Top 12 Best PayPal Alternatives For Online Payments 2020

Well, if you are tired of visiting banks for money transactions again and again, then no need to worry anymore. This is the era of online banking and you can both receive and pay from your home itself. Online payment system helps a lot to make all our transaction easy and comfortable.  There are many online payment platforms that ease our daily national and international money transferring task. Among all, PayPal is known to be a safe and secure platform. People who are related to some online business or need to do business with international clients need to have a PayPal account. If both sender and receiver are registered on PayPal they can transfer money from anywhere at any time within a single click. You can associate your PayPal account with other third-party money transfer platform and services too. But there are some disadvantages of PayPal for which many people prefer to use some other best alternatives of PayPal.

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Without any doubt, PayPal is a recommended platform for money transfer. But there are many users of PayPal reported on many forums that they are not having best service in terms of customer care and in some cases, payments remains on hold. Due to such reasons people those who need easy and reliable money transferring platforms looking for alternatives of PayPal. If any service is not up to the mark, why should we tolerate? Rather locate all the cons of the platform that you are currently using and then search for other those offers smooth and quick service. As per my experience and knowledge cons that I have noticed on using PayPal are-

  • High processing fees over every transfer or transaction.
  • They take much time to take a review of the transaction.
  • Though it’s a giant online money transfer platform still it is not available in many countries. Its availability is another negative point to its service.

These are some common issues that I have faced while using PayPal. There are might be some other problems too. If you have faced the same and looking for platforms like PayPal then look below some of the best alternatives of PayPal.

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Top 12 Best Alternatives of PayPal You Can Use For Online Payment And Online Business:

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  1. Google Wallet

It is an online payment service from Google which makes it reliable and an easy one. Within a few clicks, you can send money to any person residing in any country.  Within this wallet, you can store your credit cards, loyalty cards, debit cards and others to use when you are transferring money. Its email money transfer is another benefits using which you can peers with your friends or client using their email address. If you want to send money using Google wallet then easily you can transfer funds directly from debit cards, credits. Sometimes you need to send invoices to your clients or business associate; in that case, Google wallet will help you with many templates of professional invoices. It is free but during the transaction, you need to pay standard charges which is competitively low than others. It has vast availability with around 125 countries. Using this you can purchase apps and games from Google Play Store. It is fully a reliable online payment service that monitors quickly for any frauds to make your transaction safe and secure.

  1. Skrill

It is another best alternative of PayPal which is previously known as Money bookers. Using this application you can send, receive money as well as can do online shopping. The interface is simple and it offers very simple money transfer technique. If both sender and receiver using Skrill then you can directly send money using an email addresses. The money you have transferred to the recipient can be easily withdrawn using his or her debit, credit cards and bank account. For merchant account this is perfect as here you don’t need to pay high commission charges. It charges only 1% of the total amount as commission. It is available in more than 200 countries and accepts more than 40 different currencies. It is reliable and all your information is secure and safe.

  1. Payoneer

With low commission charge, fast transfer and flexibility make it another alternative of PayPal. It is an old globally recognized payment service which offers money transfer facilities in maximum countries and continents. The best part of this payment system is their low transaction fee that helps its users to save more on every transaction by Payoneer. Their services and offers are reliable and consistent. Money transfer by Payoneer comes with many offers and cashback. When you will successfully done the transaction of amount 1000 dollar they will give you cash back of 25 dollars in your account.

  1. Stripe

If you are looking for an ease and reliable payment service which are available in maximum countries then Stripe is another great option. Stripe is an online payment service company of the USA which accepts transaction of more than 200 countries. In case Stripe not available in the country where you are now then you can use it atlas program which is called Stripe Atlas Program. It is integrated with all popular e-commerce stores and if you want to integrate it to your e-commerce site then you can use its plugin. It also accepts Bitcoins that makes it more popular and a powerful online payment service. The processing fees for every transaction is comparatively low compared to others which are just around 2.5% of the total money.

  1. PayZa

You might heard about PayZa which is another popular money transfer platform. As per my experience, it is another best alternative of PayPal. It is widely used by bloggers, online publishers and advertisement companies. Recently they also started accepting Bitcoin for which you can easily transfer funds in Bitcoin. Among all payment service, it is known for popular Bitcoin processing service. You can easily withdraw money from the account using your credit card, debit card and bank account. You can take support for your personal and business account on PayZa. With lots of features with flexible payment system, this is another great payment platform which you need to try.

  1. Transferwise

With low transaction and conversion charges, Transferwise is a reliable and easy money transfer platform. You can convert any currencies in this platform and with it; you can save more on every conversion. It comes with many types of cash back and offers. For every user, first 500 euro transaction is free from any types of transaction fees. The interface of this platform is easy and clear. Still, now not a single user faced any issue regarding its services and offers. Their services are fast and reliable.

  1. Dwolla

It is another simple payment service which is another great alternative to PayPal. In this platform, there is no any limitation as you can send money to anybody on the internet. It is a best online money transfer platform for merchant transaction. You can send money using the links to LinkedIn, Twitter, email, contact number and many more. It has another advanced feature which is its multiple transactions at a time by using its service Dwolla MassPay.  It is free service and charges very low amount on every successful transaction. It is available for all platforms as windows, android and iOS.  Every feature of this payment system is good apart from transfer money to a bank account which is slow and requires 2 to 3 days to get credited. It is free from transaction fees for the amount of 10 dollars and above it charges .25 dollar.

  1. 2Checkout

It is specially designed and developed for a merchant. It is popular for its effectiveness in all business transactions.  This payment system supports different types of payment system as MasterCard, Visa, PayPal, pin debit cards and JCB. It offers service to 196 countries and accepts more than 26 currencies. You can even integrate it with e-commerce site as Shopify, 3D cart, etc. The interface and its security system are reliable and all your card and account details will remain confidential. Its transaction charges differ with regions as it charges around 2.9 % outside the US and for US users it charges 5.5 % per transactions. It is also available as an app which makes easier to track every transaction.

  1. Remitly

It is a user-friendly application with lots of features that allow you to transfer money more easily. It is not a big online transaction platform as it offers service to India and Philippines. They offer many promotional offers to their users and without any extra fee and charges you can transfer up to 1000 dollars. If you want to do the free transaction every time then you need to wait for 3 days for every transaction. They offer daily many cash back and offer which you can have once you sign up and start doing the transaction through Remitly.

  1. WePay

Once you integrate WePay with your site, you will experience the difference. Every possible payment and withdrawn systems are available on it which makes its popular. It is built upon API technology that easily can integrate to your site. The interface and all its features are attractive. It supports all type of cards results which payment system through WePay became more flexible. It is a best online payment service for community sites, crowd sourcing websites, business and online marketplace. Its percentage of charge is minimum which is around 2.9% of the total amount for credit card payments and 1% for bank payments.

  1. Selz

If you are a new online businessman or running a small company then this is another simple and easy payment platform. It is the best platform for bloggers or freelancer who used to do work of different countries and needs to accept from the same. It is available as a plugin which you can easily integrate into your WordPress site.  It is specially designed and developed to help during the transaction of digital products online. It is available on more than 190 countries. Coming to its transaction fees which is a bit high from PayPal as it charges 5% over a transaction.

  1. Amazon Payment

To make online payment safer and easy, online shopping giant Amazon developed a payment service Amazon payment. It is another suitable payment service like PayPal which is the best choice for business, customers, online workers and software developers. To use this service you need to have a payment account where you need to add details about your transaction modes or methods. Once you completed these steps you can use those services for a transaction in Amazon Payment. One limitation of this service is that it is only available for US people.


Above are all the top online payment services those offers more reliable and quick money transfer compared to PayPal. Due to PayPal’s high transaction fees, limited availability and hold problems people are looking for its alternatives. On the web, there are thousands of online payment platforms and among all; it is not so easy to choose the best. If you are running an e-commerce store you need to use a service which can be easily configured with any other online money transfer services. As it is an online era you need to use an efficient payment system using which you can send as well as can receives money from all corners of the world. As you are searching for alternatives of PayPal I think above-listed services might help to choose the most reliable and efficient one.

Top 30 Best Comedy Movies on Netflix 2020 [Updated]

Watching comedy movies on Netflix can be one of the most entertaining things that you can do on Netflix. One can always watch action, adventure and many other movies but you do have to say comedy movies are worth it. Be it with family, friends or loved ones, comedy movies can be easily loved by anyone. And any other genre of movies, you can watch a comedy movie anytime you can and have a laugh of life time. Counting down the list of comedy movies can be quite a hassle as there are many comedy movies that are worth watching. So, in this list of the top 30 Best Comedy Movies on Netflix, with all the latest comedy movies that came out in 2020, you are sure to love every movie listed here.

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So if you are also searching for the latest comedy movies of 2020 then you have come to the right place as today I am going to talk about The Top 30 Best Comedy Movies on Netflix 2020 that you can start watching right now. Choose any of the movies from the list below, pop some popcorn and start enjoying a little laugh with your friends and family members. So without further delay let me take you through the hot favorite list of comedy movies of 2020 to watch right now.

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List of Top 30 Best Comedy Movies on Netflix That You Can Watch Right Now:

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  1. Hot Fuzz:

Top on this list is the Hot Fuzz which features Simon Pegg and Nick Frost. And with 2 most amazing actors on stage, you can be sure to enjoy a great comedy movie. The movie is about 2 cops who has been transferred to a small remote area where they have to solve cases about strange happening which isn’t strange at all when they started investing about it. So now for the greater good both Nick Frost and Simon Pegg  have to work their way out which brings in a classical comedy feeling to the movie.


  1. Pee-Wee’s Big Holiday:

An American adventure comedy movie that has been recently released featuring Paul Reubens who.  This movie is about the person who meet a new friend and they decided to move to New York city for celebrating their birthday. But the adventure and comedy takes the toll when he becomes involved with girls who just robbed a bank. What happens next is full of adventure and comedy, so go ahead and  watch it right now.

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  1. Mascots:

Featured on Netflix on 2016 Oct 13th, Mascots is a great movie that you can watch with your friends and loved one and enjoy a laugh with. The movie rotates around adventurous journey involving comedy in their search for winning the world mascot fluffy award.

  1. The Ridiculous 6:

With Adam Sandler featuring the movie, who has to think twice before watching this comedy movie. Released in 2016, the Ridiculous 6 revolves around the comedy events of Adam Sandler while trying to get to the point of life where he can be happy. This is a must watch movie of 2020.

  1. Sandy Wexler:

Yet another comedy hit by Adam Sandler, f you are a fan of Adam Sandler then you must watch this movie right now. The movie plot rotates around Adam Sandler being able to study ad understand the singing talent of one of his employee and what happens next is what makes the movie a great comedy and worth watching.

  1. Win It All:

Starting Jake Johnson, AislinnDerbez, Joe Lo Truglioand Keegan Michael  Key, this is a movie that is really worth watching. The story of the movie is plotted around the life of a gambler addict who has to do odd jobs. And a day comes when you has to decide what he need to do for a one time riche. Watch this comedy movie with friends and have a laugh of life time.

  1. The Incredible Jessica James:

The life of Jessica James is all about the life of present life where the movie take you through a funny version of life which involves dating, party and more. This is a movie that you can watch with your friends only.

  1. The Fundamentals of Caring:

The fundamentals of caring movie is a definite watch with your family and loved one as this is all about family comedy so if you are thinking about watching a movie with family then this can be you first choice from Netflix.

  1. Topic Thunder:

Who can turn a war movie into a comedy other then Director Ben Stiller. This movie features some of the best actors like Robert Downey Jr, Tom Cruise, Ben Stiller, Jack Black, Jay Baruchel and Brandon T.Jackson. So without further dlay I suggest you watch the movie right away.

  1. Dope:

This movie is definitely worth watching and is one of my favourite. There isn’t much to say about this movie as the movie is just what it is named  “Dope”. The movie is about an A grade student who wants to get into Harvard adn in doing so, takes the whole movie through ups and down adn some of the best comedies.

  1. Chef:

Chef is about a dad and son who started travelling around while experiencing cooking food. As a chef they both travel around where you can enjoy an adventure and comedy phase of the movie. this is a must watch movie with family if you are searching for a family comedy movie.

  1. The Trip:

A casual Sunday comedy movie that you can watch alone. This movie is all about 2 guys who run into restaurants and gabbing around. This is a classical comedy movie by Rob Brydon& Steve Coogan. This is a must watch movie if you are into casual yet humorous movie.

  1. Adventureland:

This movie is all about the teen life where Jesse Eisenberg goes on a summer break to work in a Adventure land. And this is where he meets a girl( Kristen Stewart) who changes his life. But to get to her, he has to play around and this makes the movie a worthy comedy watch with friends and loves ones.

  1. Pulp Fiction:

Pulp Fiction is a classical comedy movie that has been a hit since a long time. Though this isn’t a new movie but you will definitely love watching this movie due to its classical amount of comedy involving drugs and stupidity. This is must watch movie with friends.

  1. Magic Mike:

Magic Mike is a move that is already famous amongst ladies as the movie revolves around the life of absolutely hot looking male stripper and their life of growing up & becoming famous as strippers. If you don’t mind all the little cloths worn in the movie, then this a definite watch for you.

  1. WetHot American Summer:

WetHot American Summer is the perfect comedy movie for everyone who want to enjoy a fun loving movie with friends. So if you are looking for a little fun movie with great watch list by many viewers then WetHot American summer is what you need to watch right now.

  1. SuperBad:

Superbad is a great movie for teens who want to have a good time laughing with friends and enjoying a night out with friends. So if you are searching for a similar movie then this movie is defiantly for you.

  1. Frances Ha:

A movie full of irony, comedy and fun, Frances Ha may be a movie from 2012 but it offer you with the chills of fun and laugh for all those who is searching for a great comedy movie. This movie is about a socially crippled person who is rejected by society but after struggles which are more fun than sad this movie takes a great turn for cracking a comedy.

  1. Bob Roberts:

Looking at the movie from 1992 would make you think what could be funny in that but trust me this movie will crack out you’re the child in you with its crazy stupidity and fun story. So if you are into watching oldies movies which are full of comedy and fun then this movie is definitely for you.

  1. Sausage Party:

Want to watch some adult animated movie that will make you laugh you lungs out then Sausage Party is for you. The movie is exactly what it sounds like, yes this is an adult movie and with Seth Rogen acting out you know this is going to be a great stoner movie too. So get a bag of popcorn, light up and enjoy the movie.

  1. Frank:

Frank doesn’t express any feelings at all, why? Well he is always wearing a mask over his head in Disneyland. This movie is all about how a simple mascot gets to make everyone laugh their lungs out in Disney land as well as you are watching the movie you will definitely laugh your laughs out too. If you are going through a boring after noon then “Frank” is what you need to watch.

  1. KingPin:

Movie featuring Farelly Brothers is always worth watching as they offer with great comedy and this is what they did too in KingPin. You are warned that if you are watching this movie then you will need some painkillers as you may suffer from stomach pain due to laughing throughout the whole movie. This is a defiantly watch so go ahead and give Kingpin a go.

23: The Addams Family:

A movie that was made out of cartoon show, this is about a dead family how lives in weird ways. A movie that is so evil fun that you will laugh throughout the whole movie, so go ahead and give The Addams Family a go and I promise you won’t be disappointed. This is defiantly a comedy movie worth watching.

24: Can’t Hardly Wait:

If you a person from 90’s then I promise you will definitely love this movie. Can’t Hardly Wait is a comedy movie that about 3 girls and about their quest about proving to the world that they are worth it. Movie includes, parties, drinking, adult content and much more making this movie a definite watch for adults.

25: Coming to America:

With Eddie Murphy working in this movie, I hope I don’t have to say much to explain this movie. This is defiantly a must watch comedy movie on Netflix, so go ahead and give this a movie to dissolve in to your heart and make you laugh like never before.

26: The Princess Bride:

Fairy tales can be really romantic but defiantly not this one. This movie is all about how stupid a prince can be and yet get the girl. A definite watch for those who want to take a laugh at fairy tale movies with their friends and loved ones. Go ahead and give this movie a try and I promise you that you won’t be disappointed.

  1. 13 Goes On 30:

A movie that will creep you out a little but will also make you laugh out like anything. So if you want some teenage movie laugh then this movie is a definite go for you.

  1. Legally Blonde:

If you want to watch a movie that will make you laugh till your stomach hurts but at the same time will leave you so inspired that you would want to watch the movie over and over again then this movie is definitely for you.


29: Major League:

Are you a baseball fan? If you want to watch a movie that is stupidly funny and is based on a baseball game then this movie is for you. Watch some actors acting stupid on the battle field of baseball yet winning the match and winning the heart of the whole city. This movie is a must watch if you love baseball as well as comedy movies but don’t be offended by how bad they play.

  1. Burn After Reading:

Last but not the least a master piece of comedy movie by Coen Brothers featuring Brad Pitt which is a cult favourite. The movie starts off as a simple story but soon becomes so funny that you will laugh till the end for sure. So if you are out of comedy movies then this a definite watch.

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So this is the list of the top best comedy movies on Netflix that you can watch right now. So if you are planning to watch a movie with your friends, loved ones or family members then you can choose any of the movies mentioned above. Hope of movies will keep you entertained till we get back to you with a  bigger list, till then stay tuned for more latest updates. if you think this post is help full for you then share it for other people by clicking any sharing bottom. also you can comment us or you can give us any suggestion about this post or any other post of this website. we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Top 12 Best Skype Alternatives To Make Video and Conference Call & Chat 2020

There is no doubt that Skype is among the top-most Multimedia messaging app. It gives you the access to connect with billions of users from worldwide. And they are available for several platforms of devices which include Android, iOS & Windows PC and others. By using Skype you can connect with several people from any corner of the world. Earlier Skype has managed to earn huge followers right before Microsoft has purchased them back in the year 2011. And since then lots of users has been increasing from time to time and has become people’s favorite. But it happens to be that people loved to try out different and new things in their social life. Today we will share information with you regarding the Top 12 Best Alternatives of Skype To Make Voice Video and Conference Call & Chat. Check them out.

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There was a time when the popularity of Skype was like anything in all over the world. Most of the Smartphone users mostly rely on this multimedia messaging app to communicate with each other. And during those days it was the only app that offers tons of features and is absolutely free to use. But as the time goes by things have change there were more app available in the internet which offers similar features like that of Skype. And some messaging application tools are far way better than Skype App in many ways.

Here we have come up with lists of several apps that are similar to Skype which are just incredible to use. With these apps you can make video call or conference call for unlimited period of time. And send text messages as much as you want from any place you may belong or contact from. Check each of these Skype alternatives as they are described below in brief.

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List of Top 12 Best Alternatives of Skype 2020:

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1: Whatsapp

Whatsapp brings to you simple and reliable messaging services which is completely secure and safe. It comes with fast speed video and voice calling services that help you to connect people worldwide. Whatsapp supports in several platform of devices that includes Android, Windows PC or Mac, Windows phone and iOS device. This multimedia messaging app was mainly developed with an intention to make conversation easy and interact with business man. Most of your favorite moments can be shared on Whatsapp without any tension as it is built with end-to-end encrypted. Start limitless conversation with group and make it interesting by adding stickers and emojis to make the chat more fun. And you can easily share any format documents which includes PDF files and other documents formats. Share your thoughts by setting a status or simply by sending voice messages to your contacts. Make the conversations going on by sync all of your Smartphone contacts chat on your Widows PC.

2: Viber

Viber is the best app to have unlimited conversation with your loved ones. It helps you to stay in touch with your family, friend and share photos with them your favorite photos and videos as well. Speaking of the features of this app it has tons of it and is really impressive. Perform video calls or make audio calls into complete HD-quality at any moment you want.And you can delete any seen messages from the conversations that you make in your viber account. Also, create communities of your own with unlimited number of members and chat with them by sending stickers and emojis. Use viber in multiple platforms of devices and sync its history call and data. Make video or voice calls absolutely high quality for free without any limitations set. And the best thing about viber app is you can add chat extensions along with it to have more fun.

3: Talky

Talky is uncommon which is different from the rest of the messaging tools available from the Skype alternatives.Speaking of this messaging tool, it is completely based on the internet services and is filled with tons of features. Talky is available to use on platform such as iOS device and other devices. And to useit on your windows PC you can either for its web browser or use the video chat extension from Chrome Web Store. The most interesting thing about this messaging application tool is you can add participants of 15 members. It is perhaps the best way to connect with your friends and family from any corner of the world. Share screen of any of the conversations that you have with your friends and family.

4: We Chat

We chat gives you the access to connect with more than billions of people worldwide. Now you can also start to have unlimited chats and make chats conversations and lots more. It is design with user-friendly interface and is simple to use. We Chat is a free messaging app that keeps you connect with your closed one and other people. Send unlimited text or photos or voice messages, and record videos and share them with your friends and family. Create a group chat and discuss anything you wish to talk about and share your favorite moments. Send photo or videos to the contact list from your We Chat account and make their day. We chat app is currently available on two platform of device that includes iOS & Android device.

5: ooVoo

Are you looking for the best alternatives apps of Skype then ooVoo is the right choice for you. The best thing about the multimedia messenger app is that it allows you to make video calls of 7 friends at a time. Here you create or share videos with your closed persons or friends or colleagues from different region of the world. And you can talk with your favorite person face on face by making video calls for free. Share videos or send videos to your contact list and send unlimited text messages to your contacts. Check on the top most and trending chains of the network that is uploaded by your friend in this social network. Also, discover interesting contents and stay connected with your closed ones or friends in anytime you want. Speaking of the user-interface of this app it is friendly and is very easy to handle.

6: Hangouts

Hangouts App is perhaps an impressive messaging app available just for you. It is the best replacement of Skype app for your Smartphones for free with no charges included for getting the services. Into the group chat conversations you can include at least 150 people and have unlimited conversations. Also, you can make any conversations into a free group video call and then add like 10 contacts into it. Share your thoughts by setting your status or photos or sending stickers and emojis to your friends. And you make free voice calls to any person in your contact list from any country you are. To perform video or voice call all you have to do is connect your Google Account and then start to send text messages. The best thing about hangout app is you can broadcast it completely for free along with hangouts on air. And this one, there is no need to involve any installation of the third party applications. To start using it you need to sign uo your account for free with Google + account. And that’s it start enjoying its tons of features available in the messenger app tool.

7: Webex

If you are looking for an incredible tool that can give you best online meetings? We suggest you to install Webex on your desktop which is considered to be among the best communication tool available in the internet right now. By using this tool, you can connect in videos call and have face conversion with a maximum of 3 members. It is best for doing meetings and shares your ideas with your team members even they are far away from your office. This is the way to create connection and stay connected even when you are together, still you can discuss and continue your work. Webex tool supports video devices by which you can make connection and create great and never ending work discussions you want. Also, make connection from Cisco IP phones to Webex users for free at high quality videos.


Now make international calls at cheap rates with VOCA app in over 231 countries at high voice quality. It is design with clean interface and comes with smooth function and is free to use. VOCA is available to download in several platforms of devices that include Android and iOS device. And this messaging application is totally free to download by using it you can make free audio calls and video calls. The best thing about this app is you can make calls at landlines or mobile absolutely at cheap rates. By using this Skype alternatives app you can stay in touch with your loved and close ones at low rates. Send unlimited text or image and videos at any moment you want and there is no such thing as limitation set for it. Everything is encrypted in this messaging app tool and you can create multiple lists of contacts with completely no ads which is really great.

9: Uber Conference

Start making calls with the Uber Conference App without the requirement of PIN. You might have learnt that most of the people find really boring to type the PIN codes or dial-in numbers. The user-interface of the Uber Conference app is well maintained and is very easy to operate and handle. By using this application tool you can make scheduled calls and choose a meeting time. Speaking of the features it has tons of it which includes instantly scheduled Conferences and PINS are not necessary for organizer. Learn whether who is on the call and then record the free conferences or  control the participants and lots more.

10: Go To Meeting

Go To Meeting App allows you start or join a meeting with one single tap touch button. And you can view the presenter’s screen and video and the chat with your contacts lists in a group or personally. Make audio call for free and have unlimited voice conversation and then scheduled a meeting in a seconds. The best thing about Go To Meeting app is you can either join or host a meeting on any selected smartphone device or tablet. Also, share you screen with other team members when you are in a meeting and get alerts of the meetings.

11: VSee Messenger

VSee provides you the access to make group calls by adding 4 members in the group video calls. Share the screen of the video calls and send instant text messages regarding meeting in a group or individually. VSee messenger works even in poor networks and that include 3G and 4G connectivity and enjoy the app with no interruption of Ads. The best thing about this app is that it comes with API for integrating along with Telehealth and many other apps. Calls made in Vsee are encrypted and that allows keeping your data safe and secure. It is perhaps one of the best skype alternatives available for your selected smartphones devices.

12: Jitsi Meet

Jitsi meets provides you the access to stay in touch along with your entire team members. Stay always connected with your friends family or colleagues and make video conferences to discuss business. Here you can add limited number or uses which mean there are no restrictions set for the conference users. For being a part of Jitsi meet you don’t require account and this application tool comes as encrypted by default. Enjoy the high quality calls like voice and video calls without any interruption in the network. And you can use Jitsi meet by using the web browser without including any downloads.

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Final Thoughts:

Here are the complete information reading the Top 12 Best Alternatives of Skype To Make Voice Video and Conference Call & Chat. Now it is completely up to you which one of this above listed app you want to pick to have conversations with your colleagues or other contacts list.These messaging app will help you to stay connected with your family, closed ones and friends as well. Enjoy the unlimited voice calls or make video calls to have faced to face conversations and share any of your beautiful moments together. Share your favorite pictures personally with your contacts list or share them in a group to cherish your best moments together. Without wasting any more of your time choose any of these apps mentioned earlier in these pots. And you better instantly install to enjoy its excellent features and have text conversations like anything else before you enjoyed in Skype.

Top 30 Best Free Countdown Timer And Online Stopwatch 2020

Countdown timer and online stopwatch are very impotent things in our life. for our daily alarm usage, for morning weak up, to countdown any spacial time, or make some time memorable, countdown timer is a very useful things to count every second. we can use this to set timer 10 minutes, 5 minute timer, 20 minute timer or also we can use to set 1 hour timer as well. Here we will look at some of the best stop and count down apps. You can use this apps to either set time for you to get a work done on time or to even follow a workout routine at GYM. If you are thinking about getting any app that are really sue to use and that are available for then you have come to the right place. As we will be talking about free countdown timers and online stopwatch.

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So, without further delay let us have a look at the list of stop watch and countdown timer app that would work on your windows devices, MAC devices, android device and even online. To make things easier for you, we have categories the apps and software according to the need.

Best Free Online 5 Minute Timer, 10 Minute Timer, Timer 15 Minutes, 20 Minute Timer, Timer 30 Minutes, 1 Hour Timer, to Countdown Timer on Stopwatch Online:

Here are the list of top 30 best countdown timer and online stop watch that you can use every single day at work or at the gym or while working out. Utilize your time perfectly with these list of stop watches as well as countdown timers.

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Best Free Countdown Timer For PC (Windows & MAC):

This is a list of countdown timer and stop watch software that you can use on your Windows and MAC. All these software’s are easy to use and are available for free, so you don’t have to worry about spending a penny while downloading or using them.

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Count Down Kings Free Count Down Timer

First on this list of top 30 best free countdown timer we have an app for your windows & mac device. This is probably the best stop watch app that you can get for your devices at home. You can carry the app with yourself if you have a hand held windows device or laptop as well. The app features an amazing full screen stop watch count down timer that looks really cool and work perfectly. You can even set time for count down or put lap timer on this app.

Desktop Count Down Timer

This is yet another desktop timer app that you can get for yourself. If you want an stop watch and a lap timer that works perfectly but also comes at a compact size then this is the app for you. This app works perfectly with Windows devices. The app is so minimalistic that you can put it in a corner of your desktop window and start doing any work. This app is perfect for those who want to see their typing speed or want to see how fast they can complete their work be it typing or clearing level in game.

Time Left

Time left is an amazing app that offer you to use multiple stop watch and even lap timer watch at the same time. The best thing about this app is that you will be able to choose from a lot of theme and skin that the stop watch comes with. Whether you are using it for fun or in a professional way, you can find a lot of themes to choose from to blend it according to your work.

Ab Alarm

AB Alarm is complete alarm clock, stop watch and a lap timer watch for those who want it all in one watch app. This watch features Alarms that work even when you desktop or laptop is on sleep mode. You can also set count downs for yourself that can help you get rid of time lags while you are working. The app that you will see here are all free to sue so you will be enjoying the AB Alarm too for free. So if you are thinking about getting a countdown app for yourself for work then this is a really professional app that you can try on your desktop.

Free Timer

Free Timer app for you desktop is a minimalistic app that can help you get count down work done on the go. This is a really minimalistic app that you can use on your desktop. What makes this app so amazing is the color feature that you can customize according to your need. For example, if you want the count down to start as red and get green at half way and blue at end time then you can customize it easily. So if this is the app for your then you will need a Windows to use this app.

Visi Timer

Next on this list of best count down timer app for free is the Visi Timer. If you want a count down app for yourself that is cool and entertaining at the same time then this is the app for you. All other count down app will show you time and color change in timer count down but with Visi Timer you can set any image to blur out eventually as the time reduces. So for those who want to use a stop timer at home, the Visi Timer app is for you.


Snap timer is a great app for Windows device user. The app itself comes with many feature event when you will see a minimalist design of the app. The app is really potable and can be stored in any part of your desktop and then you can continue doing all your other works. If your PC or laptop doesn’t have much RAM or processing power then this app is for you as the Snap Timer doesn’t take up much RAM or processing power, which in turn helps you to run the app even when you are performing other work.

Free Windows Count Down Clock

Well, this is an app for those who want a cool count down app for their desktop. The app itself look really amazing as so you will be able to see different options like Click to change event, click to go to menu, drag to resize and even click to view events. The best feature of the app would be the event section that you can set for a long time like years back and watch the count down. So if you want a stop timer and a count down timer for yourself then this is the app that you need on your desktop.

Orzeszek Timer

The Orzeszek is a great stop watch app as well a count down timer for all those who are into sports. If you are going to use this app I recommend you use it when you are tracking a day out. You can set this mini stop watch or count down timer and enjoy taking a run. It is really easy to use with minimal out look which makes it really easy to use. The app is so simple that, you will also hardy notice any space taken by the app or RAM or even processor usage, this count down and stop watch is minimal at its best.

Final Countdown

Final countdown was one of my favorite initial app that I used as stop watch and count down timer. This is a really cool stop watch and a count down timer app as the app works even if the device that you are using it on is switched off (power should be connected). This app is only available for Windows system so far, so if you are thinking about using it on a MAC PC then use an emulator.

Free Countdown Timer

The Free Countdown timer app for Windows PC and laptop is a really good stop watch and count down timer app. You can set stop watch for on going events and even set count down for events that are about to happen. The best thing about this app is that, no matter that the event might be you will be able to view them all form on simple window. Wait but don’t think that this will make the app look fuzzy as the developers have kept the Free Count Down Timer app really simple to use.


AS the name implies, the For Off PC app is an app that allows even a turned off PC to restart to allow the stop timer or count down to work. If you are going to set count down timer for event that will happened weeks or year later, the PC will turn itself ON and let you known that you have a upcoming event or your time has run out for any specific event. You can set multiple stop watch event or count down event with For Free PC which isn’t available on many free count down apps.

MultiTrack StopWatch

Multi Track Stop watch is an adventure based stop watch that allows you to easily track multiple track updates. This is really great as you can go around in lap and simply press a button on the laptop and then the next stop timer will start another stop timer. So if you want something like the app that we have talked about here you can opt for the Multi Track Stop Watch.


This is the last app on this list of top free count down timer and stop watch apps for Windows. The Y Timer is really something that you would like to call a complicated stop watch as well a count down app that comes with all the features that you would probably need. What makes this app amazing is that, if you want a Windows count down app that comes loaded with features but you don’t mind it being a little complicated then this is the app that you want.

Best Free online alarm clock For Android Online Stopwatch:

This is a list of countdown timer and stop watch apps that you can use on your Android device. All these software’s are easy to use and are available for free on Google Play Store, so you don’t have to worry about spending a penny while downloading or using them.

Countdown Calendar Widget

Coming to Count down and Stop watch app that you would use on an android device then Count Down Calendar Widget is what you need. This is a great count down and stop watch app that you can custom to fit anywhere on your screen which means it will only take so much space on your screen as much as you want. You can customize the app to fit on 1×1 or 1×2 space which will not be much but at the same time will be enough for you to view customize the options easily.

Countdown Timer

This is as simple as an app would get. With Count Down app you will only be able to set count downs for your android. But don’t worry as this will be so simple that you will love using it every single day. Be it at work or at the track or where every you want to use it, the Count Down Timer is a great app to get through any work you want to get done in time. To make this even better, this app was first available for paid but now it is available for free and this is why it has made its way to our list of top 30 best free count down timer and stop watch list. So get this app if you want a simple get great app for your android device.

D-Day Reminder

D-Day Reminder is an app based on D Day game and series. Well this dopes mean it will show you the end day of humanity but you can use the app like one. Choose this app as you new count down app where you can perform many things like set count down for different events at once. One of the best features of the app is that you will be able to set different tones of count down for different events as well. This makes using and noting down events really fun.

Countdown Widget

This is yet another get count down app for android device that anyone would love to use. You can get this app on the Google Play store which means it would be really be easy to get. Moreover that this count down app for android is really free to download. So if you are thinking about getting a new app that can help you track your time while you  are working or train at gym then this is the app.

Days Until – countdown

Days until is a count down app for android device that is available for free on the play store. If you are an athlete who want to track their progress around the alp or even at work where you would try to finish a piece of work in time then this count down app would be what you need.

My Day – Countdown Timer

This is yet another count down app that will help you track and get count down detail on you mobile device itself. This is a simple count down app that you can use every single day without paying a penny.

Interval Timer

Well, now we will be talking about few of the best stop watch and count down apps that you can use during your workout session at the GYM. The app comes with many feature that is perfect for any GYM workout session like setting 30 sec and 1 minute gap counter and stop watch timer. This can be really handy if you are new at gym or even when you are following strict GYM routine.

Stopwatch and Timer

The Stop Watch and timer app for android device is a great app that you can sue at work or outside. Are you into typing then this is a great app to help you finish a piece of work in time, you will get notified after every 20 second or 1 minute or even 2 minute as you need.

Impetus Interval Timer

This is a count down timer app that allows you to easily get timer as well as set stop watch time with just a click. Well, you can preset any time of the stop watch which you use now and then you can use it any time you want when you are in hurry. What makes this app even more amazing is that you will be able to use the stop watch as well as the count down timer at the same time if you are using count down for one task and stop watch for other task.

Runtastic Workout Timer App

The Runtastic is the perfect workout Timer app that you can use when you want an app to track your progress or workout session. This a perfect workout app that you can use at gym and with feature that can easily reset timer without the need to touch your android device every time. This makes using the app really easy as you will be pre-setting all the time you need to follow in advance.

Exercise Timer

Last on our list of android stop and count down app for exercising it the Exercise Timer app. This app is also available on the Google Play store for free. This app can be used by anyone as it has a simple interface that won’t be much hassle to use. Even if this app misses the preset offered by other workout apps, you can still set timer when you are working out as it is really easy. So with that being that said, you are now ready to easily gain new motivation at gym or at the field going laps and advancing with these advance count n down and stop watch.

Best Online Stopwatch & Countdown Timer:

This is a list of countdown timer and stop watch software that are available online. All these stop watch sites are easy to use and are available for free, so you don’t have to worry about spending a penny while using them online.

Online Stopwatch

Here with Online Stop Watch .com being our journey of online stop watches. The apps that we are going to talk here are all online apps, so you will not need to download any app, simply visit the site and you will get a stop watch ready for use. With Online Stop Watch .com.

Time And Date

Time and date is yet another get online stop watch as well count down app that you can use anytime you want. The interface of the site is really cool to look at and even better to use as a new online stop timer user. So if you are thinking about sing a new stop watch online then this is what you need.

Stopwatch Online Timer

Stop is yet another great site to set new stop timer on any device you use. So no matter if you are using laptop or PC or Smartphone you can visit this site to easily use the online stop watch.

XNote Stopwatch

Next on this list of online stop watch is the XNotestopwacth This is a classical stop watch site which you can visit to count down any stop watch count down from 30 sec, 60 sec, 5 minute timer, 10 minute timer, timer 15 minutes, 20 minute timer, timer 30 minutes, 1 hour timer and more.

Set Alarm Clock

Last on this list of 30 best count down timer as well as online stop watches is the Online Clock Here you will find a clock which you can use along the cursor to set time or even count down to create a new timer or count down session.

To Conclude It:

So these were the list of the top 30 best free countdown timer as well as online stop watches. So if you have liked this list of apps and software then leave a comment below on which was your favorite. And if you find any of the app to be un-functional then let us know and we will update our list ASAP. With that being said let us conclude our list of some awesome countdown timers and best online stopwatch right here. Enjoy.

Top 35 Best Free Movie Downloads Sites To Download Full Movies 2020

Everybody loves to watch movies online or offline, no one can deny it. In this era, watching movies by streaming online has become more like a trend or simply the best option to watch movies. People love to spend time to watch series online and watching movies sitting at their home or while travelling. Now you can watch your favorite movies anytime and anyplace you want. All you need to do is stream or download the movies by using your smartphone or laptop. Here we have come up with a list of the Top Best Sites to Download Movie Online. In the internet, you might have come across with many websites that does not offer any free movie download option. But just for you, we have come up with a list of the best websites that gives you free access of movie downloads.

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Now by visiting any of this free movie downloading websites, you can enjoy unlimited watching unlimited videos of TV-series and latest movies. Say goodbye to the boring websites that requires per movie or monthly subscription charges to watch or download movies and TV series. Finally the waits are over and check out the list that is given below in brief.

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List of Best Free Movie Downloads Sites To Download Full Length Movies Without Registration With Guide:

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Movie Couch

First on this list of 35 best sites to download movies is the Movie Couch. Movie is the best site that I have come across recently. And this site has turned out to be my favorite places to download movies from. No matter movies that you want to download from, be it action, comedy, thriller or any other, you can be sure to find the movie right here. You can find the latest movies as well as older movies to download from. So this is the reason why this site is at the top.

House Movie

House Movie is the best place to watch movies online either by downloading them or watching online. Here you can pick to watch any latest movies in HD quality or steam it. Never miss a single episode of your favorite TV-Serials and keep yourself update with the stories. The website offers you to download or watch movies and TV Series of different genre. Also read on the articles that are based on the movies or actors and lots more. is one of the people’s favorite website that has thousand numbers of viewers and visitors every day. The video library website contains countless number of videos and that includes several genres of movies and TV-Series too.  Watch the top most popular TV-Serials from several countries like South Korea, Japan and china too. To search movies very fast and easily you can type the name of it into the search engine. Download any of your favorite movies of all time or latest movies that are added recently in the website.

Solar Movie

Visit the Solar movie website to watch the latest movies by download it. It offers to you high quality movie downloads option of different genres. Check on the movies searching by country wise like US, Japan, Ireland, India and many other countries in the list. Watch your favorite TV-Series downloading the videos on your computer or smartphone along with subtitles. And make a movie add-request if you are not able to find the videos that you are looking for.

Watch Movies Free

Watch Movies Free TV is one of the best website in this list of download free movies online.  Right before to choose to watch the available movies from the website. Check on the trailer and read the movies description. And choose the option to stream in the movies in HD or download in HD quality. Also check on the list of the upcoming movies and news. Search for the movies by year or Top IMDB or country-wise.

My Download Tube

My Download Tube is a different website in this list of free movies downloading website. Not only, can you download movies from here at the same time you will get game for free. The website gives you the free access to download latest HD movies. Check on the trailer of the movie in the first place and then you can wither stream or download it. The search engine will allow you to make a quick search for any videos or game you wish to download.

Movie Flixter

Movie Flixter is an impressive website that offers high quality movie downloads and best choice for you. Here you can check on the upcoming movies that are about to release and watch the best rated movies. Download the latest TV-Series and movies and watch them in HD quality. The video libraries are well-arranged with different types of genres. Also you will able to enjoy watching movies by streaming them online.

Movie DLL

MOVIE DLL is one of the most unique movie downloading sites with many download links. Enjoy 1080p quality of video from this free video downloading website that includes movie and TV-Series. It is well arranged with several types of genres of movies and movies are arranged by its genres. You can also check on the list of most downloaded movies that will give you the idea to download the files. The website is always updated with the latest movies that are released.

Go Movies

Love watching the latest movies or TV-Shows then Go Movies are definitely the right place for you. Watch movies as much as you want be it latest movies or TV shows or animation movies. If you are getting confused which movies to watch then you can check on the movies suggest that are listed. Also check on the recommended movies or top rated IMDB and most watched movies of the month. The videos qualities are available in HD to be watched or downloaded.

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123 Movies OK

123moviesok is a free download movie and TV Shows downloading website. You will get every type of movies and shows of different genre like action, horror, comedy, etc. Check on the movies set by its year wise and top rated IMDB as well. Also watch the most trending movies that are going on into the website of 123 movies OK. Either watch the movies or watch them later by downloading into offline mode.

Divx Crawler

If you love watching old or classic movies then Div Crawler is the best site for you to download free movies. The movies that are available to download that are in the format of DVD, DivX codec and lot more. Not only that you can also download have free music videos formed this website. It is design very simply and provided with easy file downloadable links.


World4ufree has a huge collection of movies that includes both Bollywood and Hollywood movies. Apart from that you can watch the latest and popular TV shows. The movies qualities are available into 720 format and 480p to watch them in online or offline mode. The design of the website is very simple and the videos categories are well arranged. By using the search engine you can make a quick search of any videos that you wish to download.

YIFI Movies

YIFY Movies is an excellent movie downloading website in this list of download free movies. It allows you to download HD quality movies into small file size. Here you can browse huge collection of movies and they are available to download in brilliant quality that includes 720p and 1080p. Also you will get 3D quality of movies video which is cool. The downloading of the files is done in a very fast speed and this website let you enjoy different genre of movies. Before downloading any movie you can read the IMDB ratings and watch the trailer too.

Xpau.Se is well designed with a very simple web page. The website has four different categories of movies that are latest, TV Series, Movies and Episodes, etc. Choose any out of the four categories and watch the movies by downloading it. Before you pick to watch movies you can check on the movie details and quality. Apart from that in every movie or TV shows download link trailer is provided into it. Now never miss even a single episode of your favorite TV serials and keep update with the story.

SD Movies Point

SD Movies Point is one of the best sites to download movies online for free. It provides you movie download options be it from Hollywood or Bollywood. The most interesting about this website is that it allows you to download dual audio movies. Never miss out even single movies that are released recently. Speaking of the genre of the downloadable movies it has lots to offers to the viewers. To make it easier for you to search movies the website has arranged the videos by year wise. The download size of the file is very small and with best picture quality.

Movies Counter

Next on this list is the Movie Counter which offer with a lot of latest movies to download from. One of the best thing about the Movie Couch site is that you will be able to find every movie that you are searching for in a jiffy. The site is really user friendly and so it is easy to search for any genre of movies, you can even choose to search for movies based on different genre all together like romantic and tragedy or war and Comedy … sounds great right.. Well with movie counter you can definitely enjoy a wide variety of movies.


SSR Movies

Coming to SSR Movies, we have listed this site on the 3rd now as in our list of top 10 best movies we listed it on the top but with recent update, SSR Movies has lagged a bit. But not to worry, as SSR still provides with a lot of movies be it old or latest movies.  So if you want a great place to download your favorite movies then this is the site that you need.  SSR Movies also provides with a good interface so if you are new to site you can still easily find what you need.


If you are into the latest movies then you will defiantly love Movie 4 star. This site is well known for its amazing collection of movies as well as TV shows.  You can download any of the movies on the site for free. We are saying that you can download all movies for free because it contain many movies that are premium and only available on Netflix.  But with Movie 4 Star, you can enjoy all the premium TV shows and movies for free.  So visit this site right now by clicking on the link below.

Fou Movies

Fou Movies is also a great site to download great quality movies. With fou movies you will get all the old movies that you will definitely love to watch from. One of the best feature of Fou Movies is that, you will have the freedom to download any movie you want for free. There are also a lot of genre of movies that you can choose to watch from like Action, comedy, Romance, tragedy and much more.  So no matter what kind of movie you are into or what mood you are in you will definitely find a movies to download from.


Movies 123 is an Indian based movie site which offers with many languages of movie that you can download and watch from. So if you are already from India then this is a totally legal site to download movies from. You will get amazing quality of movies starting from mobile quality like 360p or 480p and even HD movies like 720p and 1080p. So,  if you want to watch movies in high quality then this site should be your first choice.

HD Popcorn

HD Popcorn is a well-known movie download site to watch from. You might have already seen the HD Popcorn movie logo watermark in many movies as HD Popcorn offer with launching the latest movies with great quality. So if you are also searching for a good site to download movies for free then HD Popcorn is the best site you can visit right now. Moreover that this site offers with TV series to download from like Netflix content and more.

World Free 4 U

World Free 4 U is a movie download site which offers with downloading much more then movies like it is named. Here this site offer with the latest movies in HD as well as in CAM quality for those who can’t wait to watch the latest or their long waited movie.

HD Movies Point

Next on this list of free movie download site is the HD Movies Point. I personally love this site for how little ads they have infused on their site. The interface of the site is also great and you can be sure to find any genre of movies to watch from.  So if you are thinking about downloading a new movie to watch with your loved one on this Valentine then this is site for you.  You can search for any movies based on genre like romantic, comedy and much more.

Ocean of Movies

Coming to the end of top in this list is the Ocean of Movies official site. This is definitely one of those movies downloading site which offers with a really tidy website interface for new visitors.  And more over that, Ocean of Movies also has been loaded with some of the most amazing movies of all time that you can watch anytime you want. Search for movies by name of the movie, actors, genre, language, and even year of release. So you can see why the Ocean of Movie is on our list of best movie download site for free.

300 MB Movies

The 300 MB movies site is just what it is named after. This site is also another mobile based free movie downloading site that you can visit any time to start downloading movies. And as the name of the site implies, you will get movie in standard quality starting from as low as 300MB. So if you are a movie watcher on mobile devices like smartphones or tablets then this site is for you.


F movies is a movies,  TV shows and series downloading site which is well known for their huge quantity of movies and series.  With F movies you can easily download movies and TV shows for free. The interface of the site is user friendly too so even if you are a new visitor to the site, you can easily search and find anything like Movies,  TV shows and series to download from. F Movies is definitely one of those site that will never disappoint you as you will find sometimes to download every time you visit this site.

Movies Pur

We are right way on our list of top free movie download site ye tall these site that we have been talking  about are worth a visit no matter what kind if movie you want to watch. So, here is yet another amazing site to download movies from namely “Movies Pur”. Movies Pur is a great site to download movies from as they offer with many classical movie dating back to 80’s. And if you are into the latest movies as well, you can find it right here too.  You can also download TV shows and premium series from Netflix for free on Movies Pur official site

Bob Movies

Next on this list is the Bob Movies official site.  This is a great site to download quality movies from.  Be it the latest movie that has been released a few days back as it will be available in CAM recorder version and as soon as there is a better quality you will find it here too.

Movies No Limit

Movie NO Limit is a new free movie download site which has been catching up with many leading movie download sites. One of the best feature of this site is that you can register to the site to get notification on which new movie has been added to the list and also in what quality so if you want you can visit the site right away to download it. You can also request for any movie that you like but which isn’t there on the site.

Download Any Movie

Download any Movie is a great place to download movies for free online. The download any movie site offer with the latest movies and this is how the site is working to get to the top as they provide with movies even after 1 day after release. So if you are someone who can’t wait to watch their favorite movie not caring about the quality then this site is for you.

1337X Movies

1337x Movies is a well known site which has some of the best old movies and also they update their site with latest movies quite often.  But as recently the site has been seen to be down or unreachable many times, so their ranking has dropped drastically. But don’t worry as if you are thinking about getting any movie like old or new you can easily find it here

Archive Movies

Archive Movies is a public domain site where you can find any movie you want. This site is so great for those who want to watch a random movie. The community of the Archive Movies will help you find all the new and old movie that you can enjoy watching. The best thing about the site is that you can also upload a movie which you made.

Loaded Movies

Loaded Movies is a great site for movie lovers. No matter what movie might it be, you will be able to find the movie on this site.So if you are thinking about watching a movie that isn’t there on the site, you can simply send a request email to the site developers and they will upload your movie for free ASAP.

OK Punjab

Ok Punjab is an Indian site where you can find some of the best Punjabi Songs of all time.  There are also a list of Bollywood as well Hollywood movies that you can watch from.  If you are from India then you definitely need to visit this site as you can find many movie that are made based on cheap budget but are great to watch


These are the details information and complete list of the Top 35 Best Sites to Download Free Movies Online. Visit any of the listed above website to enjoy watching movies and TV series by streaming or downloading. Each of these movies downloading site is filled with HD quality and different format of videos which is compatible with any devices. Enjoy watching unlimited and latest videos absolutely for free. Also you can share your feedback or any suggestion in comment section. also you can share this post for other people if you think this is helpful post, by any sharing media icon.

Top 15 Best Cartoon Creator Sites To Create Your Own Cartoon 2020

Sketching your friends and making their sketches and avatars was the funniest thing when we were kids. It’s still the fun but no one has the time to indulge in hobbies. Peoples like to watch cartoon online and offline. Everyone is looking for easiest way to create cartoons. Especially after the increased use of the Internet, there are many cartoon creators sites, that’ll help you to create cartoons and avatars from one photo. The top cartoon creator sites just need the photo from which you want to create a cartoon or the avatar. Just upload a photo of your friend for yourself and you’ll get an awesome cartoon within few seconds.

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If you love to create an avatar from a photo, then you should definitely bookmark any of the best cartoon and avatar creator websites, that I am going to list down here. Here are some of the best cartoon avatar maker sites you should keep them bookmarked and make some awesomely animated cartoon avatars of your photos.

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Best Cartoon Creating Software & Websites To Create Cartoon Online For Free:

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The Cartoon.Pho.To is one of the best cartoon avatar maker website, that allows you to make any photo into a cartoon. You can put the photos of nature, abstract images or photo of yourself to turn it into a colored sketch. The Cartoon.Pho.To is the best site which provides you with the perfect cartoon images from the provided input image. This site is not just the cartoon maker, but it provides different features too.

The most popular feature is the Face Morphing feature. When you provide the portrait of yourself or of your friends, you can change the emotions on the face of that portrait. That’s the funniest and most population feature on this site.

The is a fantastic online cartoon maker site. On this site, you can use your imagination and create multiple avatars of yourself. The site does not accept any kind of photos but provides you multiple templates of the face shapes, beards, mustaches, eyes, eyebrows and what not. Using those, you can easily create cartoon avatar of yourself.

This Avatar Maker site is one of the most popular sites because of the customization features you get access to. You can imagine your face and create and cartoon avatar on this site. The site is best for creating cartoon images of yourself for the purpose of keeping it as Display Profile on various social network sites.

Build Your Wild Self

The Build Your Wild Safe is also one of the best online cartoon maker website, that helps you to create cartoon avatars of yourself. But, this site hosts some unique features, which will make your cartoon avatar different from others. On this site, you can create cartoon online with the use of animal body parts.

As the name suggests, this site helps you create your cartoon image with the addition of the animal body parts instead of human body parts. So, you can create some wild cartoon selfies or portraits, which are way better and funnier than the others.

If you are an Anime series lover, then you should definitely check out this fantastic site. On the CustomAnime, you can create your anime avatar online for free. The site provides you with different face shapes and human body parts variations, that you can arrange and create online anime avatar for yourself.  The CustomAnime is one of the most popular anime avatar creator full body site within the anime lovers community.

On this site, you are not just limited to creating an anime avatar. The CustomAnime has multiple sister websites, which helps you to create avatars from famous cartoon series like the South Park. The is one of the best anime avatar maker online for die-hard anime lovers.

Avachara Avatar

The Avachara Avatar is currently one of the best online avatar maker sites on the internet. This is one of my favorite sites, where I create funny avatars of my friends and obviously myself. If you are interested in making some high-quality cartoons online, then you should bookmark this website in the browser. On the Avachara avatar, you can start creating cartoons online with the help of multiple customization features.

First, you have to choose the gender of the avatar or cartoon you are going to make. Then start customizing the face shape, nose shape, eyes, eyebrows, hairs, moustache and many other minute facial details. The site hosts multiple variations of the minute facial details, so you can adjust the details according to your choice.

The FaceYourManga is one of the most popular websites to make cartoons online. The FaceYourManga has the most beautiful UI, which is also easy to understand and use. On this site, you can create multiple cartoon and manga avatars of yourself. The site comes with multiple customization features, that are not available in the other cartoon yourself online sites.

With the variety of options from Face Shapes, Nose Shapes, Eyes, Clothes and additional accessories, you can customize your cartoon avatar and download the image to share it with your friends or keep it as the Display Picture on social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter. Not just the Social media, you can make the cartoon avatar public and share it with the FaceYourManga users. Isn’t that fantastic?

Marvel SuperHero Avatar

With the Deadpool 2 and Avengers: Infinity War movies hitting the theaters, you should show your love to the Marvels comics universe by creating Marvel Superhero avatar online. The Marvel Comics has created this online tool on their site to help the fans create customized online marvel superhero avatar for free.

On this site, you can create the mixture of all superheroes from Marvel Comics like the Spider-Man, Ironman, Captain America, Spider Gwen and Whatnot. Also, you can create cartoon avatar of a new superhero combining the elements from all of the superheroes. So don’t waste time if you’re a Marvel Comics fan.

Portrait Illustration Maker

Tired of wasting time on creating and customizing the cartoon avatars online? Want some random avatars to spam the internet and social media? Want random avatars for keeping it as DP on WhatsApp? Well, the Portrait Illustration Maker is here to help you. On this site, you’ll get some Random cartoon and Anime avatars instantly. The site creates random cartoons with the combination of available minute details library.

You can easily download the Random cartoon image as a profile picture. But, if you want to customize the randomly generated Portrait Cartoon, then you can do so with the access facial details feature. This is one of the most interesting cartoon avatar creator sites. is the professional cartoon portrait maker site. On this site, you can create the cartoon portraits for the photo, print them and gift them to your loved ones. This is the premium site which provides the service of creating and printing of cartoon avatar portraits.

The professional artists of the will create cartoon portraits with the provided photo, print the same and Ship it to you or your friends with the beautiful frame around the photo. This is the professional site so if you are looking for some ultra high-quality Cartoon Avatars, then you should visit

The is one of the best cartoon makers from the photo. If you are interested in cartooning yourself for fun, then you should visit the On this site, you just have to upload your photo in portrait mode, crop it properly and then click on Cartoonize. The site will create a cartoon from photo within few seconds.

On the Cartoonize, you can create Realistic cartoons from the photo. In my opinion, the is one of the best realistic cartoon makers online. The has their proprietary cartoon software for PC, which helps you to create cartoons on your PC. The Software comes with a one-time license and available on site to purchase.


The PicassoHead is the best site to create painting portraits online. As you know, the Picasso was one of the best painters in the world, who gave us fantastic paintings. On this site, you can create the cartoons using the Picasso Paintings as a baseline. The site has the library of the Picasso painting styles and brushes and other facial details, which help you to create cartoons online with Picasso like Precision.

The real painting lover will definitely love this site. The Picasso-Like Paintings and Avatars are the best for you as the art lover.


The DoppelMe is an interesting and minimalist online cartoon creator site. On this site, you can create a cartoon avatar online with minimum input. With their WYSIWYG editor for creating cartoons, you are provided with the vast variety of facial details, which you can choose and customize the avatar.

To create Realistic cartoon online, you just need to visit the site, select the Gender and color of the character and then proceed to customize eyes, beard, hair, face shape and all other minute details. Finish creating the cartoon portrait and download the image to use it as the Social Media Display Picture or print and frame it to keep on your desk.

The is the ultimate online cartoon maker and online meme maker website. On this site, you can create various cartoon characters of your own or create memes easily. With their drag and drop editor, the users have access to a variety of elements to play with.

As a dedicated Cartoon creator site, the has the variety of cartoon sketches, text bubbles, meme text editor and others, you can easily create the funny cartoons online and share them as memes.

The Cartoonify is an underrated realistic cartoon creator site on the internet. The site is pretty simple and has the easiest editor to create cartoon characters for yourself. You just need to have the solid imagination or the photo by your side to create 3D cartoon avatar of anyone. Just choose from the vast library of the face shapes, face colors, body hairs, facial hairs, eye, accessories and other minute details.

Customize the base avatar provided with the available customization options and you are ready with your lovely cartoon avatar. The Cartoonify is the best cartoon creator site if you are interested in cartoon avatars for WhatsApp and Facebook DP’s.

South Park Avatar Creator

The South Park is one of the most popular Cartoon TV series nowadays amongst the youngsters. The South Park Cartoon series features some cute cartoon characters, which looks pretty realistic. The South Park Fans are mad behind the online south park avatar creator sites,  that lets them customize the avatar in South Park Cartoon series character format.

The Official site of South Park Cartoon series provides the fun cartoon maker online. With the library of all of the facial details from the series, the users can easily create and customize an avatar based on the South Park characters. It’s a great and official resource for this Cartoon series lovers.

Final Words | Best Cartoon Creator Sites | Best Avatar Makers Online:

So, these are some of the best and top cartoon creator sites. Just visit the site and explore the features and experiment with them to come up with the best cartoon avatar of yourself. It’s always better to experiment while creating online cartoon avatars. Just try different facial details from DIY cartoon creator sites. Otherwise, the sites will create cartoons from photos provided by you.

Top 10 Best Anime Apps For Android To Watch Anime Online 2020

No matter what age group you belong to, watching anime can never get old. There are many ways for entertainment like watch movies online, also there are some free sports streaming sites to watch sports online, some people love to watch series online free, but watching anime is the very famous and popular way to enjoy our self.  As an anime lover myself I always watch new anime series that has been released online. There is a huge collection of sites to watch anime in HD but watching anime on android device can be a great deal. So, if you also want to know about few of the best apps to watch anime on your android device then this article will help you out. As today I will talk about top 10 best anime apps for android 2020 to watch anime online.

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Yes, there are a lot of site that you can visit to watch your favorite anime shows, series and movies but wouldn’t it be much more helpful if you have apps to watch anime on your android device? Well, you can start watching the anime shows while traveling or anytime when you are free. All these anime apps for android comes with lot of features as well which you won’t be able to enjoy on websites itself.

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So, without further delay, let us now have a look at the list of top 10 best anime apps for android 2020 to watch anime online. We will also talk about the features that you would love to enjoy using these apps.

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List of Best Anime Apps For Android 2020 For Anime Lovers:


First on this list of best apps to watch amine on android devices is the Funimation official app. The app is available on the Google Play Store for free as well in a paid version. Funimation is a great source to watch anime from who are new to watching anime as most of the content here is in dubbed version. So if you are new or old to anime you will defiantly love the dubbed versions of your anime shows. As I have told earlier, the Funimation app comes in both paid as well in free version. So let us have a look at that too.

With the free version of the funimation app you can enjoy some of the well-known anime’s for free in decent video quality. As any free version of offers with, the content here will be watchable on your smartphone. But if you want a high quality content with unlimited about of anime shows, series and movies then you can get the premium membership for $5.99 per month or $59.99 for a year subscription. Both the paid and the free version comes with same features like downloading and resume option for any anime video that you want to watch from.


Next on this of amine apps for android is that Crunchyroll app. This is the biggest rival of Funimation app which comes with many feature as well similar to Funimation. Crunchyroll offer with huge list of anime’s to watch from in subbed as well a dubbed version. Through there are less dubbed version,. If you love watching anime in their native language with subtitle then this is where you can get great anime content. Also subbed version of anime are available here faster than dubbed version on any other site or app.

Crunchyroll also comes in both paid as well free version. The collection of animes that you will be able to enjoy from with the paid version is huge compared to free version. The premium membership of Crunchyroll comes at a price of $11.99 per month. Though the cost may seem a little high but you can enjoy unlimited anime shows, series and movies download as well. The only thing that you need to keep in mind while using Crunchyroll is their limitation of anime that is released based on country content restriction.


Viewster is free source for watching anime on your android device. Viewster content of anime is available for completely free which means you will have no hidden cost whether you are watching anime in HD or low resolution. The amount of anime series, shows and movies available here might now be as huge as other apps but all the content is available for free. The anime that you can watch from here will be in DVD or HD quality which makes watching anime on tablet really interesting.

The app has a great interface which makes using this anime app for android really easy to use for new users. Viewster is an anime streaming app which also means you won’t be able download the content which is a short drawback of using free anime watching app.

Anime Crave

If you want to stream from huge collection of anime which comes in both SD and HD quality then Anime Crave is for you. Anime Crave was first launched in 2003 and it has over 3000 different animes to watch from. Anime Crave is available for multiple platforms like android, iOS, PC as well as Amazon Fire TV etc. Anime Crave is available for free as well as in a premium membership for a price of $4.99 per month. So if you love using the free version of Anime Crave when you can switch for the premium version which is available for a low price with HD content as well as unlimited download option.


Animania is a 3rd party anime app for android users. The app is available completely for free but you won’t be able to find the app on the Play Store itself, you will need to download the app from an open source which we have linked below. With Animania you can enjoy watching all those legendary anime shows like Naruto, Dragon Ball Z, One Piece, and much more. Thought eh app is available for free, the app itself looks and free premium with popular, latest, Browse from any other categories of anime to watch from. As a free anime app you can find the app to be not working sometime but all the content that you will get here will be in HD and has basically all the anime that you can watch on a premium account.


AnimeLabis a light version of their official AnimeLab official site. The app is available for free which comes with many anime’s to watch from. You can enjoy HD anime content of the latest as well as decade old anime shows. AnimeLab is available for different OS device like Google Chrome cast, Apple TV, PS, SXOX as well as android and iOS devices. AnimeLab comes with many free HD anime content so you will need to lookout for the ads that you will need to watch after every episode that you watch.


If you want premium anime to watch from then nothing can be better then Netflix. Netflix comes with a prices and isn’t available for free but the content of anime that you will be able to find here isn’t available anywhere else. Yes, you heard it right, Netflix has their own list of anime’s to watch from in HD quality as well. Anime’s on Netflix is available in both subbed as well in dubbed version and with Netflix subscription you can enjoy new and upcoming anime’s to watch from.

Anime TV

Anime TV is an anime watching app that is available for free on the Google Play Store. Anime TV is one of those free anime apps that not only offer with huge collection of anime’s to watch from but also lets you download them in HD. Anime TV has both subbed as well as dubbed version of the latest anime’s that are launched like Dragon Ball super and Baruto. So if you want to use an app that offers with free HD anime content as well some with no legal issues then this is app for you. I recommend that you get the app and start using it as Google Play-store is still analysis then app for any premium to free content after which the app might be unavailable on Google Play Store.

Watch Anime

Watch Anime app is now unavailable on the Google PlayStore for legal issues but the app still offers with amazing anime content. With over 7000 different anime to watch from, Watch Anime is still available as a 3rd party android app for free. There is a limited amount of anime that has been dubbed or subbed but all the latest anime that you watch from will be available here.

Viz Media

Last on this list of top 10 best anime apps for android to watch anime online is the Viz Media. This is an app that offer with the latest anime news as well as links to the watch the latest anime releases. You can even checkout the manga version of your favorite anime with Viz Media. So if you want an app to keep yourself updated with the latest anime show as well as to watch trailer of new anime or anime which is released then Viz Media is what you need.


So these were the list of the top 10 best anime apps for android to watch anime online. All these apps are working but if you are facing any problem while using any of the app then let us know and we will replace the app with a new one. Whether it is a free or a paid anime app that you want to use for watching your favorite anime shows from, this list of free as well as paid anime app will defiantly help you out. If you think this post is helpful then fill free to share it for other persons by clicking your favorite sharing button, also you can give us your valuable feedback, comment, suggestion or any complaint about this post in comment section to make us better.

Total Energy Diet Forskolin – 100% Must Read This Before Buying

You might wonder why is it so damn difficult to lose weight. The moment you seem to be getting a bit leaner, suddenly you fall off the wagon again. Sometimes, it happens that for one month you shed down a few pounds and in the next few months you are back with that bulged out fatty deposits. Getting in that perfect body shape can be one of the most tedious tasks that you can ever face. But, here we are with the most effective solution to this problem of obesity. It is Total Energy Diet Forskolin weight loss supplement which will definitely help you in cutting down your extra fat and make you slim.

Total Energy Diet Forskolin is what you are looking for in order to obtain some amusing results. This is what you can rely upon to meet a deadline such as your wedding, for achieving that targeted figure. This supplement will help you reach your fitness goals quickly and also improves your overall health. Let us know more about this product and learn how these magical pills actually work.

What Is Total Energy Diet Forskolin?

Total Energy Diet Forskolin as the name suggests contains forskolin as its major ingredient. It also contains Garcinia Cambogia which is a natural extract used in Ayurveda for the treatment of various medical conditions including weight loss. This product helps burn out your additional fat deposits and make you lean and toned. With the regular use, this formula can help you attain perfect weight and health. This also boosts up your confidence by enhancing your looks and personality.

Total Energy Diet Forskolin is an excellent remedy for suppressing your appetite. It can be the best cure for emotional eating disorders or overeating. It keeps you full even after consuming very fewer calories. This prevents the accumulation of fat cells in your body keeping you thin. This formula burns up your stored fat and changes it into energy fulfilling the requirements of your body, increasing your overall vitality. It also helps in the improvement of the health of your heart, mind and digestive system.

Some Remarkable Benefits Of Total Energy Diet Forskolin

This amazing weight reduction recipe not only causes weight loss but also provides you with various other health benefits. Its all natural ingredients are extracted from naturally grown plants and are used widely in medical treatments of numerous diseases. Some of the major advantages of Total Energy Diet Forskolin are given below:

  • It increases the level of your energy – It helps your body to undergo the process of ketosis faster in which the extra fat is transformed into energy, increasing your energy levels.
  • It keeps you mentally alert – An ongoing motivation is vital to stay on your weight loss journey. So, this supplement has the ability to enhance your mental alertness and keeps you motivated.
  • It improves the functioning of your digestive system – Your stomach plays an important role in reducing your body weight. You can only shed down your extra weight if your digestion is at its peak. So, Total Energy Diet Forskolin also improves your digestive system.

Ingredients Of Total Energy Diet Forskolin

If you wish to use any product, you must have a look at its basic composition. So, in order to know more about its effectiveness, let us see what this amazing product is actually made of:

  • Forskolin – This ingredient of Total Energy Diet Forskolin helps in the reduction of cholesterol in your blood and burns up extra fat to produce an adequate amount of energy.
  • Coffee Extract – This keeps you active and thus, improves your mental abilities. It helps you stay relaxed and motivated to stay on your weight loss track.
  • Hydroxycitric acid – This ingredient works as an appetite suppressor. Its main purpose is to cut down your hunger cravings and hence, reducing the excessive calorie intake.
  • Lemon Extract – This is another useful ingredient of Total Energy Diet Forskolin which makes this supplement effective and useful. It eliminates all the toxins from your body and cleanses your stomach.

All in all, we can say that all the product’s ingredients are natural and effective in weight loss. They all play a vital role in keeping you lean, healthy and slim.

Are There Side Effects Of Total Energy Diet Forskolin?

Before using any product, you must make sure that it is completely safe for you. So, you might be thinking whether this supplement causes any side effects or not. Total Energy Diet Forskolin is a weight reduction supplement which is formulated under the keen supervision of some expert health professionals. Each and every ingredient of this recipe is pure and natural. It does not contain any chemical additives or fillers. Therefore, it is absolutely free from any negative effects. You may not experience even a single adverse effect from utilizing these amazing weight loss pills. However, there are certain precautions that must be taken before you use Total Energy Diet Forskolin. These precautions are mentioned below:

  • This supplement should not be taken by breastfeeding or pregnant ladies.
  • It is only meant to be taken by adults and people below 18 years of age must avoid its consumption
  • In case you are already taking any other weight loss supplement, you must not start Total Energy Diet Forskolin pills at the same time.
  • Avoid taking the overdosage of this product as it may cause you certain side effects.

Where To Buy Total Energy Diet Forskolin?

This is one of the most important questions that may concern you. Total Energy Diet Forskolin weight loss pills cannot be found on any local retail store. So, if you wish to own a pack of this supplement, you need to visit the official website of its manufacturing company. There, you can learn more about this product, post your queries and also place your order. The company also provides you with a trial offer and a money back guarantee, which in itself is an incredible offer. You may also go directly to their website by clicking on the link given below this article. So, go ahead and get ready to flaunt your fit and toned body!

Bottom Line

Total Energy Diet Forskolin is a weight loss supplement which is absolutely natural. It is a multitasking supplement which plays some really effective roles for your health. It not only reduces your body weight but also increases your body metabolism. It burns up the stored fat to produce energy rather than consuming carbohydrates for this purpose. So, we can say that it serves a dual purpose by making you slim as well as producing energy. It also suppresses your appetite and allows you to eat less. So, we can say that Total Energy Diet Forskolin is the most trustworthy product in all aspects for bringing down your body weight and achieving a fit body.

Top 12+ Best Sites To Read Comics Online Free No Download 2020

Watching movies, playing games and listening to songs are some of the most popular time passing things which people often do. Apart from them, there are many people out there who likes reading, and they continuously look for more ways to read. Well, there are many ways available out there to read books and other magazines like going to library, buying books from book store, renting them for specific period of time or simply by downloading an e-Book so you can read them in your spare time. This is digital era, and when everything is going online, so does the books and people’s habit of reading books too. There are different kind of books available over the internet but most popular among them are cartoon books and comics. Everyone loves watch cartoons online and anime streaming online, but there are only a few people out there who loves to read about them.

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If you are among them who loves to read comics books, then you have landed on the correct page. Here in this post we are going to tell you about some of the best websites to read comics online. Just like there are websites to watch movies online, there are some websites which you can use to read comics without downloading them. You might have heard about Kindle tablet before, just like it you can visit the free comics websites and read your favorite comics online on those websites. The best thing about some of these comic reading websites is that you don’t even have to register or sign up on them to read comic.

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What Website Is The Best Place To Read Free Comics Online?

There are many websites out there and all you need is a Google search to find the best comic websites to read comic online. With so many options available out there over the internet, people often gets confused among the good and bad ones. So to solve this problem we have prepared a list of best comic sites to read comics online free without downloading. We have tried every website mentioned below and then we have added them to this list, so you can just visit them and read comic without downloading for free. So, let’s get started.

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Top Best Free Online Comic Websites To Read Comics Online Without Downloading:

Marvel Comics

Every superhero and comic lover might have heard about Marvel once. If you are a Marvel fan too, then you can visit Marvel website to read Marvel comics online for free. Another good thing is that there is Marvel comics app for iOS and Android devices available too. If you want to read comics online from mobile devices, then you can download this app. You can find almost all Marvel comics online on this website.


ComiXology is all about comics and this is one of the safe comics sites available right now. This website is a product of Amazon Company so it is trustworthy and you will need to create an account on this website before using it. You can either read comic books online or buy them from this website. It is a cloud-based digital distribution comics website so everything on it can be accessed worldwide.

View Comic Online

View Comic Online is one of the most popular and best comic websites to read comics online for free. This website have got a very clean and easy to use interface which makes it better than other similar websites of this list. Right on the home page you can see a list of latest added comics which you can start reading right away. The best thing about this website is that they keep updating their database regularly, so you can find some new comics to read online every day you visit this website.

Read Comic Books Online

As the name says Read Comic Books Online website is completely dedicated to comics reading online. On this website you can find almost all kind of comics books which you can read online for free. This website have got a very unique interface which just looks like a real book online. Another good thing about this website is that it also have a forum for comic lovers which you can join to have conversation with other comic book lovers.

Manga Rock

Manga Rock is another popular name you might have heard about in manga world. This website lets you read comics online free no download required in it. This website is new but still it have a good collection of manga comics to read online. If you love to read new comics online for free, then you should definitely check this website. This website also have free comics app and then you can get a chance to free manga comics to read online.

Comic Book Plus

Comic Book Plus is another free and legal online comics sites, which you can use if are looking for sites to read free comics online. On this website you can find thousands of comic books to read online and that too without downloading and registration. This website have curated comic books from many sources, so you can find comics of almost all categories on this website. If you are looking for sites to do free comic downloads, then this website is not for you.

Simple Comic

Simple Comic is another comic reading tool which is available for MAC devices. There are several features available in this tool which you can find useful while reading comics using this app. You can either read comics in one page or two page display or read them full screen using it. All you have to do is to download comic books in .cbr, .cbz, .zip, .rar, tar and 7z file formats to open them with this comic reader. Another good feature of this tool is multi instance, which means you can view multiple comics at one time using this app.

Comic Zeal

Well, Comic Zeal is not a software or website to read comics without downloading, but it is a book reader app for iOS devices. This app will give you a complete feel about the comic books right on your smartphone device. There are some unique features available in this app like two-page mode, dividers, automatic sorting, page lock and many more. Though this app is not free and it will cost you around $4.99, but it is worth the price as you will get so many features in return.


If you are looking for sites to read manga online for free, then you should definitely visit MComix once. This may sound like a comic books website but basically it is an image viewer which lets you view images of different file formats. So you can download comic books from other websites and then read them using this image viewer. Currently this tool is available only for Windows and Linux devices, soon it may get launched for MAC too. This tool currently supports PDF, ZIP, RAR, 7Z and LHA file formats.


If you are looking for sites to read Walking Dead comics online, then Kissmanga is for you. As the name says, this website is all about Manga, and if you are a fan of it, then you can’t find any better website than this to read manga comic online. Apart from reading manga online, you can also use this website to watch anime and manga online for free. This website have some ads which some users may find annoying, but the content it provides is worth reading and watching.

DC Comics

DC Comics is another popular comic which now have taken shape of cartoons and movies. Many popular superheroes are from DC Comics and it is one of the most used English-language comic publishers around the world right now. If you want to read DC comics online then you can visit the official website of DC Comics. Another option is to download DC Comics Android and iOS app if you want to read DC comics online from mobile devices. It is also one of the best comics apps available out there.


We’ve seen people searching for websites to read comics online without downloading, so we thought to include this amazing website in our list. You can find latest added comics right on the home page of this website and it have a unique button feature called “Random”. If you don’t want to read specific comic online and looking for some recommendations, then you can click on this button from menu bar and this site will open a comic book for you.

Final Words:

Reading comics is definitely a good habit one can have and there are many people out there who loves reading more than watching movies or listening songs. Though there are many kind of books available but reading comics books will not only freshen up your mind but will also provide you some knowledge of comic world. By using above mentioned free sites to read comics online you can read almost all kind of comics. These are the best comics websites which we have added after reading reviews about them and testing them by our self. Though there are many more such sites to read comics online without downloading available out there, but they are best among them. If a website is asking you to provide card information or asking you to pay to read then simply close that website and move on to other one. That’s why we have added only comics sites to read online that doesn’t ask for sign up or bank details in this list. If you know about some more top comics sites to read comics no download required, then do let us know about them via comments below.

Top 35+ Best GBA Games of All Time (Latest 2020)

The Game Boy Advance was one of the most advanced gaming consoles of the old times. We remember playing with it when we were school going kids. The Game Boy Advance was the best gaming console that was able to run tons of interesting games. As the loyal user of Game Boy Advance, I tried to find the best GBA games of all time to play on the PC and on old Game Boy Advance that I had laying around. As there are many people who are searching for the Best GBA Games of all time but not finding a good resource, I decided to share the list of best GBA Games collection, which will help you to revive the old memories.

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In this post, I will share the list of some of the best Game Boy Advance games of all time, that you can download and play to revive your old memories and feel nostalgic about the hours you spend playing the fantastic game.

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Top GBA Games Collection | Best GBA Games of All Time Some You Never Played:

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Metal Slug Advance

The Metal Slug Advance is the best Action game available for the Game Boy Advance gaming console. The Metal Slug is a popular game franchise, which is available on almost all of the gaming platforms. But, the Metal Slug Advance is the only version which is available for the Game Boy Advance gaming console. In the Metal Slug Advance, you get all of the characters from the Metal Slug series and also the access to all of the weapons and vehicles. You have to run through the enemy territory and destroy them and their vehicles to proceed to next stage. The Metal Slug Advance is one of the best action game for Game Boy Advance.

Contra III – Alien War

There is no other popular game like the Contra series. The Contra is one of the most popular games of all time. Almost everyone who had the access has played the Contra on the gaming console. Now, the Contra III Alien War game is available to play on the Game Boy Advance console. The Contra III – Alien War is based on the Alien invasion, in which we have to fight the aliens and save the earth. As the main protagonist, you have access to bombs and guns to fight the aliens. Just be brave and fight the aliens, robots and spaceships and destroy them to progress to next level and ultimately winning the game.

Final Fight One

The Final Fight One is one of the best action-packed fighting game for the gaming consoles like the GameBoy Advance. The main protagonist of this game is the Cody and he is cleaning the streets of his city by fighting the evil. This is the classic arcade game, with the excellence graphics from the old times. As you, playing the character of Cody, clean the streets of Metro City, fighting all of the bosses of Gangs and ultimately saving the Jessica. You can use the Three other characters while fighting the evil on the streets.

Contra Advance – The Alien Wars X

The Contra Advance – The Alien Wars X is another franchise of the Popular Contra game series. In the Contra Advance – The Alien Wars X, the protagonist goes head-to-head with the aliens and the mechanical robots, who are invading the planet. As a player, you have to shoot everything that comes in your way to save the planet from alien invasion. All of the Contra games have excellent graphics, storyline and gameplay and this game is not an exception.

MegaMan Zero 2

The MegaMan Zero 2 is one of the best side-scrolling action game made for the portable gaming consoles like GameBoy Advance. The main character of this game is the Zero, who is fighting the evil forces of Neo Arcadia. The main character Zero has some interesting powers, using which he tries to defeat the evil forces of Neo Arcadia.

Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 2

The Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater is one of the most popular games ever released for the gaming consoles of all size. After seeing the popularity of the GameBoy Advance, the game developer Activation decided to release the second version of famous Pro Skater game. The Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 2 comes with excellent graphics and controls, which makes this game look stunning and addictive once played.


There was no game like the Boktai and never will be in future. The Boktai is one of the most popular and addictive GBA game, that hooked many kids on their Portable Gaming console. The game had unique “Solar Weapon Charging” system, that charged the weapons of players. The game adapted the real-life Day-Night system and allowed players to charge their weapons to fight with the enemies. There are many games which adapted the Day-Night system in the game after Boktai became popular in the gaming industry.

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Dragon Ball Z – Buu’s Fury

The Dragon Ball Z is one of the most popular anime manga series published and it has the popular TV series version too. The Dragon Ball Z – Buu’s Fury is an action RPG game for GameBoy Advance gaming console.  While playing the game, you get to play with some of the legendary characters of the game, which is immersive experience if you are a Dragon Ball Z Anime fan. If you are a die-hard fan, then you should definitely have this game on your GBA console.

Metroid Fusion

The Metroid Fusion is counted as one of the best GBA games made by Nintendo. The Metroid Fusion is one of the best action shooter game where you play as Samus and hunt down the aliens to save the planet. As a player, you have armor suit and bunch of different weapons to fight the aliens while progressing further. There are small puzzles sprinkled everywhere in the game, solving them will lead you to next level.

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The Legend of Zelda – Minish Cap

The Legend of Zelda is one of the most underrated GBA game titles that should’ve received the critical acclamation. The Legend of  Zelda – Minish Cap is no exception. While most of the best GBA games of all time are made by Nintendo, this one was made by Capcom gaming. It was a fun Role Playing game for Game Boy Advance, which you must play once in a life if you haven’t.

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Final Fantasy Tactics Advance

The Role Playing Games and Final Fantasy titles go hand-in-hand. There is no better game than the Final Fantasy Tactics Advance made for the GameBoy Advance gaming consoles. The Final Fantasy game title was originally released for the PlayStation consoles, but it was later ported to all other popular gaming consoles like GameBoy Advance.  The Final Fantasy Tactics Advance retains the original game play and the graphics, giving you the exact feel of the PlayStation version on the Game Boy Advance.

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Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire/Diamond

The Pokemon is one of the most popular anime series in the world. Also, the game made under the title of Pokemon is one of the most popular gaming titles in the world. The first Pokemon Game was released with the first Gameboy Console from Nintendo. The Nintendo gaming consoles are incomplete without the Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire/Diamond games. There is no other exploration and action game ever made to compete with the Pokemon Game title. If you own a GameBoy Advance gaming console, then you should play this best GBA game of all time to revitalize old memories.

Final Fantasy VI Advance

This is another game from Final Fantasy series that have spot in the best BGA games of all times lists. There is no challenge to Final Fantasy VI Advance as it is one of the most popular GBA game of all time. The Nintendo made huge profit from this game. The Final Fantasy VI Advance has the same old artistic story line, intriguing characters with special powers and also the powerful enemies, against whom you’ve to play.

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Fire Emblem

The Fire Emblem is one of the most popular GBA game in Japan. The Japanese youth went crazy for this game when it first came for Game Boy Advance and other gaming consoles. Unfortunately, there are very few youngsters outside of Japan who played this game. The game failed to gain popularity because it was too intense game. But, now the times have changed and you can definitely play the Fire Emblem game and find it an interesting game. While playing, you’ll regret why you never played this game earlier when it was released.

Star Wars III – The Revenge of Sith

The Star Wars III – The Revenge of Sith is one of the intense games ever made for gaming consoles. If you are familiar with the Star Wars movie franchise, then you can relate to most of the gameplay. The Star Wars III – The Revenge of Sith follows the story line of Anakin Skywalker and Obi-wan Kenobi. As the player, you get to control the Character of Anakin Skywalker, who fights with the Obi-Wan Kenobi and other evil minds of the game. You’ll have access to different weapons like Light sabers, force powers and mythical powers to defeat the enemy.

Double Dragon Advance

The Double Dragon Advance is another fantastic fighting game for the GameBoy Advance gaming console. The Double Dragon Advance is must have game if you are a fighting games fan. The main characters of this game are Billy and Jimmy, who fights against the evil while travelling across the country. They use their fighting powers to defeat the enemy. The Double Dragon is one of the famous games and this Advance version rejuvenates the memories of the old game. This is one of the best action games for GBA console.

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Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Who doesn’t know the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles? They are one of my favorite cartoons on the TV. I never missed a single episode of this series. Unfortunately, I missed playing this game in childhood. Now, I am listing this game as one of the top GBA Games of all time. The game had all four Ninja Turtles as the main characters and the players have the option to choose any of them to fight against the evil powers or with each other for fun. The game was action packed and fun filled, but it did not receive much appreciation from the gamer community. But still, you can get this game for your GameBoy Advance gaming console.

Astro Boy – Omega Factor

Almost all of  the best GBA games are bringing in the rejuvenating memories from old time. The Astro Boy – Omega Factor is the one which brings back the old memories. The Astro Boy – Omega Factor features the main character, Astro Boy, who can fly, has x-ray vision and  powerful weapons to fight with the enemy. He is not a superman, yet a superhero, who fights with enemy in this classic side-scrolling arcade game for GameBoy Advance.

Mario Golf – Advance Tour

When it came out in 2004, the Mario Golf – Advance tour became one of the best GBA game after the launch. The Mario game series is one of the evergreens and most popular game series in the world. So, the Mario Golf – Advance Tour was quick hit because of the Mario game series popularity.  In the Mario Golf – Advance Tours, the players have the option to practice their golf skills in the practice section and also have the feature of student lodging, where newbies can get some golf lessons before actually starting the game. With the access to multiple challenges and the world leader to play against you, the game was an instant hit and became a most addictive game for GameBoy Advance.

Castlevania – Circle of the Moon

The Castlevania – Circle of the Moon was Developed by Konami only for the Game Boy consoles. The Castlevania is known as the toughest game of all time made for GBA consoles. Unlike other games, the Castlevania – Circle of the Moon doesn’t save your overall progress, so if you lose once, you’ve to start everything from the beginning. That may seem as a disadvantage, but the same feature made this game unique and addictive.

Spider-Man: Mysterio’s Menace

Just like the Mario game series, the Spider-man series was famous on the gaming consoles. That’s why, Spider-Man :Mysterio’s Menace became instantly popular game of all time for GBA consoles. The game rotates around the Mysterio, who is causing distress in the city and the Spider-man comes to rescue the city. The game is based on Side-scrolling format and one of the most addictive games for GameBoy Advance consoles.

Dragon Ball – Advance Adventure

If you are fan of Goku and his adventures while finding the dragon balls, then you should definitely play this game. The Dragon Ball – Advance Adventure is one of the best GBA games based on the story of Goku. This is one of the few games, where you get the multiplayer option. Also, the game has multiple missions, completing them is a challenge and playing as Goku, you’ve to complete those challenges.

Mat Hoffman’s Pro Bicycle 2

There was the time when Bicycle simulator and stunt games were a thing. They have the good fan base, who regularly played such games. The Mat Hoffman’s Pro Bicycle 2 is the popular bicycle game made for the GameBoy Advance gaming consoles. With proper controls, excellent graphics and fantastic levels to play, the game wins the heart of almost all of the bicycle game lovers.

Sonic Advance

Do you remember the “Do You Know Da Wae?” Meme? If yes, then the character that featured in the meme is from Sonic Advance game. The Knuckles, Sonic, Amy and Tails, four main characters of the game are against Dr. Eggman to destroy his evil inventions. The game is all about fighting against the Evil Dr.Eggman and in the end destroying his inventions.


The Aladdin, the game i played the most when i was a kid. The Aladdin game is developed by Disney, which is available to play on the GameBoy Advance. With unusual challenges, Flying bed sheet, His Monkey friend, Genie and his love of life Jasmine progress through the game ultimately end up destroying all of the evil powers they face. With the help of Genie, the Aladdin gets some magical powers and destroys the enemies to live peacefully.


The Scrabble is the game made for the intellectuals and scholars. This is the Word Making puzzle game in which the player has to make words from given alphabets. If you are into board puzzle games and expert in English language, then you can definitely play this game on your GameBoy Advance console.  The Scrabble is best for those, who are trying to increase their vocabulary, as playing the game will help you learn new words in the English language.


The FIFA 07 is one of the most popular and best GBA Sports based game.  The FIFA 07 is a basic Football based game but became pretty popular because of the same feature, simplicity. Those players who have no idea about playing Football started to take interest in the game after playing FIFA 07 on their GameBoy Advance gaming consoles. If you are a fan of playing the best Sports game on GBA, then you should definitely play the FIFA 07 on the GBA console.

F1 2002

With superior graphics and realistic sounds, the F! 2002 was best racing game for GBA consoles. The game is based on the fast-paced Formula One racing format and players had to put their driving skills on the test. The F1 2002 is not much interesting compared to the high-end gaming console version, but it was best for the portable gaming consoles like GameBoy Advance. The game got instant popularity because of the Graphics, Gameplay and the realistic sounds, which made people stick to the game.

Super Black Bass Advance

If you are into the Sports Simulation games, then the Super Black Bass Advance game helps you to spend your time playing the best games. In this game, the player has to throw the right bait and the right time and catch the Black Bass fish. The game has very calm environment and also tests your patience. So, if you are a patient player, then you should definitely try playing  this game and score high by catching Black Bass fish.

Mario Kart – Super Circuit

The Mario Kart – Super Circuit is another interesting game from the Mario series. This one is the racing game featuring the Mario character. The Mario Kart – Super Circuit is one of the few famous games in the arcade racing category. In this game, you can select Mario or any of his in-game buddies and start playing the Kart racing on the provided tracks. There are multiple challenging Kart Racing tracks available for racing with other players or AI bots. All you’ve to do is Win the race and collect points to upgrade your Go-Kart and other accessories.

Super Donkey Kong

The Super Donkey Kong is one of the high rated GBA games of all time. The Super Donkey Kong features the Diddy and Donkey Kong’s to play with. As a player, you run through the lush jungle, help out other animals in distress and bit the crap out of the little evil enemies, who are annoying the other animals. The Little Evil Kremlings, who stole your hoard of bananas and you are in the search of your banana hoard. The Super Donkey Kong is the 40 level game, in the end, you get the banana hoards back.

Dr Mario Puzzle League

Another famous game from the Mario series. In this game, the Mario has now a degree in the medical profession and started the practice. The game is based on the Tetris format. As a player, you have to kill the bacteria by arranging the colored pills in the correct order. When same colored pills come together, they pop and kill any bacteria around the area. You have to arrange the falling tablets and kill all of the bacteria’s lying around the area. If you are the fan of Tetris format games, you should try playing the Dr Mario Puzzle League game.

Puyo Pop Fever

If you are the fan of Puzzle games, where you have to pop the same coloured blocks, then you’ll love to play Puyo Pop Fever. In this game, the player has to pop the same coloured blocks and earn the points.  The More Puyo’s, or the Colored blocks you pop the more you score. The most interesting feature of this game is the Head to Head mode, in which you can play with other players and compete with them. First, one who pops all of the Puyo’s wins the round. This is one of the most popular GBA game of all time.

Super Puzzle Fighter II Turbo

The Super Puzzle Fighter II Turbo is one of the best Puzzle game for GBA consoles. The Super Puzzle Fighter II Turbo is the game in Street Fighter franchise, but with the different twist. In this game, you have to choose your hero or the main character and play the timed puzzle game against the opponent. As a player, you’ve to clear the half side assigned to you by solving the given puzzle of colored blocks by popping them. To win the game, you’ve to clear the half part of gems before your opponents do so.

Final Words:

These are the 35+games that I’ve personally played on the GameBoy Advance consoles. All of the listed GBA games here are best and popular, which will help you to pass free time. If you don’t have access to the Game Boy Advance gaming console, then you should try using these GBA Emulators for PC and also the GBA Emulator apps for Android smartphones. But, the best way to enjoy these games is to purchase a new Game Boy Advance console from the eBay or any other marketplace. If you are not able to find new GBA console, then try looking for used ones.