf around. As there are hundreds of these sites available, so we have compiled a list of some of the top and well-known useless and meaningless websites here. Feel free to visit these sites and surf around them. We hope that the provided information will be of help to you. So check the list of the top 18+ useless and meaningless websites down below.

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List of Most Useless and Meaningless Websites on The Internet:

Below we have listed the most useless and meaningless websites those are still running on the web. Check out the list and try not to visit those sites. You will not have any valuable material rather than some freaky and meaningless information.

01. Most Exclusive Website

It is a useless and meaningless website that is not helpful in any case. Going through its interface you will not understand anything about their work. This site is fully irrelevant as a single visitor can go to their content. You have to wait for a long time as they process it by First come first serve. No need to wait for your number as you will not get any useful content in here.

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If you love purple color then you can visit this site. It is an empty site and its layout is extremely worst. Its user interface is bad and there is no any content rather than its purple color. Spending a single moment in this site is wastage of time. This is one of the Most Useless and Meaningless Websites on the Internet.

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03. Watching-Grass-Grow

There is no any type of content or material on this site. When you will visit this site you will see a video of few minutes where you will see lawn grass is growing. They are making fools as there are nothing rather than just watching grass growing every time you visited this site.

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04. Baconsizzling

In this site you will imagine and feel how bacon meat is fried. Apart from just sound and feel of a single bacon fry sound there is nothing on this site. Visit on this site is fully wastage of time. Rather visiting this site it will be better if you visit to any cooking related site.

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05. Falling Falling

Visiting on this site you will experience ride on a roller coaster. Everything is falling on this site and on spending few minutes on this site you will be hypnotized. If you want to hypnotize anybody then force him to stay on this site for  a minutes. Apart from it there is no any valuable content for which it is known as another meaningless and useless website.

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06. Taghua

This website is for fun where you will get to design an animated tree which resembles to a sakura tree. There are many different designs which you can reset every time to have different structure. You can pass your time buy simple clicking to a button to view a new design.

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07. PopoPopcorn

Like that of bacon site this site also let you to watch how popcorn pops out from a pan. Here you will notices sound and transformation of corn to popcorn. As everybody knows how corn changed into popcorn so you no need to visit this site, it is another useless site on internet.

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08. The Worlds Worst Website Ever

Never visit this site as it is one of the worst and meaningless site that still running on the web. The design of this site and color is so bad that you might scare. This site is still under construction and nothing is present on this iste without its scary design.

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09. You’re getting old

Results that you will get on this site are fake. This is just an entertaining site where you will get to know some details related to your birth date and time. Not a single information is correct about how old are you, totalk number of breathes you have taken and some other related not essential stuffs.

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10. Is Computer on

This site wins the competition of most useless and meaningless site. If you want to check whether your PC through which you visited this site is ON or Not. Simply when you visit this site you will just see one YES that means your system is ON and connected to internet.

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11. Heeeeey

With a mild music on background this site will redirect you to another site. The song that playing on background is a very familiar one but the actual use of this site is missing. Every time of yours is valuable and there is no need to visit this type of meaning and useless site.

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12. I Am Awesome

If you want to know from net how awesome you are then for self-satisfaction visits this site. Whenever you visit to this site it will show a message it’s true. Nothing else on this site, it will just give you a moment pleasure and reminds you that you are truly awesome.

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This is another useless and meaningless site that will answer you a stupid question- Whether you are behind dogs  or dogs are behind you.  In the level of useless and meaning this site is on top among all.

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14. Staggering Beauty

There is nothing on this site that will help you. If you are bored and want to do some foolish thing then visit this site. This site is a small game where you will see a deep dark mark on the screen that goes with your cursor direction. Whenever you move your mouse cursor on the site window a deep black line generated.

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15. Do Nothing For 2 Minutes

With background sound of wave this site will tell you to keep calm and to do nothing for next 2 minutes. This is exactly what this site shows to its visitors. So this is another site which is useless and meaningless. Never visit this site as you will get there nothing.

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16. Sanger

This is another meaning site that still running on the web. There is not single information rather than a dog washing or licking your PC or laptop screen. It is just a screensaver that will continue long you are on this site.

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If you visit this site then you will be a fool.  This is a lightening site with a worst music which you will experience when you move your mouse. On click to letter RGB , screen will turn black, red and green with a background sound.

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Only for fun and for some refreshment you can visit this site. It is game of circle which you can change as per your wish. This game is some alike to bubble game where you can break down a bubble in many small circles and much more. aprt from this simple game there is nothing for which you can also treat it as a meaningless site.

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19. Falling Guy

It is also related to a simple game where you need to save a sky falling from sky. It is animated game where an animated character falling which you need to save by clicking your mouse. And that’s all there is in this website. If you don’t want to do that then you can keep watching the man fall as long as you want.

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These are just a few of the most useless and meaningless site and trust us there are a lot of these sites available out there. But the sites mentioned in this list are the most famous of all. So if you have nothing else to do then click on the provided link to visit the site and waste your time as much as you want. We hope that this list of 18+ most useless and meaningless websites on the internet has been of help to you. If you know of any other such kinds of websites then do comment below and let us and others know about it.

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