Top 15 Best Nintendo 3DS Emulator For PC, Android & Mac 2020

Playing games is one of the best and most time passing activity one can do. Gaming is also loved by people of every age, it doesn’t matter what your age is, you might have played video games once. Though in this digital era, most of the people own smartphones and play games on it, but before some time things were a lot different. In 1990s, there were video games for TV where you have to buy cassette for games and then you can play games from it on your TV using video gaming console. Then on November 21, 2004, a gaming company named Nintendo released a gaming console named Nintendo DS or DS. This was a revolutionary step in gaming industry as this console was a lot different from other similar products available at that time. If you want, then even now you can buy a Nintendo 3DS, and the best thing about this console which makes it different from others are wireless connectivity feature and built-in microphone.

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As the technology is improving, many new ways and devices are getting launched. Similarly, now a days you can find some advanced version of gaming consoles like PlayStation, Xbox, Wii and many more. No other gaming console can surpass the popularity of Nintendo DS as according to recent reports from the launch of this device, more than 154.02 million united have been sold till now. This device provides you completely different gaming experience and you can buy Nintendo DS console either online or offline even today.

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Nintendo Emulators For Windows | Nintendo 3DS Emulators For Android, Mac & Linux:

Not all of the game lovers out there can buy Nintendo DS console, so they start looking for some alternate ways to play Nintendo 3DS games. If you are among them, then you have landed on the correct page. Here in this post we are going to tell you about some of the best Nintendo 3DS emulator for Windows and Nintendo 3DS emulators for Android phones and tablets. You can use them to play almost any Nintendo 3DS games without buying an actual 3Ds console. There are numerous Nintendo Ds emulators available out there, so tried them all and the prepared this list of free Nintendo 3DS emulators for PC and Android which you can use in 2020.

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List of Best Nintendo 3DS Emulators For PC, Android, Mac & Linux 2020:

1. Citra Emulator (Windows/MAC):

Citra emulator is one of the oldest and most popular Nintendo 3DS emulator for PC. You can use this emulator on your PC to play some commercial games as well as all homebrew games without any third-party software. This program is coded in C++ language, so you will need OpenGL version 3.3 or later installed in your system in order to use it to play Nintendo games on PC. Citra currently supports only 64 bit CPU systems, but it can run on older systems as well with low configuration. The best thing about this 3Ds emulator is that it is available for Windows, MAC and Linux as well, so you can use it any of the operating system you use.

Click Here to Download

2. R4 3DS Emulator (Windows):

If you don’t want to buy a Nintendo 3DS console then you can consider using R4 3DS Emulator. Do note that R4 3DS Emulator is currently available only for Windows PC devices, but soon it will be launched for other systems and OS as well. When you will run this tool on your PC, then it will ask you to locate a cartrige of Nintedo game, but you don’t have to use any physical cartrige for it. Instead of it you can download and locate any Nintendo DS rom file in it and start playing that game in your PC. If you are looking for simple and easy to use Nintendo emulator for PC, then you can download this software.

Click Here to Download

3. Pretendo NDS Emulator (Android):

Pretendo NDS Emulator is another popular Nintedo DS emulator for Android phones and tablets which you can download for free. The best thing about this app is that it lets you open games in many formats which other tools of this list doesn’t support. You can download Nintendo games in .rom, .ds, .rar and .zip formats to open and play with this app. Do note that Pretendo NDS Emulator is not available on Google Play Store, so you will have to download Pretendo NDS Emulator APK file and then install it manually on your Android device. This app have some good control system and lets you configure the buttons.

Click Here to Download

4. DeSmuME (Windows/MAC/Linux):

If you have searched for Nintendo Ds emulator download before, then you might have heard about DeSmuME. The best thing about this tool is that it allows you to play almost all kind of Nintendo games on your PC, MAC and Linux devices. This is a very small and easy to use 3DS emulator which doesn’t need any high end PC as it can easily run on low end computer devices too. DeSmuME is well known for its performance and compatibility so you consider downloading it before using any other tool mentioned here. If you are using it on Windows, then you will have to download and install Visual C++ Runtime DLLs before using it.

Click Here to Download

5. NO$GBA (Windows):

As the name says, NO$GBA is also called as No Cash GBA. It doesn’t matter if you are looking for Nintendo DS emulator for PC or Nintendo DS Lite emulator for Windows 10/8.1/7, you can always download it to play games. You can open almost all kind of game files with this emulator to play them. Moreover it also supports multiple cartridges reading which makes it better than other similar Windows Nintendo DS emulators. Another good thing to know about NO$GBA is that it can also run on older version of Windows like Windows XP, Windows VISTA and MS-DOS.

Click Here to Download

6. DraStic DS Emulator (Android):

DraStic DS Emulator is one of the fastest and best performing Nintendo 3DS emulator for Android. Currently this is one of the most popular among all Nintendo emulators available right now. Another feature which makes it better than other similar apps it that by using it you can play Nintendo games in 2 by 2 times their original resolution. Drastic emulator also supports add-on controllers and physical controllers like nVidia Shield and Xperia Play. Do note that this app is only available for Android devices and you can download it from Play Store.

Click Here to Download

7. Ultimate x3DSx Gold (Android):

Ultimate x3DSx Gold is another Android Nintendo 3DS emulator which you can download for free from Google Play Store. This is a full-featured emulator for Android devices which is able to play any Nintendo game on Android devices without any difficulties. You can run this tool on low-end phones to modern tablets and it also supports link cable emulation with decent speed. If you are playing a game that supports cheat codes, then you can enter cheat codes while running them game from GameShark/ActionReplay/CodeBreaker.

Click Here to Download

8. NeonDS (Windows):

You can download NeonDS Nintendo emulator for Windows if you are looking for small yet useful tools to play 3DS games on PC. This emulator is only 1MB in size, but it allows you to play any commercial game on it for free. Do note that the official website of NeonDS is taken down, but there are some third-party websites out there from where you can download it. The last time this tool was updated was in 2011, so you won’t be able to get updates for it, but you can still use it for playing games. This tool is able to get 60 FPS, even on more or less old computers as well.

Click Here to Download

9. nds4droid (Android):

nds4droid is a free Nintendo DS emulator which might not look as fancy as other emulators of this category, but it is definitely a good app to play Nintendo games on Android. The best thing about this app is that it is free and you can download it from Google Play Store. Apart from Nintendo DS emulator games, you can also use it to play OUYA game console games on Android. Another thing to remember about this emulator is that it is new, so it may crash sometimes. This app is currently being used by more than 5 million people around the world.

Click Here to Download

10. NDS Boy! NDS Emulator (Android):

NDS Boy! NDS Emulator is last but not the least Nintendo 3DS emulator for Android devices. Do note that this 3DS emulator Android will run only on high-end mobile devices which have at least 2G RAM, quad-core CPU or higher. There are two version of this Nintendo emulator for Android available over Google Play Store, so don’t get confused. If you want to run NDS games on Android, then you must download NDS Boy! For New Android from Play Store today. This emulator also supports Android 6.0 and above which makes it better than emulators of this list.

Click Here to Download

11. 3DMOO (Windows and Linux):

3DMoo is an open source emulator for 3DS games and this is being used by over millions of people around the world. Do note that this tool is available only for Windows and Linux devices and you cannot run it on MAC OS. The official website or developer website information is not available but still you can download this tool from GitHub. If you want to get future updates about this tool, then keep visiting the 3DMoo GitHub page.

Click Here to Download

12. TronDS (Windows):

TronDS might not be as popular as other tools of this list, but it is definitely one of the best Nintendo emulator you can use to play 3DS games. The best thing about this tool is compatibility of games and support. The development company keeps releasing new version of this tool with fixed bugs. If you want a simple yet useful tool to play Nintend 3D games on your Windows PC, then you can try using this tool.

Click Here to Download

13. iDeaS (Windows):

iDeaS is another Nintendo DS emulator for Windows available out there to play Nintendo games on PC. The official website of this emulator is taken down, but still you can download and use this emulator. One of the best feature of this emulator for DS is support for 3d rendering, it means it can support multi-cores. You can use this tool to play almost all commercial games and it also supports NDS functionality. This tool is currently being used by over a million people around the world, so it nothing is working for you then you can try using it.

Click Here to Download

14. AseDS (NDS.EMU) (Android):

AseDS is one of the newest emulator for Nintendo and there are many useful features available in this. Do note that before sometime this app was available on Google Play Store, but now it is not available over there. Still you can download AseDS APK from any website available out there and we are including the link too. It have some features like good performance as compared to their similar apps, custom button layouts, cheat codes and screen display options. Some games like Pokemon have faced problem with it, but still it is a good option for Nintendo lovers.

Click Here to Download

15. RetroArch (Android):

RetroArch is an open-source project which is built on an interface called Libretro. This app is on one such platform which allows users to take advantage of compatibility. By using this app you will be able to play Nintendo games on your Android device. There are some functions available in this app which allows you to remap controls and enter or load cheat codes in the games. Currently this app supports more than 80 programs and it is available in multiple languages. Not just DS, but this emulator also supports games for Play Station, Game Boy, SNES and Nintendo DS.

Click Here to Download

Final Words:

Nintendo 3DS and Nintendo DS is one of the best and most popular gaming console available right now. There are millions of people out there who are using them for playing games. Another good thing about Nintendo 3DS is there are tons of games available for them and many are getting released even today. If you don’t want to buy a 3DS gaming device, then you can consider downloading a Nintendo 3DS emulator 2020 for your device. Above you can find links to do best DS emulators download and then you can start playing games on them right away. Above we have listed popular Nintendo 3DS emulator for Windows and free Nintendo 3DS emulator for Android, so you don’t have to worry about anything. Though there are many more 3DS emulator for PC available out there over the internet and you can download them too. If you have used any other 3DS emulator before or know about one, then do let us know about them via comments below.

Top 12 Best Fake Email Generator Sites to Create Disposable Email Addresses 2020

Fake email generator sites are developed to create disposable email to beat spam. It is just for a temporary use that means only can only be used for a short period of time. Later on the temporary email that is generated in each site of the fake email generator will get destroyed by itself. As you might have already experienced in your computer many times, each time you visit any website you are asked to provide your email address then you always ended up giving your current email address. In the process, you will start getting lots of junk emails and your email will be filled with spam mails. To delete those junk mails is nothing but a waste of time. Here we will be providing you a list of 12 Best Fake Email Generator Sites and temporary email services.

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Creating fake emails using the fake email generator sites is an amazing thing that one can ever imagine. These temporary generated emails can be use in those websites where you have to hide your personal information. In this manner, you will be able to keep your information private and avoid all then spam emails. Fake emails can be used best in the third party site which does not deserve your trust. Check the complete details of the list of Best Fake Email Generator Sites to create free disposable email addresses.

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List of 12 Best Fake Email Generator Sites And Temporary Email Services:

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Create disposable temporary E-mail Address in Guerrilla Mail to keep you inbox away from spam. This fake email generator is very safe to use which can generate fake email very quickly. The customer inbox IDS which are usually created by the users is expected is last for a long time. Whereas the email that you have been receiving in the inbox will get erased in auto-mode, just after an hour the moment you receive whether you read it or not. Using of Fake email is the best way to keep your permanent email IDs save, as it helps in keeping your information as private. The spam emails will be never a problem to you as it will never lasts in your inbox.


The only thing you need to do in this website is simply choose any random email address. Compose any name as your email by taking care of Suppose you are not getting any ideas on which username to pick in that case, you can simply use the recommended email given in the site. Check your email inbox and then use the generated emails of Dispostable site to reply the emails. Create fake emails as many as you want to as there are no limits for that.

Mint Email

Have you ever imagined that a flexible email can give you the features when made a comparison between the standard emails? In many ways the email user can get a fake email by generating from the website known as Mint Email. It is a no-click email system where you can get fake email to use in doubtful sites. In this website generating site you will get a temporary email address for using it in a limited period of time. Mint Email allows you to create fake email that can be used for verification purposes.


Mailinator is one of the unique sites to check inbox by that letting you generate fake emails. The site also comes with the expending location of mail features which is fun. With the use of the fake email created in Mailinator you can apply in any website for verification. It will help you to keep your personal information safe from the hackers. Not only that you will also be able to avoid receiving of spam mails in your mail box. Create disposable email in your own ways and then also get private domain and lots more.


TempMail is a disposable temporary email website that can be use for some time, later on the generated fake email get destructed by itself after a limited period of time. Get totally relief from the spam mails or any kind of unwanted advertising emails or hacks. Use the temporary email as the replacement of your personal email, as it will allow you to avoid providing your personal information to doubtful websites. TempMail is the perfect choice for the email users who are concern about protecting their privacy.


Get the temporary Email services along with safe HTML Email browsing in AirMail. Use the temporary email service to keep your personal inbox away from spam emails and keep it totally safe. Fake emails are the best option to test any new online service to make sure they are trust worthy or not. Not only that you can comfortably view all the HTML email with security. Start to get engaged into the services of AirMail be getting random emails generated by it.


As soon you register into the website of Nada to enjoy the fake website generating service. The first thing you need is get a temporary email from the site to use in many websites. By using this fake website you can ignore the spam emails receiving in your inbox. Create both temporary and disposable website into Nada and check up to 10 emails in the inbox after use of one email. Collect all the attachments which you have included in the inbox of Nada. The inbox of the generated emails last for a period of 7 days. It comes with secure privacy options and there is no need of IP address logging.


YopMail is a free Disposable E-mail Address which requires no registration and no password. The fake website generator website is very rich in its features and comes with the automatic generated inbox. The mail inbox are stored for a period of maximum 8 days in YopMail. Get relief from the spam emails that you received while using your personal email address in website signup. Create mail of your choice and then check on the mail sent into for temporary use.

Fake Inbox

Fake Inbox allows you to keep your personal inbox completely free from spam mails. To make this happen you just need to do is use the fake mailbox in the place of real mailbox. Create random emails in the website of inbox and use in the websites that can you cannot rely one. Once you start using the fake email generating services  you can learn the lactation of email and delete it as well. check on the inbox of the random emails that you have used for privacy concerns.

My Trash Mail

My Trash Mail is an impressive fake email generator and spam mail blocker site. Create any random email address for temporary and avoid your inbox receiving unwanted mails. No registering is necessary to start using the services of the website. It is the best way to keep your personal email safe from being flooded by the spam mails. Apply the generated emails from My Trash Mail into the website which you don’t trust must, also to keep your personal email information private.


Visit the website email fake to get the ready made temporary email for using in various websites. If you need domain names then you can add your own one in this email generating site. Get to use unlimited number of generated mailboxes as much as you require. Keep your personal email private as you are concern of your private email information. Generate your own random email address and to do that no registration is necessary. Block all the spam emails from reaching your personal mailbox.

Email generator

Email Generator is one of the best temporary email generator website that comes with custom domain. The web page works in auto mode and the email generator in the site will display all the received mails. Simply register and become the owner of any domain, start to use the website for getting emails of the generated mails. Start to save you mail from the unwanted spam mails, safe to use to try suspicious websites and lots more.


These are best fake email generators sites with step by step guide for you. As we know in this digital era, emails play a vital role into everyone works and social activities. To avoid the spam mails which you get to deal by singing up newsletter or many unexpected websites. The best solution to ignore all the spam mails and to keep your private email information safe, you better start using the above mentioned fake best fake email generator sites. All the websites from the list provides its user the best services. So, without making any further investigation on the name of the fake email generating sites, start using any of the sites from the list. These email generating sites provides you the best random email address and fulfills you privacy needs. If this post is helpful for you then fill free to share this post by clicking any sharing icon. Also if you have any suggestion or question than go to comment section to give us your valuable feedback.

Top 10+Best PokeVision Alternatives And Replacement 2020

PokeVision has recently popped up in the interest with the launch of Pokemon Go. WE all know what Pokemon Go is right? But for those who don’t know about PokeVision yet or what to know about more apps like PokeVison, well PokeVision is a powerful app that lets you track and find Pokemon on Pokemon Go easily. This app was only developed for Pokemon Go fans out there as it soon became a great app for helping you find Pokemon easily in nearby area. So if you also want to know about the best PokeVision alternatives then here is a list of PokeVision alternative and replacement to help you out.

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All these list of PokeVision alternatives and replacement are a great ones. You can replace the PokeVison app that you are using if it isn’t working anymore. I am not saying that the PokeVison app that we are going to talk about are better than PokeVison but if you want a change like an alternative or want t simply want to replace the existing PokeVison with a new app then this list of top best PokeVison Alternatives will defiantly help you out. So without further delay read our list of top 10+ best PokeVision Alternatives of 2020.

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List of Best PokeVision Alternatives and Replacement:

This list of the top 10+ best PokeVision alternatives and replacement app will come for free. We will also provide with a link to download the PokeVison alternative to find the app and install it easily. Hope you will like our list of the PokeVison alternative apps:

1. Go Tools for Pokemon Go

First on this list of the top 10+ best PokeVison alternative is the Go Tools for Pokemon Go. This is a great alternative to PokeVison which you can sue on android das well as iOS devices. For iOS devices, you will need an app that will help you to install jail broken apps or simply jail break your device. One of the best thing about this tool is that you will get to search from Pokemon with high CP or Evolution.

Click here to download Go Tools for Pokemon Go

2. Poke Eye

Poke Eye is one of the best PokeVison alternative too. With this app you will be able to track and find all the Pokemon in your radar and area easily. Just like in Pokedex, you will be able to track the Pokemon on the time of view and even it will show you the percentage of chances that you will be able to find the specific Pokemon.

Click here to download Poke Eye

3. Poke Huntr

Next on this list of top best PokeVision app is the Poke Huntr app. This app works for both iOS and android and the good news is that you will not need rooted device as well. This app provides with all the details about the Pokemon around you with detail of the Pokemon so you can decide whether you will catch it or not. Poke Huntr also allows you to search for any specific Pokemon of your choice.

Click here to download Poke Huntr

4. Pokemon Map

Pokemon Map is as simple as the name of app is. This is a great Pokemon tracking app that will help you to track down Pokemon. But note that, you will not find all the details like CP or Evolution of the Pokemon unless you get close. You will have the freedom to enter in the longitude and latitude of your choice to find which Pokemon are available there.

Click here to download Pokemon Map

5. Poke Finder

This PokeVision alternative can help you find Pokemon all around you with community help. Yes that’s right with Poke finder you will have community to talk to and help you find the Pokemon that are around you.

Click here to download Poke Finder

6. Poke Mesh

NEXT on this list is the Poke Mesh app that works exactly like PokeVision but even better with its own features. Some of the most amazing feature of Poke Mesh are like new Pokemon sighting which will include all the Pokemon that has been recently launched in the update close to you. The map is easy to load and follow with nothing but Pokemon details to help you better. This app is available for android users only.

Click here to download Poke Mesh.

7. Poke VS

Poke VS uses proxies of different Poke Vision alternative to find all the Pokemon near you. With this app you may not find all the details of the Pokemon but you will find all the Pokemon location with exact distance detail.

Click here to download Poke VS

8. Poke Radar

Coming nearly to the end, the next Poke Vision alternative is the Poke Radar. You can easily replace the Poke Vision app with the Poke Radar if you want to as this app offers with all the basic features of Poke Vision along with many new features of its own. These features are like searching for a specific Pokemon by its name. But note that this Poke Vision alternative app is only available for android device users, so iOS user need to use an emulator to use this on their device.

Click here to download Poke Radar

9. Poke Alert

Next on this is list of PokeVision alternative is the Poke Alert app that helps you find Pokemon by its name like many other PokeVision app alternative in this list. But what makes this app so good is that you will be able to see for how long the specific Pokemon will be available there for limited time. So this app is really a great on so you can grab it for your android and iOS device.

Click here to download Poke Alert

10. Poke Detector

Next on this list of Poke Vision alternative is the Poke detector app. This app works just like a Pokemon detectors which provides with all the Pokemon around you in your area for a specific time for how long the Pokemon will be disappearing in.

Click here to download Poke Detector

11. Pokemon Style Compass

The last app on this list which is worth trying as a replacement for PokeVison. This app comes with similar features like Poke Vision so if you are simply bored using the Poke Vision and want a new a fresh interface with the same features then this app is the one you want. The best thing about this app is that, it is really light on any device that you use be it iOS or android. So you can use this app for a long time unlike Poke Vision which drains a lot of battery juice.

Website: – Pokemon Style Compass


So these were the list of the top best PokeVision alternative that you can choose from to track down all the Pokemon in your area. These list of PokeVison app alternative works smoothly and can be sued without paying a single penny. So if you are search for app that can replace your existing PokeVison app then this list of PokeVison alternative can help you out. Hope this article was helpful for you to get a new PokeVision alternative. Have fun catching more Pokemonon Pokemon game with the help of our list of Pokemon tracking apps.

Sites Like 123Movies-Best 123Movies Alternative to Watch Movies Online 2020

When it comes to entertainment we all know that Movies are the best way to entertain yourself. The best ways to stream your favorite movies are either by online streaming or by download free movie. Well downloading movie is not so practical in the era of internet, as it is hectic to find out the working download link of a movie. So one of the best online movie streaming website is 123movies where you can stream movies for free and safely. This website has some of the best movies collection; you will find movies of all collections.

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As the website was down for some time, most of the fans of 123Movies have been searching for its alternatives on the internet. So making your work easier, here we have come up with the best sites like 123Movies. The website that we are going to list down here is very safe to use and also has one of the best movies collection. So let’s have a look at the best alternatives of the 123movies website.

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Best Sites Like 123Movies To Watch Free Movies Online:


Fmovies happens to be one of the best alternatives of the 123Movies website and so is placed on the first position on our list. This website is for free and you don’t need to do any kind of registration to stream your favorite movies. The website also has huge number of movie collection from old to new, so let you be in any age, you are going to love this website by their collection.

The homepage of the website is very clean and is easy to control the website even if you are using it for the first time. Coming to the homepage of the website, it is very simple you will find a search bar in the middle and few categories like Movies, Home, Features and TV shows. So simply click on the category that you want to stream, if you want to stream movies then click on the movie category. The best part is that in the Featured section you will get all the trending movies and TV shows.


Again this website is also very much perfect for both movies and TV shows. The huge collection of movies and TV shows has also made this website very popular on online streaming. The best part is that this website doesn’t even have their own database, they only deliver streaming link to the viewers who are searching for a particular movie or TV shows. So this movie website is collaborated with many other online streaming website to bring you huge collection of movies in a single platform. Speaking about the interface, the website has a very simple interface with all the functional links at the correct place.


The interface and layout of the movies looks very much similar to the Fmovies. Overall this website is also an alternative of the Fmovies including the 123Movies website, as the homepage of the website is very much similar. This website also has an older version which is not that good when it comes to user experience, but the new one is flawless and easy to use. In the home page you will get a huge search bar where you can search for both movies and TV shows.

Also like the Fmovies website, this also has few section links like Movies, TV Shows and also the features. As usual in the Featured section of this website, you will find all the movies which are all time favorite and is very popular among all the website users. To stream anything from this website, simply click on the poster of the movie or TV shows and click on the Play button and start streaming.


Putlocker is one of the most popular movie streaming site to watch free movies online. this is also an old website as known as best and popular movie and TV streaming site. this website provide huge collection of old movies and new movies as well. putlockershub using third party steaming link  and for that they are using some ad, but you can simply ignore those ad. to avoid ad just wait for a minute after visit any movies. it is vary simple to watch movies and TV shows at putlockershub.

Just visit this websites and search for your movies, once your searches movies will appear on the screen just click on the movies banner and wait for a minute to avoid all ads. after that click on the play button. now your movies or TV shows will start without any interruption. also you can search your favorite movies by genres or years section. 123movies also using same way to play there movies and that’s why this site is also like 123movies.

Couch Tuner

Well Couch Tuner is a online TV streaming website which means you will not be able to stream movies on this website. When it comes to online TV series streaming this website is very popular among all. The website has huge collection of TV shows that you would like to stream, but some time you may not find out your favorite one due to some error. But the best part is that it brings you TV shows from different countries or region, so if you want to explore series of different region then this website is a perfect stop for you.


Unlike the Couch Tuner website the Xmovies8 website has only movies to stream. Both the website’s interface looks very much similar, from the placements of the movies to the fonts of the website. So you can also call this website the movie version of the Couch Tuner website. There are some few categories on the homepage which you can use like Cinema, Latest, Popular and IMDB. On each category you will find different movie collection which is amazing. Also in the sidebar of the website you will get the list of all the trending movies and the list keep changing day to day.

Niter Movies

This is one of the biggest online movie and TV shows streaming website you can ever have. Everyday Niter adds many movies and TV shows which make it one of the biggest streaming website. Unlike other streaming website, this website doesn’t have movies which are not copyright free, in fact you will get movies which are free and also copyright free.


Solar Movie is anther website which one we can compare with 123movies. With Millions of visitors per month Solarmovie is the one stop destination for movie lovers worldwide. Definitely it is one of the best 123movies alternative site without any doubt. It has a huge database of latest and popular movies with some useful option. The latest movies are available in Cam quality but within few days they come up with HD quality movies for the users. Starting from ratings, quality, brief synopsis, duration, year of release and much more information are showcased along with the movies which are often useful for us. You can enjoy different categories of movies on this site for free.


With a clean, simple and easy to use interface Vumoo is among the top rated and popular 123movies alternative website which you should visit. On the homepage, there are lots of movies which are released recently along with some popular movies titles ready to stream. Here you can register in case you need latest updates and can also ignore if you want to start watching high definition movies quickly. There are many categories available like popular this week, new releases, trending movies and much more. You can also enjoy popular TV series here on the same site.


A very beautifully designed website which is recommended as 123movies. They have huge data base which has all the collection of latest and popular movies. There are some useful sub menu options like New releases, latest added, featured, top rate, genres and much more which makes it very simple. There are star ratings, genre names, year of release and much more to have a basic idea regarding the office. There is one search option too on the top right section of website which you can use to quickly find a movie and start playing.


With more than 70000+ available contents, Primewire is on this 123movies alternative website. There are many categories like action, adventure, animation and much more. Even you can enjoy music too here on the same website. They have one forum section too where you can interact with other users about movies or for any other matter easily.

Last Words:

We know that 123movies is an amazing site for all the movie and series lovers worldwide, but it is always better to know some best alternatives too. These 10+ websites won’t disappoint you and will provide some great movie and TV series titles regularly. Also do let us know which site you liked the most and going to share with your others as a perfect 123movies alternative. also you can share this post to know more people about other best websites like 123movies to watch free movies online with downloading.

Mini Militia Rain Mod By Phoenix [Latest Version 2020]

Mini-Militia is a multiplayer shooting game which you can play connecting with your friends. This is an amazing action game if you are into multiplayer action games. The interface of the game is interesting and as the game story is action filled, so it is really amazing to play. There are lots of amazing weapons in the game that you can use. Speaking about the game-play, if you can easily connect 6 of your friends and play together and if you are using Wi-Fi then you can easily connect 12 players around you. These amazing features have made this game very much popular among the youngsters.

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Well, as the game is very popular there are also many modified version of the game released on the internet that you can download. The modified version of the game is really more interesting than the original version, as you will get lots of features unlocked. In the modified version of the game, you will also get features like unlimited coins and much more. So here you will know about the mini militia rain MOD 4.0.36 which one is latest version of this game. This modified version is made by Phoenix which is again one of the best modifies app developer in the market.

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Features of The Mini Militia Rain Mod:

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Here below are the features of the new Mini Militia Rain Mod version by Phoenix. Before listing down the features of the mod version of the Mini Militia latest game, we would like to mention that there are lots of extra features in the mod version. So let’s have a detailed look at the features.

  • All the maps of the Mini Militia Doddle Army 2 are modified, so you will get new everything if you download the modified version of the game by Pheonix.
  • The best part is that all the maps have all the guns unlocked, you can use any of your favorite guns in any of the maps you play.
  • The modified version of the Mini Militia game is simply cloned, so you don’t need to take any tension of uninstalling the original Mini Militia game from your device.
  • In the original version of the game, you are unable to play the game in all the server. But in the modified version, you can play the game in all server you want to.
  • In the latest version of the mod, you can even play the game in the background which is a really interesting feature added in the game.
  • All the premium weapons and packs are unlocked for free for you.
  • There is no QP Mod server in the modified version of the game.
  • In the normal version of the game, you will need to drop the gun to throw a bomb to the opponents. But in the mod version, you will not need to drop the gun to throw a bomb.
  • The fly speed of the player has been increased to two times in the new version.
  • Proxy mine have been disabled to detect you which means it will not blast if you come in contact or nearby in the bomb location.
  • There is a new feature added which is called a “Magic bomb throw” which is really very helpful.
  • Also, the best feature is that the Gameplay time has been increased so that you can enjoy the game to the fullest.
  • The weight of the minigun has been compromised to the minimum that it is negligible.
  • The lobby of the game is not increased to 12 players.
  • In the modified version of the game, you are totally immune to gas bombs.
  • If you are playing survival mode in the game then you will also get medical health pack in the game to revive yourself on being hit.
  • Also, you will get more than 220 life count in the survival mode.
  • You can always pick proxynade as a secondary bomb.

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These are the features that you are going to get if you download and install the modified version of the Mini Militia Doodle Army 2 game on your phone. The list of the features is really very interesting which will make the game play more amazing and attractive. Now, as you have got the list of features you are going to get in the modified version, let’s have a look at the download and installation process.

How to Download and Install Mini Militia Mod APK:

  1. First of all, you will need to download the apk file on your Android phone from the link given below.

Download Mini Militia mod apk

  1. Now as you have already downloaded the apk file of the game on your Android phone, you will need to change the settings of your phone to allow the third party app installation.
  2. Go to the Settings of your phone and then enter the Security option and then enable the Unknown Sources option. This will simply allow you to install any third party app from the internet on your device.
  3. As the download is successfully completed, now locate the apk file on your phone file manager. Click on the file on finding.
  4. This action will bring up a dialog box in the screen with options. So simply click on the INSTALL button to install the modified version of the game.
  5. It will again bring up the terms and condition page in the screen, so scroll down the page and then agree all the terms of the game.
  6. Now it will take a few moments to get the game installed on your phone. Once it is done, you can simply open the game and start enjoying the features mentioned above.

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So these are all the downloading steps that you need to follow to download the mod version of the latest Mini Militia game. The best part about this game is that you don’t even need to root your Android phone to install the modified version. Simply download and install it and you are all ready to go.


The Mini Militia Mod apk which is latest launched by the Pheonix developer is really amazing and is light to use on your mobile phone. If you love to play action filled games, then this is one of the best game you can find for your mobile phone. Well nowadays PUBG is also very popular, but Mini Militia is the best as the graphics are animated and is amazing to play. So these are all about the Mini Militia Rain Mod v4.0.36 by Pheonix. Drop your thoughts below about the new version of the game in the comment section below.

Top 110+ Most Used Internet Slang Words And It’s Full Form 2020

Internet Slang words are used widely in every social media platforms and even in casual chats. We interact with a lot of people offline as well as online every single day and we tend to have a good or a bad conversation. No matter that where the conversation goes, be it a stranger, acquaintance, friend, best friend or anyone else we use internet slang now and then to appreciate a good chat and also to not give a single beat about a useless chat. But if you are one of those who don’t know much about Internet Slang words and want to know about them then are at the right place.

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And if you are already using some of the trending internet slang but want to know more than here is the list of 110+ best internet slangs of all time. All these internet slang words can be used for a great chat or just to randomly ping a stranger. Here I will discuss about the Internet slang in detail which means you will have short term Internet slang abbreviation as well as along with the full meaning of the slang words.

So without further delay let us have a look at some of the best and mostly used internet slangs that you can use every single day online or offline in a casual text or also while having a conversation in real life face to face.

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  1. SUS:- SUS is a name for Suspect and this term is usually used on the internet to represent a shady or sketchy or person who can’t be trusted.
  2. Snatched:- Snatch is another name for Good looking and this term is usually used on the internet to represent something that you call in really life is on point.
  3. Hunty:- Hunty is another name for HONEY along with slang term C*nt and this term is usually used on the internet as a slang to represent friends or someone that is known.
  4. Sis:- Sis is an abbreviation that is similar to the term BRUH. IF you have been using BRUH somewhere in your text or anythere else you can also use the term SIS from now.
  5. Stan:- Stan is a famous interent slang that has been derived from Eminem’s famous song “STAN”. On the internet this term is used to describe a huge fan.
  6. AF:- This is a short form for As Fu*ck and this internet slang can be used in different terms according to your need.
  7. OTP:- Yes, OPT AKA One Time Password is also an internet slang and this term can be used to represent a perfect thing like a couple or something.
  8. Exta:- Exta is what Extra means exactly which means you are doing something more or you are trying really hard.
  9. DM:- DM or Direct Message means that someone si asking you to ping them on Twitter or Instagram.
  10. Ship:- Ship is just a abbreviation of indicating or telling 2 person to get into a relationship like Go sail a ship together.
  11. Bae:- Bae is the Abbreviation of BABE and you know well that it means, which you would call your partner.
  12. Suh:- This is a combination of 2 words here, these words are sup and huh. If you hear this , you should reply to what the other person si saying as they are already angry with you.
  13. RT:- ReTweet is the full form of RT.
  14. Sup:- SUP is another word for Whatsuppp….
  15. Trunt:- Trunt can be used to described something crazy and in occasion of party it means Drunk.
  16. Yass:- This is defiantly a YES but with a lot of happiness embedded, so smile and say YASS!!!
  17. Swag:- Swag is used a lot of times now and then which means Be
  18. YOLO:- Well it is true and so you should never miss a thing as You Only Lie Once.
  19. TBH:- This is a short form of To Be Honest so go ahead and tell the truth.
  20. IoNo:- I don’t know
  21. IDK:- I don’t Know as well
  22. GTFO:- This is a short form for Get The Fu*ck Off!!!
  23. RN:- If you want some thing done then do it RIGHT NOW is that it means.
  24. SNM:- When someone is explaining something and you already know what is going to happen then use SNM to mean Say No More.
  25. TTYL:- When you are busy reply with TTYL to say Talk To You Later in short.
  26. FAQ:- Frequently Asked Question, this is quite well known.
  27. JK:- Just Kidding ….But are you really 😀
  28. Baby Bump:- This is the little bump that appears when a women look noticeably pregnant.
  29. Ask Hole:- If you are called an Ask Hole then you are obviously asking ridiculous or nonsense questions.
  30. Badassery:- Call your work a Badassery if you have done something that is really hard to belive.
  31. Beleiber:- Well, I personally hate this as a abbreviation too, it means Justin fans.
  32. Baller:- Well if you are good in the field you are a Baller (not just paying filed if you know what I mean).
  33. Bitcoin:- Online Electronic Currency
  34. Beer Me:- Well, you can say this to some one who OWNS YOU A BEER TREAT as this means Please, get me a beer.
  35. Bitchy Resting Face (BRF):- Someone who is Hostile or judgemental by looks.
  36. Blamestorming:- finding the one who is really to be blamed.
  37. Boomerang Child:- A child who has run away from home yet returned again due to economic problems at home.
  38. Bromance:- Looks like, May be a romantically involved relationship or may be not between two heterosexual males.
  39. Bootylicious:- Well someone with a great Booty/A$$/hips …
  40. Bye Felicia:- this is a short way to say that you are leaving a room full of people who don’t care what others are doing.
  41. Cougar:- A woman who likes having relationship with younger males.
  42. C*nt Block:- Male Genitalia.
  43. Duck Face:- A trend where people sued to take photos while putting their lips together and pushing it out like duck.
  44. DAWG:- You can call someone DAWG when they are a really close friend to you.
  45. Dweet:- A tweet that you or someone did when they were drunk.
  46. Ego Surfing:- One who does believe other say and uses search engine to look for reference.
  47. F-Bomb:- You are dropping F-Bombs if you are using the word “Fu*k” too much.
  48. Friend Zone:- A relationship between two different or same gender where one doesn’t want other to be more then friends.
  49. Foodie:- One who loves food a lot.
  50. Grrrl:- A young lady who is independent, strong and all full of attitude towards this rough world.
  51. Girl Crush:- Term used to describe one girl having close admiration or adoration towards another girl.
  52. Hangry:- Well you know the meaning if you are Angry & Hunger together.
  53. Helicopter Parent:- Used to describe parents who always find an excuse to control their child’s movement be it for good or bad.
  54. Jail Bait:- Well, you are a Jail Bait if a attractive female who is under age want you to have sex and you being over age.
  55. KICKS:- Shoes Especially JORDAN’s
  56. LOL:- Laugh Out Loud
  57. LMFAO:- Laughing my Fu*kign A$& Off
  58. Make it Rain:- Throwing money like rain.
  59. Man Boobs:- A male who is obese and this makes his chest look like breast.
  60. Man Cave:- A room where males tends to drink, game and do all the guy stuff.
  61. MILF:- This is a great way to say “Mother I’d like to Fu*k…
  62. Netflix and Chill:- Well, lets Netflix and Chill? It means Netflix and Make out.
  63. NOM:- The sound that is created when eating.
  64. NSFW:-Not Safe for Work is a tag that comes with images and videos and content that are advised not be opened in public.
  65. OMG:- Oh My God!
  66. OMFG:- Oh My F*cking God!
  67. Phat:- this can be used for both male and female who are “Pretty Hot and Tempting”.
  68. Pregret:- The feeling that you come across that you will regret doing something yet you do it and regret it.
  69. Pwned:- You have Pwned someone when you have defeated someone badly in something.
  70. Quantum Physics:- things which looks mind boggling and untrue.
  71. Rocket Science:- Trying to explain or understand something that is hard to tell or understand.
  72. Said no one ever:- This can be used to express a statement that you agree or disagree that other have never said this.
  73. Salmon:- A complete opposite of Cougar where an Aged male likes to date young women.
  74. Selfie:- A pic taken by one self.
  75. Sext:- Texting about sex stuff.
  76. Snail Mail:- Slow mail, for postal service rather than email.
  77. Sweeeeet:- No matter how many “E”’s you use.
  78. That’s what she said:- This is said to express something that a girl said which is sexual most of the time.
  79. Twerk:- To move ones Buttock in motion.
  80. UPSkirt:- A video or photograph that has been taken from under a girls skirt when she isn’t or is wearing undies.
  81. Virgin Ears:- You can call anyone Virgin Ear who isn’t experienced with drugs, bad langue or anything 18+ negative.
  82. WOOOT! WOOOT!!!:- No matter how many time you say it.
  83. WTF:- What the Fu*k!!!
  84. WTFH:- What the Fu*king Hell!!!
  85. BRB:- You can say this to someone when you mean Be Right Back.
  86. BDW/BTW:- By the way
  87. G2G:- Got to go
  88. Hashtag:- To tag some on with #…used mostly to represent social media phycs.
  89. Troll:- When you make fool or get fooled. Troll or being trolled.
  90. AMA:- Ask me Anything… well you are well knowledge.
  91. Toll:- To get a hack of work or duty.
  92. Meme:- A funny or serious idea to make fun of something.
  93. Lurkers:- Someone who is visiting social media and more always but never comments or anything.
  94. Face palm:- when you do something stupid and slap yourself right in the face.
  95. Well Played:- Well, Well played that’s what it means you did well.
  96. I can’t Even:- Can be used to express something that you are unable to process or do.
  97. Just sayin’:- Used to express that you just said something to give examples.
  98. Noob:- A new gamer who can’t play well or even an experienced player who plays like new player.
  99. IMHO:- In My Humble Opinion.
  100. Photobomb:- To suddenly jump into a photo frame of other person/ people.
  101. Haha:- Not funny but you express and try to make it look funny.
  102. IRL:- In Real Life.
  103. TL;DR:- Too Long; Don’t Read.
  104. 2F4U:- 2 Fast 4 You
  105. IDFC:- I don’t fu*king Care.
  106. CU:- See You
  107. FU:- F*ckYou.
  108. DGMW:- Don’t Get Me Wrong can be used to let someone know to not understand you wrong.
  109. FTW:- F*ck the world.
  110. EoM:- End of Message.
  111. DIY:- Do It Yourself.


This are the list of the top trending and most used internet slang words that you will come across. So, if you were unfamiliar with any of the term, now you know them. And if you were searching for some new internet slang that you can use from, here is the list of the mostly used and trendy internet slang. Moreover that, in this fast moving world, you can easily use some of these slang words as short to make conversation fast and easy. Hope you will like this list of most used and popular internet slang word along with it full form as well. If we have missed on any of the well-known internet slang word then, let us know in the comment section below and we will add it to our list above.

Most Useless and Meaningless Websites On The Internet 2020

Now for everything we first visit Google or web to gather information.  On the web there are many websites of different categories. Some comes with valuable and trust worthy information and some are just doing business. When we search for something online, Google provides big results as per our search. But among all few information and content are genuine and other are useless and meaningless.  You will experience the same when you are going to download any software, movies, videos or anything. Some websites will navigate you to different page for a single content and there are some which are available only for show. You will not get there any valuable content that you are seeking from these websites.

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Internet is full of fake and meaningless websites. These websites don’t do any damage but they also don’t provide any information. If you want to just waste your time then you can visit these sites and surf around. As there are hundreds of these sites available, so we have compiled a list of some of the top and well-known useless and meaningless websites here. Feel free to visit these sites and surf around them. We hope that the provided information will be of help to you. So check the list of the top 18+ useless and meaningless websites down below.

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List of Most Useless and Meaningless Websites on The Internet:

Below we have listed the most useless and meaningless websites those are still running on the web. Check out the list and try not to visit those sites. You will not have any valuable material rather than some freaky and meaningless information.

01. Most Exclusive Website

It is a useless and meaningless website that is not helpful in any case. Going through its interface you will not understand anything about their work. This site is fully irrelevant as a single visitor can go to their content. You have to wait for a long time as they process it by First come first serve. No need to wait for your number as you will not get any useful content in here.

Click to Visit Website


If you love purple color then you can visit this site. It is an empty site and its layout is extremely worst. Its user interface is bad and there is no any content rather than its purple color. Spending a single moment in this site is wastage of time. This is one of the Most Useless and Meaningless Websites on the Internet.

Click Here to Visit Website

03. Watching-Grass-Grow

There is no any type of content or material on this site. When you will visit this site you will see a video of few minutes where you will see lawn grass is growing. They are making fools as there are nothing rather than just watching grass growing every time you visited this site.

Click Here to Visit Website

04. Baconsizzling

In this site you will imagine and feel how bacon meat is fried. Apart from just sound and feel of a single bacon fry sound there is nothing on this site. Visit on this site is fully wastage of time. Rather visiting this site it will be better if you visit to any cooking related site.

Click Here to Visit Website

05. Falling Falling

Visiting on this site you will experience ride on a roller coaster. Everything is falling on this site and on spending few minutes on this site you will be hypnotized. If you want to hypnotize anybody then force him to stay on this site for  a minutes. Apart from it there is no any valuable content for which it is known as another meaningless and useless website.

Click Here to Visit Website

06. Taghua

This website is for fun where you will get to design an animated tree which resembles to a sakura tree. There are many different designs which you can reset every time to have different structure. You can pass your time buy simple clicking to a button to view a new design.

Click Here to Visit Website

07. PopoPopcorn

Like that of bacon site this site also let you to watch how popcorn pops out from a pan. Here you will notices sound and transformation of corn to popcorn. As everybody knows how corn changed into popcorn so you no need to visit this site, it is another useless site on internet.

Click Here to Visit Website

08. The Worlds Worst Website Ever

Never visit this site as it is one of the worst and meaningless site that still running on the web. The design of this site and color is so bad that you might scare. This site is still under construction and nothing is present on this iste without its scary design.

Click Here to Visit Website

09. You’re getting old

Results that you will get on this site are fake. This is just an entertaining site where you will get to know some details related to your birth date and time. Not a single information is correct about how old are you, totalk number of breathes you have taken and some other related not essential stuffs.

Click Here to Visit Website

10. Is Computer on

This site wins the competition of most useless and meaningless site. If you want to check whether your PC through which you visited this site is ON or Not. Simply when you visit this site you will just see one YES that means your system is ON and connected to internet.

Click Here to Visit Website

11. Heeeeey

With a mild music on background this site will redirect you to another site. The song that playing on background is a very familiar one but the actual use of this site is missing. Every time of yours is valuable and there is no need to visit this type of meaning and useless site.

Click Here to Visit Website

12. I Am Awesome

If you want to know from net how awesome you are then for self-satisfaction visits this site. Whenever you visit to this site it will show a message it’s true. Nothing else on this site, it will just give you a moment pleasure and reminds you that you are truly awesome.

Click Here to Visit Website


This is another useless and meaningless site that will answer you a stupid question- Whether you are behind dogs  or dogs are behind you.  In the level of useless and meaning this site is on top among all.

Click Here to Visit Website

14. Staggering Beauty

There is nothing on this site that will help you. If you are bored and want to do some foolish thing then visit this site. This site is a small game where you will see a deep dark mark on the screen that goes with your cursor direction. Whenever you move your mouse cursor on the site window a deep black line generated.

Click Here to Visit Website

15. Do Nothing For 2 Minutes

With background sound of wave this site will tell you to keep calm and to do nothing for next 2 minutes. This is exactly what this site shows to its visitors. So this is another site which is useless and meaningless. Never visit this site as you will get there nothing.

Click Here to Visit Website

16. Sanger

This is another meaning site that still running on the web. There is not single information rather than a dog washing or licking your PC or laptop screen. It is just a screensaver that will continue long you are on this site.

Click Here to Visit Website


If you visit this site then you will be a fool.  This is a lightening site with a worst music which you will experience when you move your mouse. On click to letter RGB , screen will turn black, red and green with a background sound.

Click Here to Visit Website


Only for fun and for some refreshment you can visit this site. It is game of circle which you can change as per your wish. This game is some alike to bubble game where you can break down a bubble in many small circles and much more. aprt from this simple game there is nothing for which you can also treat it as a meaningless site.

Click Here to Visit Website

19. Falling Guy

It is also related to a simple game where you need to save a sky falling from sky. It is animated game where an animated character falling which you need to save by clicking your mouse. And that’s all there is in this website. If you don’t want to do that then you can keep watching the man fall as long as you want.

Click Here to Visit Website


These are just a few of the most useless and meaningless site and trust us there are a lot of these sites available out there. But the sites mentioned in this list are the most famous of all. So if you have nothing else to do then click on the provided link to visit the site and waste your time as much as you want. We hope that this list of 18+ most useless and meaningless websites on the internet has been of help to you. If you know of any other such kinds of websites then do comment below and let us and others know about it.

Best Mobile Movies Downloads Sites To Download Movie on Mobile

For every movie freak watching movies in their free time is always heaven, in fact watching movies is the best way to pass your free boring time. But it is near to difficult to every time watch movies on big screen or laptops, after you are having a smartphone. Now for laptops you will find tons of Free movie downloads sites on internet from where you can download your favorite movies and make a collection. But what about mobile phones?

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Well we have brought you the list of best mobile movie downloading sites, for you to download all your favorite movies on your mobile phone and watch it offline. We have brought you the list of best because there are lots of fake movie download sites on internet which can even harm your device using virus etc. So here we go with the list of the best mobile movie downloading sites.

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Summary of Best Free Mobile Movies Download Sites:

Top 25 Best Mobile Movies Downloads Sites To Download Full Length Movies on Mobile:

Also Know: Best Legal Anime Streaming Sites


To download mobile movies Fmovies is one of the best website you can ever have. Its database is large which consists of movies of different genres.Its interface is quite simple that helps you to search for any movies. You can even directly play or stream any movies here by simply clicking on the Play button. You can stream movies on this site directly from your mobile or PC. Not only it helps you to stream, you can even download any videos and movies for free. You can choose quality and format to stream and also to download.

Movies Counter

It is another large online movie download sites where you will get all types of Indian movies like Hindi, Tamil, Bengali, Hindi dubbed,etc. To download movies from this site you don’t need to go through any type of registration. If they missed to place any movie on its database you can drop a request on this site for the movie. On some country this site is blocked but you can still access Movies Counter site using the proxy servers.

My Download Tube

My download Tube is kind of a platform from where you can download movies of different regions and also it offers you to stream movies online for free. Not only it offers you to stream and to download movies, you can play games too in this website. Its interface is simple like the other movie download website and its search function is great that quickly delivers users list as per query. Movies and games here are of different format and quality which let its users to choose as per their requirements.

Movies Couch

It is another useful and trustful mobile movies download site. Whatever movies you are searching to download, your search will surely end here. They have a large collection of movies of Hollywood, Bollywood and other regional movies. Their database is daily updated that makes it a vast online movie downloading platform. It’s on page search is great which delivers you the exact result. Those who are fond of TV series as GOT, Narcos, Breaking Bad, etc. are also available here for free on this site to download.

Public Domain Torrents

It is a legal and virus free site that provides direct link of any movies that you want to download on mobile. Its collection is huge and beautifully every single corner of entertainment. Movies of all popular countries, drama, documentary and many others download links are available on it. When you search for any movies in its search bar, it will quickly give you the results with many download links.


To download movies of different genre it is another downloading site that offers free download. The navigation and its interface is simple which makes searching and downloading movies easy. It provides direct download links of all latest and oldest movies. The picture quality and sound is on high definition. It is becoming popular as both a streaming and movie download site.

Internet Archive

With more than 4 million of collection of movies, games of different categories this site is also a great platform for all mobile users. Its interface is responsive and compatible to all devices and screen size. Every video on this site is available in many formats and quality. Users need to choose as per their needs.

SSR Movies

With interactive design and interface it is another best mobile movies downloading site. You might have come across many sites those intentionally navigates you to many pages. But here in this site you can download movies, video at one click. Movies those are recently released are quickly added to their database. Even you can download mover trailer directly from this site.



It is a site where you will get download links of movies. They offer many download link for a single item. From here you will get download links of movies, games, Bollywood movie links, Hollywood link and much more. Their database is full of all categories of videos and they are many downloadable format. They offer multiple downloading mirror sites to make downloading simple.

Fou Movies

This site is popular as here you can have all downloadable links of Bollywood, Hollywood as well as Indian regional movies as Bengali, Bhojpuri, etc. here you don’t need to do any type of sign up. Everyone can download form this site for free. Collection is huge and all of their uploaded movies and videos are of different format. Choose format as per your device as mobile or PC.

300MB Movies4u

Well in this website you will find all the movies whose storage size is 300 MB which is perfect for mobile phone. So if you want to download low storage movies then this website is what you should pick. In its homepage you will get all recently uploaded movies and even you will get benefits of quick search result on this site. Many movies of different language and of different format are regularly added which makes it a large movie downloading site. The interface along with video quality is another reason why this is now popular movie downloading site.

SD Movies Point

Though you have to tolerate some annoying ads on this site, still it is another site from where you can download movies for free absolutely. You will get notification which movie is going to release and when it will be added on this site. With great user interface and wide collection of movies of different genres and countries this is an ideal platform for all. They offer a movie and video in different format which increases its usability and efficiency.


With detail information of movies and with download link DivxCrawler is also useful website for movie downloading for your smartphone. All movies and videos are present here on many file formats and quality.Movies those are recently added on it come on thumbnail in its homepage. All their collection are well sorted and comes with download option which makes the whole process easy and quick.

HD Popcorns

If are looking for sites to download full movies in high definition for your mobile then HD Popcorns is a great choice. Films those are recently released are added on this site along with wide collection of old movies. Apart from movies, those who love to watch TV shows also can download from this site.  Movies of different genres are available here to download in different format for computer and mobile.

HD Movies Point

All genres movies as action, drama, documentary, thrilling in HD quality for PC and mobile is free here on this site to download. The interface of this site is clean for which you can navigate freely and quickly. To make movie search quick this site comes with a powerful search program that will give you result even on shortest keyword search. You can also put your request on this site for a movie or a video.

300 MB Movies

Normally, mobile movies are of small size and come with normal graphics. But here on this site you will get all movies in small and HD format. Lots of movies are daily added in compressed HD quality. You can watch as well as can download them.Most of the movies for mobile on this site are on small size and on different format. No need to do any type of registration to download movies from this site.


In this website you can download all kinds of movies you want to, as they have all kind of movies in their database. Lots of movies are added daily on this site that makes it another platform for mobile movies download. Every movies and videos on this site are available in different resolution 720p, 480p and 360p. As per your mobile configuration you can choose from there different resolution formats. Though this site offers you free movies download for mobile but it has one drawbacks. It has lots of ads and you might annoy while navigation this site.

YIFY Movies

From 320p resolution to 3d movies everything is present on this site. This site is best for movie download for mobile. Here on this site you will have all latest movies of different regions and genres. Movies present on this site are different format and size with many download links. The interface of this size is quite easy and comfortable for which you can download movies easily. In spite all these features, the only point you should keep in mind is that you will only get Hollywood movies to download from this website. So if you are looking for Bollywood movies or so, then this website is not for you.

HD Movies MP4

It is another best mobile movies downloading site. This site will offer you to download for free all Hollywood and Bollywood movies along with some popular TV shows. The interface is friendly and all its contents are well compatible to mobile devices. In its homepage you will have detail information regarding latest movies added and also movies those are coming soon.


Emol website has massive collection of movies, so you can download movies of different genres and category on the go. It is best for its animation and Hollywood films. Without any type of subscription you can download movies form this website which is the best part. Apart from only download movies you can also able to download books and also deliver information regarding travel and events.

LOS Movies

From LOS Movies you can download all old and recent movies of different genres and region. It is legal site and for its collection it is also known as a best mobile movie download site. Not only download, you can also stream every content on this site for free. From movies to TV shows everything you can stream as well as can download. Its database is huge and it is regularly updated with many new collections.

99HD Films

It is a great site from where you can download latest movies in HD quality for free. Many types of movies of different countries and regions are available here to download for free. You can even download a movie in many languages. It has a large collection of Hindi dubbed Hollywood movies. Its search technique is great, that quickly give you the specific result with download links.

Go Movies

From this site you can download full length movies of different categories in different formats. Maximum movies on this site are of HD quality and without any registration or signup you can download them. Collection is huge and the best part is that here you will get all recently released movies to download for free. The interface and its design are user-friendly that makes your search and download more easy and quick.

Ocean of Movies

Database is huge and everything on this site is free to download. The interface and its layout is attractive that helps all visitors to navigate the site easily. Whatever movies released its very quickly added to its collection. From this site you can download mobile movies of different categories. No need to do registration, you can continue with unlimited download for free.


Housemovie is the last and the most interesting website in our list of best movie download site. In the homepage of this website you will get all the latest released movie for downloading on your device. Not only this, you can even download all sorts of TV shows, series that you would love to watch on your free time. The key feature of this website is that everyday its database gets updated to give you the latest movie to download in your phone.


Thees are the list of best mobile movie download websites from where you can download all kinds of high quality, latest movies on your device. The entire mentioned website does have some of the epic database with all kind of movies stored. It doesn’t end here, you also not need to do any kind of subscription and the websites get update day to day to give you new movie every time you enter the website. So this is all about the website from where you can download movies for your mobile for free. Comment down below which website you have use or liked the most from the list given

Top Best Free Music Download Apps For Android Phone 2020

Downloading song on an everyday basis is what we all tend to do nowadays. Songs & music turns out to be the best way to keep your time when you are traveling some where alone or even when you are with friend’s. Be it a long ride to unknown places or even when you are planning a party songs is something that you can’t miss out on. Even people also looking for some top best English songs to download and listen them. also there are lots of free music download sites to download any kind of music online. But how would you download all the songs you want from where you want to? Searching for songs on the search engine now often gives out results which either have a broken link or offer with many problems while downloading.

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Even when every single one of us owns a smartphone running on iOS or android we still find it difficult to download any songs and end up downloading or watching the music video which not only consumers more data but also which can’t be played every time on music player or on repeat. So how would you download any song that you want? Well that’s your question too then you have come to the right place. Because today I am going to talk about few of the best music download apps that are available for let’s  have a look at the best music download apps free for android.

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Best Free Music Downloader Apps For Android Phone to Download  Free Music:

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There are a lot of apps that can help you download your favorite music and songs online on your android device but you have to take a note which app you should use. We have provided with the list music download apps that works perfectly as well as which are free to use. So without further delay let us have a look at the list of our top best music download free apps for android with videos to know how to download those music download apps with step by step guide.

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Wynk Music

Wynk Music is undoubtedly the best app to download music and songs. You can either use the app itself to download the songs on the Wynk Music app or you can simply download the music and song into your mobile device. With Wynk Music for android you can simply type in the Artist name, song name or album name and find any song that you want to hear and download.  Stream from over millions of songs. The app itself is available on the Google Play store and only requires you to have an Android  4.0 version to run this app.


Gaana is an Indian website that has millions of songs collection and with the launch of their official Gaana App now you can easily download any song you want from the app itself and play the songs from the Gaana app. So if you want to try out the all new Gaana app then go ahead and visit their official site for the latest app version.

SoundCloud- Music Downloader APP

SoundCloud as you know it is a great place for some custom music and songs from different people all around the world. SoundCloud has some of the greatest and the best collection of songs available on the internet for free and even for paid. So if you are into listening custom and new songs every time and want to give some unknown artists some time and appreciation the SoundCloud Music Downloader App is for you.

Tunee Music Downloader

If you want to enjoy some epic music then Tunee Music Downloader can be your perfect app. But note that the app has been  removed from eh Google Play store a while back so you will need to visit the official site download the app. Tunee Music Downloader has a lot of songs and music collection which you love to enjoy from.

MP3 Music Download Pro

Mp3 Music Download Pro is also a great app to download your favorite songs and music online from their official website server itself. So if you want to download your favorite songs using MP3 Music Download Pro then go ahead and give this app a try.

Napster Music App

Napster is a great music downloader as well a music player for those who are always on the run and enjoys any specific genre of songs at the same time. Like if you like listening to traveling songs when traveling, romantic songs when you are in romantic mood. The app basically offers with different categories of songs that you can listen to at a time.

Music MP3 download Free CopyLeft

When it comes to copy right free music and songs, an YouTube channel named “Neffex” is my first choice. And if you like the same you will defiantly love this app. This app offers you to download all the songs that are copy right free, so you can even use the songs as you need to without any credit. So if you love listening to some unique songs by different unknown artists then Music MP3 download Free CopyLeft is the app for you.

RockMyRun – Best Workout Player

RockMyRun is another awesome music downloading apps for android phone, to increase your motivation level. this app Not only will freshen up your mind, also it can help to get your body in shape. with millions of western songs This app offers an excellent collection of DJ-mixed playlists for workout soundtracks and more. also peoples can download songs for offline playback. it helps users to stay cherished with the music that makes your workout hours wonderful. What’s cooler than synchronizing your heart rate to filter a playlist that suits your workout’s state? The My Beat feature automatically creates a playlist to match your work style.


4Shared is also an excellent place to download your favorite songs for free. 4Shared was first launched as an online file storage place where you can store data and download them but now 4Shared has also launched their own music download app for free that is available for android users. So if you want a new and amazing music player as well as a music download apps for free.


There you have it, these were the list of the best music download app free for android. With these apps, you can choose to directly download any song you want and when you want to. You won’t face any broken link issue or any copyright issue. With these apps you will also be able to download songs and music from places from where it isn’t allowed to download music and songs. So with these list of top best free music download apps for android that you can use to download your favorite music & songs from online. Hope this list of free music downloading apps for android will be helpful for you. If any of the sites doesn’t work then let us know in the comment section below and we will help you out by updating the list.

Top 15 Best Games Like Stardew Valley You Should Play 2020

Stardew valley is an action adventure game that comes with exciting game play. This game is normally a farming simulation game where you need cultivate crops and also need to build a relation with the villagers. The overall game play is simple but when you progress to greater levels, you will be able to use many hiding features and tools. But who loves gaming, it doesn’t matter how difficult the game is, there remains a passion to play many games and to go till to end. Those who love games like Stardew Valley also will get enjoyment in playing its alternatives.

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Yes, there are many other alternative of Stardew Valley available which you will find worth playing. If you want more twist and fun in playing farming simulation games like Stardew Valley then try one by one below mentioned games from the Top Best Games like Stardew Valley. I am quite sure you will love these games as much you love Stardew Valley. Well, why to play the same old game again and again when you have 15+ more options available to play. So, check out the list below.

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List of Best Games Like Stardew Valley | Alternatives To Stardew Valley:

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Your search will now end as now you get to know about some popular and best Stardew Valley alternative games. All the games that I am going to list will offer you the same or more exciting gaming experience as Stardew valley.

Worlds Dawn

With many new and common features and game-play like Stardew Valley this game “Worlds Dawn” is among the the best games like Stardew Valley. The game play along with its interface will deliver the same experience as you have get on playing Stardew Valley. Here in this game you will have many features and elements that make it an addictive game. There are many characters which you can choose as per your choice. The main thing you need to do in this game is harvesting and sides by you have to maintain a good relation with the fellow villagers.

Don’t Starve

It is a tough game as compared to Stardew Valley. Here you have to survive on the forest and on the whole game you have to deal with many deadly things. No instruction is provided in this game. So you have to build your own strategy for your own to progress in this game. The graphics and story line is unique as playing this game you will experience wild 3D appearance along with many different characters.

Tides of Destiny

There are many things which you can explore in this game. Here you need to do many tasks as farming, cooking and crafting. The gaming platform is full of evils which you need to defeat in order to search gold and treasures. Here in this game too you need to build a lovely relation with your natives and also have to take part in some village festival competition. It is a simulation game full of adventures and daring gaming elements for which it is another best game like Stardew valley.

Green Farm 3

This game is developed by Gameloft which is popular as an addictive game. The graphics and sound quality of this game is attractive and its game story is unique and different. Here you will experience many different adventures related to farming which you need to complete in order to reach the ultimate challenge. You will get hint and also offers you cash on completing each level. Whatever crop you have cultivated need to sell on market which is another source of income.

Fantasy Life

This game is an adventurous game where you need to build your life by passing many adverse conditions. There are many characters which you can update time by time playing this game. The graphics and interface of this game is attractive and the landscape in this game will give you a realistic experience. In this game you will get help from different characters, how to progress in this game. With adventure, fight, crafting, etc.This is another game  which you can explore as the alternative of Stardew valley.

Recettear: An Item Shop’s Tale

This game will give you a realistic experience about a life of girl that running an item shop. Her life is going through many ups and down. Here in this game you have to look after this item shop business carefully. You have to maintain its account, all stocks and also the overall design of the shop. Apart from running this item shop you will experience many entertaining adventures. In this game you can choose any from the two modes – Survival and endless mode.

Rim World

It is a science fiction with attractive graphics and sound. The game story of the Rim world and its visualization is quite similar to Stardew Valley. So, it is another best game like Stardew Valley. In this game you need to build your colonies on places like jungle, desert and many other game places.  You have to build trust with refugees and prisoners in those places. You have to take them in your side as you need their help in building colonies and to do business.

Wild Season

With same game objectives this is another alternative of Stardew Valley. It is a farming simulation game so you need to find out places where you start your cultivation. In this game you need to buy new land in rural areas and need to turn them into a farming land. The story is very entertaining and comes with many challenges which lift experience on playing farming simulation game.

Harvest Moon

In this game you need to farm crops and also need to sell those. Place from which your journey will start, there you need to build relation with villagers and also need to marry a girl. Mainly this game depends upon a story of a normal business man. Here you can choose any from different variants of crops to harvest as well as domestic animal like Cow for milk. Your journey will not be so easy, you have go through many  challenges which gives you the ultimate  gaming experience of farming and adventure simulation game like Stardew Valley.

Shepherds Crossing2

Looking for Stardew Valley alternatives then you must try this game. With great animation graphics and with a tremendous game story this became a popular simulation game. You have to farm and also need to trade to earn money. The gaming controls and features are unique and different as compared to other games.  You will start your gaming journey from a town, where you need to start farming. You have to gain trust of your natives to get help or guide in playing game.

Run Factory 4

Here in this game you will get to play on a beautiful game story.  This game is a popular one among all series of Harvest moon. You have to battle with many monsters here in this game. There are many characters in this game you can choose as per your requirements. Whatever characters you have chosen you need to make it stronger by using many gaming elements.  You need to take care of a full town and people and also need to upgrade the structure of building.

Farming Simulator 14

It is realistic farming simulation game which is available in both single and multiplayer mode. The graphics and sound is very realistic that give you experience on real life farming management. There are many types of machinery which you can use to grow more and to earn more. This game is a combination of simulation, adventure and action that makes it other best alternatives of Stardew Valley. It is developed on 3D graphics that also lift your gaming experience.

8 Bit Farm

It is a farming simulation game which is compatible to all devices and operating system. It has many different gaming features using which you can manage 8 bit farm gaming world. It is games that consist of many small games which you need to complete to reach to its final level. The graphics and features are so attractive that surely give you the same experience as Stardew Valley. It has many elements that will help you to build an attractive gaming environment.

Stone Health

It is another beat alternative of Stardew Valley simulation game. It is an adventure as well as an epic world game that will entertain you every time. The main thing you need to do in this game is to help other and help them to survive. You need to deliver food and shelter for villagers. You also need to protect your villagers form others and so you need to build a defense  strategy  for which this game many elements.

Castaway Paradise

There are many things that give you enjoyment in gaming.  Gamer need to deal with fishing and bugs and also need to make their paradise a platform for fun and entertainment. You need to decorate islands by flowers, plants, trees and others.  You also need to farm to earn money along with your friends. Apart for island decorating you also need to decorate your outfit through design able shoes, hats and clothes. You need to solve every single problem of villagers through your strategy.

Final Words:

Many games developed same as Stardew Valley to entertain you. Above I have listed all popular alternatives of Stardew Valley those stands best on farming simulation game. Interface, graphics and story is the key thing which greatly maintained by all above listed of best Stardew Valley alternatives.  Here I have listed games in details so that you can easily pick the right one as per your interest. All these games are compatible to all version of Windows and some also compatible to other platform as Android, iOS. So, download any of this game and enjoy hours of game play. if you have any suggestion or any comment then comment us in comment section, we will go throw your comment as soon as possible.