Top 12+ Best Sites To Read Comics Online Free No Download

Watching movies, playing games and listening to songs are some of the most popular time passing things which people often do. Apart from them, there are many people out there who likes reading, and they continuously look for more ways to read. Well, there are many ways available out there to read books and other magazines like going to library, buying books from book store, renting them for specific period of time or simply by downloading an e-Book so you can read them in your spare time. This is digital era, and when everything is going online, so does the books and people’s habit of reading books too. There are different kind of books available over the internet but most popular among them are cartoon books and comics. Everyone loves watch cartoons online and anime streaming online, but there are only a few people out there who loves to read about them.

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If you are among them who loves to read comics books, then you have landed on the correct page. Here in this post we are going to tell you about some of the best websites to read comics online. Just like there are websites to watch movies online, there are some websites which you can use to read comics without downloading them. You might have heard about Kindle tablet before, just like it you can visit the free comics websites and read your favorite comics online on those websites. The best thing about some of these comic reading websites is that you don’t even have to register or sign up on them to read comic.

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What Website Is The Best Place To Read Free Comics Online?

There are many websites out there and all you need is a Google search to find the best comic websites to read comic online. With so many options available out there over the internet, people often gets confused among the good and bad ones. So to solve this problem we have prepared a list of best comic sites to read comics online free without downloading. We have tried every website mentioned below and then we have added them to this list, so you can just visit them and read comic without downloading for free. So, let’s get started.

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Top Best Free Online Comic Websites To Read Comics Online Without Downloading:

Marvel Comics

Every superhero and comic lover might have heard about Marvel once. If you are a Marvel fan too, then you can visit Marvel website to read Marvel comics online for free. Another good thing is that there is Marvel comics app for iOS and Android devices available too. If you want to read comics online from mobile devices, then you can download this app. You can find almost all Marvel comics online on this website.


ComiXology is all about comics and this is one of the safe comics sites available right now. This website is a product of Amazon Company so it is trustworthy and you will need to create an account on this website before using it. You can either read comic books online or buy them from this website. It is a cloud-based digital distribution comics website so everything on it can be accessed worldwide.

View Comic Online

View Comic Online is one of the most popular and best comic websites to read comics online for free. This website have got a very clean and easy to use interface which makes it better than other similar websites of this list. Right on the home page you can see a list of latest added comics which you can start reading right away. The best thing about this website is that they keep updating their database regularly, so you can find some new comics to read online every day you visit this website.

Read Comic Books Online

As the name says Read Comic Books Online website is completely dedicated to comics reading online. On this website you can find almost all kind of comics books which you can read online for free. This website have got a very unique interface which just looks like a real book online. Another good thing about this website is that it also have a forum for comic lovers which you can join to have conversation with other comic book lovers.

Manga Rock

Manga Rock is another popular name you might have heard about in manga world. This website lets you read comics online free no download required in it. This website is new but still it have a good collection of manga comics to read online. If you love to read new comics online for free, then you should definitely check this website. This website also have free comics app and then you can get a chance to free manga comics to read online.

Comic Book Plus

Comic Book Plus is another free and legal online comics sites 2018 which you can use if are looking for sites to read free comics online. On this website you can find thousands of comic books to read online and that too without downloading and registration. This website have curated comic books from many sources, so you can find comics of almost all categories on this website. If you are looking for sites to do free comic downloads, then this website is not for you.

Simple Comic

Simple Comic is another comic reading tool which is available for MAC devices. There are several features available in this tool which you can find useful while reading comics using this app. You can either read comics in one page or two page display or read them full screen using it. All you have to do is to download comic books in .cbr, .cbz, .zip, .rar, tar and 7z file formats to open them with this comic reader. Another good feature of this tool is multi instance, which means you can view multiple comics at one time using this app.

Comic Zeal

Well, Comic Zeal is not a software or website to read comics without downloading, but it is a book reader app for iOS devices. This app will give you a complete feel about the comic books right on your smartphone device. There are some unique features available in this app like two-page mode, dividers, automatic sorting, page lock and many more. Though this app is not free and it will cost you around $4.99, but it is worth the price as you will get so many features in return.


If you are looking for sites to read manga online for free, then you should definitely visit MComix once. This may sound like a comic books website but basically it is an image viewer which lets you view images of different file formats. So you can download comic books from other websites and then read them using this image viewer. Currently this tool is available only for Windows and Linux devices, soon it may get launched for MAC too. This tool currently supports PDF, ZIP, RAR, 7Z and LHA file formats.


If you are looking for sites to read Walking Dead comics online, then Kissmanga is for you. As the name says, this website is all about Manga, and if you are a fan of it, then you can’t find any better website than this to read manga comic online. Apart from reading manga online, you can also use this website to watch anime and manga online for free. This website have some ads which some users may find annoying, but the content it provides is worth reading and watching.

DC Comics

DC Comics is another popular comic which now have taken shape of cartoons and movies. Many popular superheroes are from DC Comics and it is one of the most used English-language comic publishers around the world right now. If you want to read DC comics online then you can visit the official website of DC Comics. Another option is to download DC Comics Android and iOS app if you want to read DC comics online from mobile devices. It is also one of the best comics apps available out there.


We’ve seen people searching for websites to read comics online without downloading, so we thought to include this amazing website in our list. You can find latest added comics right on the home page of this website and it have a unique button feature called “Random”. If you don’t want to read specific comic online and looking for some recommendations, then you can click on this button from menu bar and this site will open a comic book for you.

Final Words:

Reading comics is definitely a good habit one can have and there are many people out there who loves reading more than watching movies or listening songs. Though there are many kind of books available but reading comics books will not only freshen up your mind but will also provide you some knowledge of comic world. By using above mentioned free sites to read comics online you can read almost all kind of comics. These are the top best comics websites 2018 which we have added after reading reviews about them and testing them by our self. Though there are many more such sites to read comics online without downloading available out there, but they are best among them. If a website is asking you to provide card information or asking you to pay to read then simply close that website and move on to other one. That’s why we have added only comics sites to read online that doesn’t ask for sign up or bank details in this list. If you know about some more top comics sites to read comics no download required, then do let us know about them via comments below.

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